Saturday, 25 July 2009

Yearbook again!

After a while,i rang Darragh yesterday.I know its 3 am in the morn and he's on his bed.I just wanna say hi.At least after what had happened,we still can be a friend?

Im addicted to this tried to fit friend's pictures.Funny and absolutely killed my boredom!My mum and dad loving it too.I sent them few pictures and my dad came out with this statement"why u looked jongos innit?U looked like one of your auntie!".OMG.mana ader pls.I definitely diff la.My dad exaggerating la kan.He made me laught while reading his email.

Bun,Mary and Els are in Barca now.I am left behind because im broke.Makan nasi and garam jer.Ok tipu.I shall save for november.Weekend is boring likewise.Had apple,bread and 3 cups of coffee.I contemplating to finish up fiction book; English as my second language.

Ill catch up soon lovies.

p/s:Pa,Mama's face mcm cannot fit in the pic la.Ill figure out pic lain ok?And yuyu,lala,kema,nnt i buat pics lain ok.