Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Liyana the bestie,

Happy Chinese New Year Lovies!oh well,i celebrated my CNY in the class.pathetic kan?nothing much to update though except i am so excited to skype with Liyana(never did it before)"Babe,we have to do it more often!40 mins worth of talking and webcammie ok.Lagi best if Miera ader kan.We girls sure berjam-jam.Miera,incase u came across this.Please be strong and im always here to lend my shoulder although im miles away".Btw,Im looking forward to fin my next assignment which due in Feb.Plus i am getting my butt away fr Dublin on 6Feb for short hols in Frankfurt.Absolufriinggggly TAK SABAR!

Miera,Liyana and I back in 2007 at Fridays.We Love u Miera!always.

On top that,My Nurul Akmar turned 24th on 26 Jan.She threw another party which made me sooo envy because i couldnt turn up for the 2nd time!Sorry love.I wish Dublin is 2 mins away fr Malaysia!Promise nnt kiter celebrate urs!Happy birthday dear.May Allah always be with you my akma sygs!

my FAB A's.(Aysha and Akmar)


a HUGE hugs to Nazmeen & Tuan Amer for their lovely engagement.I am so delighted to see both of them settling down after years( since 17 kot).Congratulation Meen.Next one i rasa-lah kan is LALAAAAAAAA...oh dearest Aqilah,i cant wait for the annoucement.

well,that's all for now lovies.off to bed now.ttyl.



~Meen~ said...

Thanx for the entry my luvly Elyn
u're so damn sweet.
Nk hug u boley?

Akmaelinda said...

i nak share my happiness of ur engagement.jomssss.HUGS:))

qilah said...

Lepas ni i?? amboiiii... ke u sayang?? hehe will see k..? xoxo