Monday, 17 September 2012

Happy Project

I love the kind of days where you wake up and just know that it's going to be a great day. Days when you find yourself feeling blessed just by thinking about those who make you feel so accepted and so loved. Days when you order a tall Starbucks drink and end up getting a grande instead, no extra charge. Days when you wake up for Subuh prayer follows by reciting Yassin without rushing to put on work clothes to WORK.Days when you have a small note 'have a nice day'. Days when you can reflect on your life and know that you're happy to be where you are... to be who you are. Days when you finally start to dismiss all of your little troubles that have been troubling you lately and instead, envelop yourself in the simple joys and luxuries of life. Days when you're just thankful to be alive.Days when all your tears dropped yesterday gone by the time you wake up.

I'm trying something completely new. Something that is on the opposite side of the spectrum of who I am.My Happy Project has started early this year when I decided to start my scrap book project again.Then,I was pretty much amazed with DIY home made projects.I am all excited and bliss to do all the craft projects to occupy my time.Just recently,after ages of not going to Ikea,I bought plenty of stuff to add on my project.The fabric I bought was actually for my duvet cover but end up I decided to do bed skirting instead.Confession: As much as I've been craving for more colourful stuff, I just can't seem to let go pink in any of my ideas.

I've always been a huge fan of the bottles especially recycled bottles which I came with an idea to put beads and ribbon.In fact,during Yana's Baby shower,I made one for her.With strong eco-friendly by using wasted bottles,the idea of using back the bottles as deco is much easier and cheaper.It will be more nicer to put flowers

 As of late, I've come up with my ideal gift for my future home.I started to collect cups especially floral design.Most of my collection I bought when I was in Dublin and has been daily used by housemates.I am so delighted to see the fragile things I brought back safely arrived.This is a hypothetical my dream cups for my hypothetically future kitchen and I can't wait to organize evening tea with my ladies (A hint for my future present perhaps).

What's incredible to me is the fact that this just the beginning of a list that could go on for days.

Life is filled with so much beauty and can't wait to share more.Dream big!