Thursday, 30 December 2010

You will have your heart broken and you will break other other's heart or maybe fall in ♥ again.
I will update more lovies:)Meantime my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to our Harimau Malaya.You guys made our last Friday of the year amazing to spend time with LOVED ONES..
Kindly Regards,

Monday, 6 December 2010


Awal Muharam hass finally arrived,reaching 1432Hijrah and left 1431 with lots of bitter and sweet.My countdown has came to an end.In less than 2 weeks,I am going to hug papa and mama after 42 days been apart.InsyaAllah.Its hard though to be honest.The past few days when they left to perform haj were horrible.I cried,slept with their clothes on their bed and looking at the pictures.Back then,the feeling of leaving them to study abroad was differ,but stepping inside the house where normally both of them are at home was hard to explain.The house is so empty.I seldomly stay at home during the day due to emptiness and too overwhelmed of being HOME ALONE.but lucky me,a good friend of mine Lind has been sweet to accompany me at home although her workload is crazy!Thanks miss Auditor.

1431 left me with bundle of memories.There were so many things incurred in 1431.It started when my long term and distance rship was rocky,.Off late I was worried,panic and broke down.I ended up becoming slimmer than I am.Ok not now.Then I firmly decided to go back for good after being away and left Dublin.which was against my dad’s plan . He emailed me and told how frustrated he was when I told mum im going back. In fact I was hesitated to leave the place I called home for the past few years 2 weeks before my flight.Left Dublin on 1st March 2010.It appears that I was regret with my decision to come back .After all,it has written.Allah has a good plan for me although he tested me with so many things. Throughout the journey of becoming a career woman, everything was sailing smoothly.I was called by Affin Bank,then Cimb,Ambank.However,I opted Affin Bank because they rang me before other banks.I won’t be here without my parent’s doa and also Rina Azliza who told me to send my CV to Affin Bank.

Working life has taken most of my time.The next thing I know my alarm wakes me up at 5 am and off to work at 7 am then comes back at 9pm(minimum).But having my motivation and whole life support,I never complain(scared dad will gives me khutbah how hard he earns money).Syukur Alhamdulillah,hard work paid.Corporate Banking as a start isn’t really frustrating although I was really into Internal Audit as well as Treasury.Corporate atmosphere is perfect and my colleagues are all helpful. 2011 will be crucial year as I have to attempt Chartered Credit Professional then my ACCA.Enough of lingering around without classes,studies well of course,I can hands off from my desktop for study leave kan?Having a dad who push-me-to-the-limit to pursue higher levels,all plans have been summarized .I am back to be a part time student.InsyaAllah.I am so thankful dad never talks about sending me back to Dublin.

Have u heard Ireland recent crisis?I read news where IMF launched Irish rescue mission.It is really heartbreaking to hear the Ireland is facing the crisis. On 22 Nov, 90billion Irish bailout and market thrown into turmoil amid fears.However EU agreed to bail out Ireland for 89billion .Dublin is such a captivating place to be honest and also the people.I miss having coffee at Butlers with my good fellas and also Geraldine.I miss bounded with Irish accent where R is silent like lighter becomes “LIGHER”.I miss everyday shopping and broke.Recent news.snowing is mad in November up till now.Haaaa.sgt best!

The usual crowds I hang out still the same except everyone is busy with their own thingy. Still catching up if the time not collide with each other’s hectic schedule.I feel guilty not to spend more time with good friends since I started my career. Over the weekend since parents are not at home,I spent most of the time with close friends to fill up my time.Trust me, most of them are getting married soon and engaged too.How time flies.Unexplainable feelings.Hahaha;p

This weekend will be fully booked.Tomorrow: date with Dublin girls,Friday with Fatin(my close gym partner and lunchy buddy),Sat YCM meeting at Nikko Hotel and Sunday (Dessert with my girls Lala,Umi,Als,Pijot and Als' sista Nana).So the only time for the week is Wed and Thurs which im scared will end up in the office up till late!Anyhow,next weekend,papa mama tok will be at homeeeeeeeeee!!Yeay!

It’s a long entry I have written so far.Too many info.Pictures can be viewed through facebook and status on Twitter..

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Islam 1432 H.May Allah award us good health to live more longer and experience new things in life.It’s a beautiful life we have now.Cherish it!
My resolutions are still KIV.The previous one haven’t achieved but what matter most is to be anak solehah to Papa and Mama.Amin.

with lots of ♥


Photo to share taken from Netball Tournament recently.Currently active with netball and futsal again..