Friday, 31 July 2009

The journey of scrapbook

It has been an ages since i do scrap book.Im still envy with Liyana's scrap book though!Hers is way way lawa with the material she bought in Spore!Oh well,after lil while of planning,i finally have the guts to start my scrapbook project.Basically the scrapbook is about my journey of life since i left home w/o mama&papa and my loving gorj friends,place i have visited and people i miss most and friends who i spend most of the time:)

To be honest it cost me a bomb to buy the materials and details especially the stickers.I tot of getting printer to print the pictures!Expensiveeeee okaay!Still,im dying to buy Laura Ashley's papers yg lawa pls!I might have to save more to buy the materials needed to make it sweet and compile it nicely:)

Cant wait to put my hand on the book.Black book la kan!Happy Friday everyone!Im having a bbq this weekend.Another fats consumed in my body.Below is my current pic with dry and messy hair.I havent shower yet!Snif snifffffffffff;P

Akma jealous with Umi because she got Blackberry and LV from her look-a-like BF!Joms skype lagi okkk dear:)

Thursday, 30 July 2009


What has pissed my way through life is fundamental conflict in relationship.I taught having another person in my life will double the joy and at the end i'll find it mess.Totally jeopardise.I had short conversation with one of my best friends,she told me she's in pain.So tell me,what is love all about?Having a companion,best friend next to u and share everything even lil thing?What about the pain,the fights and ignoring each other for weeks to months to years?The issue I'm trying to bring out is how do we deal with in matured relationship when u are at the stage of ideal to get married?Its really scares me.Life after marriage would be a big question mark.I cannot deny the fact there are couples live happily(our parents especially).I admit that by looking at my good friends taking a step ahead and settle down.I wonder how did they deal when such issue arise.Perhaps,i havent grown up yet to deal with it.For time being,the best way is to pray to Allah,giving me the right path to walk.Relationship will not be everything in life.There are things u really want so much rather than talking about L word.

Enuff of those!

Papa rang me 7am in the morn.U know lah check out on me and informed me that $$$ is in the a/c.Yeay!I have to save lil bit since i bought loads of dresses within a week.blom pun pkai lagi.What a waste.I had few dresses in the closet with tag.I guess,i need to do my own garage sale.So we had our anak beranak webbie session later this afternoon.I was told one of my second cousin hooked up with korean and now the korean guy been charged due to money problem.What a shocked.My not so closed cousin Joanne in love with him and admit they are married.Papa was really worried if I hooked up with any foreigners.Hahaha.Memang tak pls!

I guess this entry is too long.I'll write it again later.Time constraints!




Sunday, 26 July 2009


Wondering,sampai bila?Sampai bila nak ignore,nak avoid and nak escape from talking about it?Age dah 24 and kalu terbalik kan dah 42.Ok tua pls!Malas nyer.everything is sooooo dizzy-ing.Ok bye la kan.The best is yet to come its just the matter of time..

Another boring weekend.Waiting for maghrib and then nak tdo..Thats the best way to cure the penings!


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Yearbook again!

After a while,i rang Darragh yesterday.I know its 3 am in the morn and he's on his bed.I just wanna say hi.At least after what had happened,we still can be a friend?

Im addicted to this tried to fit friend's pictures.Funny and absolutely killed my boredom!My mum and dad loving it too.I sent them few pictures and my dad came out with this statement"why u looked jongos innit?U looked like one of your auntie!".OMG.mana ader pls.I definitely diff la.My dad exaggerating la kan.He made me laught while reading his email.

Bun,Mary and Els are in Barca now.I am left behind because im broke.Makan nasi and garam jer.Ok tipu.I shall save for november.Weekend is boring likewise.Had apple,bread and 3 cups of coffee.I contemplating to finish up fiction book; English as my second language.

Ill catch up soon lovies.

p/s:Pa,Mama's face mcm cannot fit in the pic la.Ill figure out pic lain ok?And yuyu,lala,kema,nnt i buat pics lain ok.

