Tuesday, 30 October 2007


dearest papa n mama,

its being a mth and a half i've safely arrived in dublin.i misss both of u millions.my day wasnt gud as both of u not around.rase mcm im out of no whr coz when i wake up,neither one of u in the hall nor kitchen.there's no one wake me up every morning to perform solat,no one would ever nags coz i wake up late,no one would yelling at me to wash my own car n breakfast with me....im lonely all the way.

how i wish u r here with me.eventhough we often have arguments,we always catch up each other everyday.i miss when u knock my door while calling me to wash my car but my lazy ass wont move until kena marah.i miss our borak session when we both in the car n i found u loveable papa ever.i cant stop laughing thinking dat u used to sorok my futsal shoes so i cant play but i went out jugak to play.ur lil gal is so stubborn isnt she?i miss our minum petang while looking at our small garden wit mama.there is so precious moment of together ever...

u wouldnt know dat i cant stop looking at the pic in my wallet.u n mama r my pillar of strength.none can replace it.i feel like going home n leave everything here.but i cant.
did u rmber our yearly must trip to pd n we never miss our go karting?i do hope dat we will spend again in future.ur lil gal is missing u papa.i miss everything about u.ur face expression,ur harum semerbak perfume,ur ketawa,ur daily jokes,ol ur well ironed clothes,ur garden,ur words....i feel like away for zillion yrs.....

u know dat u r my best ever friend,buddy n best mum in whole entire world.i miss u every oxymogen i breath.when i strolled in the mall,i cant stop thinking of u.i miss our weekly shopping.we always abandon papa leaving him at home alone while we both bershopping sakan.u never fail to b my best stylist n big spender.we shared lots of stories.no one can ever be my best listener except u.i miss u

if i could turn back time,i wont choose this path.never tot i'll b leaving u mama.ur lil gal here miss ur cooks.i miss our big times together.we r like sisters.i miss to hugs u,to kiss u every morning before u leave to work,again to borak,stand outside to c the star,share our passion abt furniture n most imporant thing is i miss to sleep beside u.i wish upon the star.;

the webcam is not gud enuff to restrain me missing both of u.i cant wait to b back.all i need is both of u....

papa,mama ->ADIK missses u everysecond.uwaaaaa:(

Sunday, 28 October 2007


hola blogger!

been bz to update this few days..fyi,i went to dublin's gig held in RCSi last friday.i find it very ok -lah coz atleast i got to meet msian.sum yg dtg ol the way fr uk.i tak mingle around pun.

then yesterday,i took part in futsal tournament.too bad my new team kalah.hahahha.i think i mcm dah PANCIT lots.to fiza,if u r reading dis i dah tak bagus ok.hahahha.well red mmg unlucky la.LOL.the padang amatlah besaq n i didnt have enuff stamina.wasnt fit at all.

and today went to msian hall.siap masok salam perantau.ITS EMBARASSING ok!nana n i planned to make a surprise for tasya.its HER 19th bufday.she was so shocked n touched.im glad she loved it..
i think dats ol for now.not really into updating.sgtlah penat.i am lazy bom bom .

till then.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

thanks sweetie:)


pink ladies kick ass!

i have futsal dis wkend organized by KUI.tag in my hsemate's team..but seriously i do miss my pink ladies!attyyy aku missss yelling ko,nor wit her powerful kick,asma' who works hard,fiza yg NO ONE CAN BEAT her coz she's a energetic defender,ika goally yg sering dimarah n farah,u rawks gurl.u guyysss remain in my heart.none can replace.bestnnyer if u guys r here to play so ev1 know who we r.chewaah.heeee;p
the wheather dah la getting cold gels.i cannot wear my fav shorts:(.i leave u ol with "tribute to pink ladies...i keep them in my heart.the team dat we formed 2 years ago whr went thru ups n down..omg.rinduuuu.a'a,if u reading dis,i suka play wit u coz u such a cheeky player.suka buat muka gatalll.hahahhahaa;p

*im enjoying my night tgk muka korangggg........*


Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Ya Allah,
please me gimme the strength.keep me strong forever.subhanallah.im witnessing every bitter sweet life now.i really need the guts to go.all i wish is the bless.pls protect my both mum n dad.i really need them.


Friday, 19 October 2007

i wish upon the star...

"i could c them every single day..."

Thursday, 18 October 2007

surrounded by love.

my life is always surrounded by love but now its meaningless since i arrived in dublin..i loved my adorable gfs,my hunkys guyfwenz,loving family.i couldt ask more.but when i choosed to b here,i felt sumthing left out.i wasnt happy at all.i stay at home most of the time.lonely all the way.i dun blame ppl here but why cant i?why cant i adapt wit new environment.i tried my best level to enjoy the companies,but i fail.its like im in hell.moreover,my heart is still stuck in msia.dublin is not my home.my new hse wasnt gud enuf to make me forget those ppl i miss alot.i needddd them be by myside.i need all my best ever troops to b here.

liyana,if u r reading this..i really need u here.how i wish u r here.i miss our gud old days.we loved to do things together,shopping,strolling around,eating out,gossiping..sumhow i regret for not cherishing our friendship.sorry for not telling u im leaving,accusing u saying u have forgotten me and ignoring u.deep inside my heart,i love u as my best friend.as u said,we intercept thru hearts.i miss our girls nite out wit miera.did u remember how i make fun of u when u n miera drunk?u guys cheer me up.

oh god.i need guts to fight all this.im here for one reason.to finish up my study n work.its 3 years suffer.i want to fulfill mama n papa's dream..and so do mine.there is no way to turn back.

