Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Malaysia so far

Even I have to go through the sizzling hot weather,even I have to bear curfew set by my dad since I am back,even I have to switch on air conditioner 24/7,even I am putting on weight,

It's good to be back.

It feels so good to be back home where everything is so sweet .I have my pillar of strength,my loving friends and also my ride.Aha.I barely walk ok and refused to park car jauh2.lols.Surrounded by beautiful and loving girlfriends makes me so lucky!We had so much fun together.After almost a year and a half,I had my love all around especially from Dadddddyyyy.

Career?Still working on it.I had my 1st interview as Management Trainee at Affin Bank HQ last week.Had to do 3 hours of test,public speaking.Sheeesh.It was awful:(.I am still hoping to get job as lecturer.Aha.After all,I leave it to Allah.InsyaAllah,I believe good things will come in future.If my rezeki not in investment bank,I shall proceed to auditing/industrial or going for lecturing.

Literally busy catching up with friends and etc,sending out cvs and all,I haven't got time to update the blog.There were so many things occurred for the past 3 weeks.Oh yea,my face started to have breakouts,my skin tone is getting tanned and my bloody hair is so frizzy.I even went for facial and hair treatment but the outcomes still dissatisfied me!

Despite all that,my bestie,Yuyu finally engaged.Oh my,from small to biggie thing,everything was grand!She did on her own which I really adore.The dress from Rizman Ruzaimi was fab.She looked so stunning and I managed to set my hair okayy!Hehehe;p.Anyways,another friend is getting engaged too in April.This year will be fully occupied with engagements and weddings.I am planning to do my guest list for future engagement and weddings like Yuyu did.I shall finalize it before the big day.Haha.Dream on!

Syikin's tummy is growing when I met her 2 weeks ago.Sheeessh,glad she has no prob with her pregnancy.In case Ijah comes across this,make babies la babe by this year.

I need a beauty sleep now.More pictures dlm FB ok! That's all for now lovies.


dknypg83 said...

nice blog!! good luck to you in looking for the job you dream of having!! or at least the job you want for now!! keep it up!! cheers...

RIna Azliza said...

kema, lama x dgr ur story.. hows life? i tgh pikir2 nk beli tix to dublin da.. hehe.. wanna join me?

Anonymous said...

Hi elinda, Ive read one of your post in this blog that tells about your interview with affin bank for management trainee position. Can u share how the interview was, the question asked, how the environment, the people, the assessment stage, or what so ever along the interview and assessment process. Hope u can share to me as I will attend the interview next week. Or if it is hard for u to share it here, u can leave ur email here and I will contact u by email. Glad to meet u here. :)

Akmaelinda said...

Sorry for the delay.Just log into my blog. You can email me : akmaelinda@hotmail.com.

Also, pls give me your details,perhaps I can help you and talk to HR.

Good luck!