Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The days to come

I always leave my packing last minute.All the shipping boxes are here.Some of them fully filled with 3 years stuff.It's really downhearted to see everything been packed.I have to gather everything including all my pinggan mangkuk,teapot and etc.I don't want to feel regret because this is what I have decided.Deep inside daddy,he always wants me to stay and learn the hurdle of life but I just want to be home although its not permanently since the probation is still on!

So Hello Malaysia in few weeks time.

P/S:I have to keep the date so I can make a surprise to my dearest yayangs.

Aysha,in ur dream la kannnnn:p


Ashikin said...

x kesahla ko nk surprise ke nk rahsia date blk sini ke. yg penting aku tau ko nk balik sini n dats a big yeay for me! cpt blk dan go thru la pregnancy aku ni sama2 yer! dah gi pack brg n cpt blk. bye!

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

i guess lots of packing packing job to do? ;)

Akmaelinda said...

Kin,I am sooo last minute person!yes,aku nak go through ur pregnancy.love u!

Huddaaaa,sadddd and excited!sheesh,my room is soooo in mess!sheesh.hows ur wedding prep?