if i could turn back time,i would drag lind,shaq,nor,fiza,miera,liyana n the rest of my best troops here.it would be more fun...at this mo,i cant hold my feelings.i cant take pains.i pray hard so i cant b more stronger.as lind said,i can go thru ol dis alone..Ya Allah.i want sum strength.everything happened so fast.

to the extend now,i want to make the time running 100 times faster.better.i wanna go home,hugs mama n papa,hugs the rest of my friends,mingle-mingle wit them n playing wit the cousins n nieces,sikat rmbot my dolls coz im sure they miss me,pelok kuat2 bubu saya yg gemok,jln2 wit friends n most important nak spend my lovely time wit my loved ones yg now can use webcam even my grandma.

im blogging out.penat lah.will catch up later:)

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


hola bloggiiiee,

happy eid mubarak everyone!well,i didnt have fun on my 1st syawal here.myb bcoz i miss my parents n fellow friends.thanks to tasya's family for giving me chance merasa raya wit their family...their hse was so pack coz bunch of DUBLINERS went to their hse after solat.i even have no time to get to know.been bz helping them out.nasi dagang n soto mmg laku.im grateful to meet the family here.otherwise i'll b crying like hell..YUmmy ok!i cant believe dat one day i'l be abroad celebrating syawal without my loved ones..nasib dpt spoke to them evday.my nieces alisha n trisya berlagak dpt duit raya ok.*jeles*

oh yea.i almost forgot abt deena.my beautiful classmate who came down to dublin utk beraya.i wasnt know dat she has left to manchester till i met her at msian hall.bestttnyer!she came to raya in dublin coz her granduncle is the head of MSD here.lucky me got to c her ok.uitm's reuniteee..heeee;.i better plan for next raya in manchester!

i only went to few hse.tak larat to walk.my heels is killing me.my back*ouch* hurt.how i wish all the gang r here to jalan-jalan raya.missssssss u ol.been crappy recently.penyakit rindu all the way..i'll upload sum of the pics yea?honestly i didnt have fun.i have been cry babies since then.dah la 3rd raya my class dah start.smua org kat msia sure have bliss raya ever.nak mama plssssss...

Friday, 12 October 2007


guess what?london is celebrating eid before dublin.belfast punnnn.haishh.spoke to shee just now. can hear TAKBIR RAYA behind.OMG.both of us cried apparently..i cant listen to those raya songs..received papa's email.im touched n again i cried.HOME WHERE MY HEART IS.NAKKK RAYA kat msia wit papa n mamaaaa;(

fyi,i dah pandai buat kuiih raya.tasya's mum taught me.peeps,i dah pandaii masak ok.mil made fun of my kepandaian to bake cookies.haishh.tak baik ok.hopefully dis coming eid would be fun as i will celebrating wit tash's family.but still,missing the family.akwardnyer.. will be going to msian hall n jln2..ahaaaa.i wannna cryyyyyy!

hurm..i would like to take this opportunity (as my v.v.poor memory would allow me) to apologies for any of my wrong doings, if I've said things I shouldn't have, disturbed you at the wrong time and unknowingly irritate you with my constant sarcasm. We might be mutual acquaintances but I know some, I have hold dearly to my heart, loved, laughed, cried and hugged.

slmt hari raya peeeps.ampun maaf.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


just got back fr yusra's hse at harrolds cross.well,had kurma n nasi lemak ayam.yum yum.had great time chatting with the girls as they ol r medic students..all my hsemates except atam went there berjalan but we took a bus mase balik coz its too cold.sempat take pics lagi ok.tak der keja;p

im kinda tired coz its MY HECTIC DAY ok.tuesday yg penat.will update more coz i haf unstable emotions at the mo:(.boo hoo.i want mama to be hereeeeee.

raya is near the corner,tasya's bufday is coming up,my 1st ever have-to do assignments,been missing all my gfs,rindu teramat at my parents,nak shopping but broke,bla bla.

moving ass.laters

Sunday, 7 October 2007

few days left..

im counting the days.yes,syawal only left a week.i just cant believe that im here in dublin to celebrate my syawal without my loved ones..i have missed tha breakfast session wit them,open house n as well as the boraaaakk session.rindunyer ol those ppl back in msia.dublin n msia are totally DIFF.msia di hatiku ok.
alhamdulillah i have met my family angkat here who apparently is tasya's family.her mum n married sister live in dublin.im glad i can feel the real raya at home wit relatives since they r here as family..yg best,the family asked me to stay at their hse during mlm raya..mama spoke to cik ann(tasya's mum) asking her to take care of me."mama,adik miss mama sgt!".
at dis mo,i have no preparation at ol.my fedex has reached on tuesday.kuih raya n kerepek raya has safely arrived tapi dah pecah skit.myhsemates will cook nite before raya and im going to b the chef as well.well,this year im not really BERIA NAK RAYA coz evthing seems akward.msia is way better than here.Ya ALLAH,pls gimme the strength to stay here..
i spoke to mama yday nite.papa has admitted coz he has to do minor operation.Ya ALLAH.i terkejot when mama told me on the fon.alhamdulillah the operation went well n i spoke to papa this morn.he told me not to worry.pity mama coz im not there to calm her down.again i cried.luckly my forever best uncle accompanied her and my two ketot's cousins slept at my place.feel like GOING homeeeee rite now.sbr jer la:(
aysha n lala sent me rindu sms.I DO MISSSSSSSSSSSSSS u ol alot ok..boring nyer when u guys not around.i seldom sms ppl,talk as well as gosiips n borak.omg.i wish i can fly u guys here.
i leave u guys wit sum of my last year raya collection then.blogging out.im off to fairy's hse.insyaallah,ill update more when i have freeeee time.nothing much.dublin is autumn now.kejap panas n kejap sejok.