Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Freaking cold

oooohh snappp!

was 1 degrees this morn.freaking cold like heyylo i tot winter is in few weeks time..heh.London was snowing though!pedeg and shaqy babeh told me they jakon kejap.nizam pun bitau dundee snowing.heh.pelik kan?oh well,kuasa one can challenge it!oh yea,i just cant believe its nearly to november.halloween in another few days.still figure out what to wear.last year i was the bunny dummy this year probably i might be the lil miss devil or mak cik nurse.heh.papa will kill me if he knows i wear dat on halloween.
hot milo sounds good now.i had my sambal ayam and nasi goreng for my dinner today.home cooked ok!saja nak flaunt!craving for brownies chilis.hish.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

28 October


my oh my. i got to c my rindu-nak-mati bestie through webcam after a longgg wait . never had the session with her before but unfortunately we only took few mins coz she has "mengumpat session" with my one and only princess gedik,yuyu.*yu,awak kacau ok* so eager to know what gossips they were having yesterday.pfft.IM JEALOUS girls.geddit?well gfs,one year to go and we can have it everyday!to yuyu,awak blom berwebcam dgn saya!
i miss u girls tons.


alhamdulillah after all the doa and solat,im relieved now.all the serabots over my head i shall delete.yes,im moving on.getting over and done!Allah has a good plan for me and hope everything will go glad myself being very patient to handle all those negative feelings.

p/s:pls watch 5 jingga to those who love cheerleading!i sukaa gels:))i enjoy watching it though and do enjoy the song ok.i keep on listening it for hundreds times.classic!

Sepi OST

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Last week of Syawal:(

Sad isn't?
Raya's weekend ends this week so there is no more *open hse*.oh well,life must go on.spoke to papito and mamito this morning.oh well usual chats.updating anak-beranak.papa currently bz with his thesis and mama working on computer skill training..This semester is very crucial for me.i expecting tons of assigment and loads of work.

I have to juggle up with Irish Tax which much more complicated than Malaysian Tax.Finance II which make me blur a sec before undertstand the whole idea plus FR which need me to read.5 subjects arent easy*sigh*.Urghh. I'm trying my best to look at things in a different light but my emotions are overclouding me!Ya ALLAH,i need extra guts here.Amin.

Yet,i am still homesick.Can u imagine although i have tons of masalah,i cannot hide my sickness.I always wish i wake up and Ma is in the kitchen preparing the breakfast and Pa is gardening.Hurm.I miss going shopping with Ma and lunch out with her.She is a person i can like "Ma,jom pegi makan then kiter jalan-jalan(hint for shopping)" and she will like "ok,bole".simple.bonding session almost every weekend and she is a bestfriend to me,no other words could define it.

I feel like going home now.oh enuffff!!i think im too much at this point.better get going.i have weekend sleepover at jervis.tomorrow is their open hse.i jadi maid okaaayh.heh.

taaa LOVE!

P/S:missing way.deleted it.

adik misses u Ma!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I don't Love u aint more.

For years,i suffered for loving someone who hit me,slap me,hurt me,ruined my future,burden me with many problems and dun even bother what is going on with us.

For years,i scrutinized my happiness just to be with him while i know i would never be happy.

For years,i was waiting for someone who can make me happy during my birthday.he did not.just not.

For years,i refused to open my heart and let my broken heart cure but i still cant.

For years,i lied to mama the fact he hit me.

For years,i couldnt believe that im still thinking of him,missing him,intentionally replying his sms and picking up his calls.

For years,all the harsh words came from him is like nothing to me.

For years,i am silly.silly and silly.

and for the 1st time i BURRIED my feelings towards him.5 years aint a small number but i can't live in denial that the fact i am loving someone who hurts me.

its time for me to move on.not to say im ready for the next relationship,i want to become matured as my papa's wish.

i have enuff.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Take a look..,

What's inside?
with love,

Sunday, 19 October 2008


weekend is just perfect time to haf open hse and fairy's hse is the perfect place to play twister-lah kan..there were so many shots but u know lah sensored okaayh.twisting leg & hand.we shud do more often ok.streching everything!!heh;p

i absofrigginlutely love twistyyy lovie.mana tau leh slim and taller a bit.
AkMa X mandi:p


fairy and i:)

I am still in the mood of eating all ketupat,rendang and yada yada.although i keep on mentioning that i want to lose weight but i cannot say NO for free food.heh;p.

And today we were invited to eisha's birthday party cum open hse at stillorgan.I really loved the karipap pusing and roti jala though.i ate like few times.excuse me for being very "kuat makan".its a month of raya:)Eisha's birthday party was totally comels and u know la i get excited to c all the pink here and there.
ok,pillow is calling im at fairy's place now.likewise,weekend sleepover and my hands itchy to type.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nasi lemak Dundee


Ive been craving for nasi lemak quite sometimes.thankies nizam for the nasi lemak all the way fr dundee scotland although he cooked at my hse.seriously yummylicious!looking forward to go nizam's place soon.


Been pissed off with some s*** happened.its the matter of respect and courtesy.i put it aside coz i dun want to bother my semangat waja to study.heh.u know lah final year is about hardworking and hell-lo,final year is tougher!


I have been in the class for the past 3 weeks.tried to push myself to wake up early in the morn so i have the "mood".ha ha.Lecturer:James Brown is like the cutest FR's teacher but still no one can even beat James Keneddy my fav Finance teacher in year 2.heh.i tried not to mix up my personal probs with pls doakan im in the right track.i wanna get 1st class honours like my clown roomie,elina.


Lets keep in the book 1st.very complicated.i burried all the feelings for the sake of my studies.


Missing the girlfriends and bffs in msia.i wish Malaysia is few mins from Dublin.i can lepak 24/7 and tell them how bored i am.pfft.


I need Mama the middle of vulnerable and need her soulder to cry on.

This entry is pointless=p

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Over the weekend,my schedule was so pack with open hse*free food* and yada yada.i dun even have time to update my black internet connection at my new place suckies all the time.NTL patot di banned.Papa and mama rang me almost everyday coz they miss to webcam with me which made me felt guilty.i should have the initiative to online sumwhere..oh akma,dat is so lame excuse.besides abandoning parents, yuyu and berg complained i didnt online and broke the sorryyyyyy darlings.i tried to catch up the two of u later.there r so many things to talk about.its just the matter of time.time time:((

Despite open hse and internet connection,im having tough days now.i seriously need guts from Allah to move on.some s*** happened and im working out my butt to beristighfar & bersabar byk coz obstacles comes all the time.too emotional to elaborate more.its just i believe in karma.what u did,u get back.

October will end in 15 days time.there r so many things to go through.i guess patience will pay.

ttyl then.this song dedicated to all my lovies.

miss sgt:)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Trailer for you

Selamat Hari Raya folks.End of wonderful Ramadhan 1429 and Syawal has just began.Jgn Makan byk2 ok?

Dearest Cousins especially budak notty Hanis and Afif

Mama & Papa and I webcammie session.

Dearest Daddyyyyy!

Us in Gold color <3333>

Thanks pwincess yuyu!

and to BERG for the doodle raya!

and pls enjoy the trailer i have promised before,