Sunday, 20 January 2008

akma loves it.

fuhh.i missed so many things here.didnt have time to *mencantikkan blog*.weekends was bliss.went girls day-nite out with fairy,bun,esah n bun's lil 1st i tot of sending out my cv at city but i cant resist la all the bajus..haiyo.after did some shopping wit them,they dragged me to korean restaurant(han yang).i must admit that im not into korean.i prefer chinese food alot than japans / korean.*ehem*.then we went to lemon jelly to have cup of coffee and desert.we ended melepak at fairy's place watching LIZARD WOMAN which vewy scary.oh.i need part time to fulfill my shopping!

us at han yang.
my fairyLICIOUS yg lalalala.

while waiting for fairy.vain sekejap,showing off my flubby tummy.

and.....last friday,

my clown roomie and i went to nana n fairy's place for fine dine.chewahh.nana cooked and baked us so called brownies.unfortunately,the brownies hangus terbakar.we ol laught like hell coz mmg RENTUNG okayyh.nahh.myb next time nana.but u always best cooker!eventhough i dah mengidam brownies planet hollywood and chilis,i will wait fr the next 6 months to eat all that and urs too na.

nana's brownies.

then,i spoke to liyana just now.updating each other.babe,i wish i cud accompany u shopping since now u r CAREER lotsa $$.sbr okay.i balik we shopping together and hang outs.not much fun here without u to ckp this n dat.and u know wat,my new foundly friend,fairy ader skit like u.suka comment here n there.hehehehe; updates me okay.i misssss u BABE!


~syacute~ said...

saye ade dlm gamba tuh....comeynye saye..muahahah

fAirY said...

sy pon comel! :P heheheheee...