Friday, 24 July 2009



Aysha Azman

Akmar married to Yuyu
Umi married to Yuyu




Saturday, 18 July 2009

Home,where i belong

There are times,u want to be by ur mum's side watching her cooking and next to ur dad while he is watching his favourite show.There are times when u miss going out with ur mum despite shopping with her and talking to ur dad while he is driving.There are times,u knock their door late at nite to sleep in their room.There are times,u miss someone badly to hug and kiss goodnite.There are times,while u r on the bed,u will hear some voice asking u to wake up to have breakfast together.There are times,when u have big fight with the boyfriend,u need someone to talk to besides ur best friends.There are times,when u being futsal enthusiastic,ur dad becomes ur best supporter and coach.There are times,which u only left few ringgit in the pocket to shop,u will ring ur dad pursuading him to give u some money.There are times,ur phone will keep on ringing when u r outside late nite asking u when will u be home?There are times,u utterly upset and devastated,which u need place to shelter,who will u turn to?


Home where the heart is,where everything is so comfortable and u know u cannot compare it elsewhere.I miss being with Papa & Mama.Its been a year.Even we connected everyday,it will not be the same.U wont find the greatest love from anyone than dad and mum.Love is so subjective.The justification of love will not be the same.I dont feel like giving some space for anyone to fit in.Tak sama:(

Friday, 17 July 2009


Random videos of birthday's celebration.More pictures,facebook ok?Fairyyy,i nak video inside my room pls:p


p/s:Els speech "semoga cepat2 dpt bf".Lols.omg.not funny ok!

Sleepyhead tonite after had nasi lemak*yawn*


and my wishes for this year's birthday:

1.Jadi anak solehah,taat and succeed in life
2.Get a better job!!InsyaAllah.I had enuff of being brat and all the time burdening papa&mama
3.More matured in everything
4.Tak skip solat because i always do& recite Quran.
5.Get married in 4 years time.Hahaha.omg.pls la.Ok smua org dah nak settle down:p
6.Loving myself more than anything else in this world
7.Less shopping perhaps.I dont want to be chronic shopa.Enuff of asyik tinggal 1 pound:-0
8. :)
9. <333
10.Appreciate and cherish every bit of life experience.


Long surprises story.

I had 2 surpises on my birthday from my dearly friends.Innitially I was really frustrated and sad because they couldnt careless to text me on my birthday and not even a call(Meteor is a free call kot).Mcm nak nangis la kan.How cud they have forgotten my birthday!So i went out wit elina because she wanted to treat me.We had coffee at temple bar and heading to Salamanca.Before that,Bun rang me konon nyer nak ajak i kuar with her crush who happened to be an irish.I refused to go out with her since I had a date with elina and still i couldnt smell any fishy plan.

After had our dinner,Els rang me.She's at Brown Thomas window shopping kononnyer and wanted to c me before going to Cork this weekend.We met up.Then ajak coffee-ing at Soho.I tot of having coffee at Bewleys since thats our favourite spot but she wanted to have it at Soho instead.I seriously have no clue because everyone ignored me for God Sake.When i arrived,Els suddenly "supriseeee Ma".Yes there were Mary and Bun at Soho.Sioooots.Tipah tertipu pls.It was their plan by making up story kononnyer Bun wanted to date an Irish.Haaaa.We had our dinner.Sumpah Im full..Bloated with Salamanca's Tapas which is sooo yummylicious!Again,they suprised again with the chocos cake.Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa..sweeetttt la u girls.Thanks a mil:)

Arrived home at 1030pm.Checking out the pictures until another bunch brought the cake inside my room with the song.Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa.Another surprise from Fairy,Tasha,Rina & Elina.To be honest,i have no idea they were hiding in Elina's room.Haaaaaaaaa..I had another cakeeeeeeeee for today.Later then,Muntaz plak came over to make the whole house became so kaypooh.So we had our cake,pizza,gossips and catching up.They have planned for everything today.It was their plan not to call and text me.Cheh.U girls made me cried okkk?

Thanks again to all of u!

Elina: for being the best actress ever and the food too!

Bun,Mary & Els: for the cake,surprise and u all nyer acting sgt la bagus!

and not least,
Fairy,Tasha,Elina,Rina and Muntaz for ignoring me and totally forgotten my birthday.

You girls made my 24th Birthday and 1st ever birthday in Dublin very meaningful.

I loveeeeeee u all sgt:)

I had chocos cake & white chocos cake in one day!Yeay!

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Thank u so muchos for those who sent smses while im sleeping and rang me all the way from Malaysia.Really appreciate it especially my "kesayangans".Even we r miles away,the distance is not the matter.To be honest this year's birthday will not be the same without u all around.Indeed this is the worst birthday ever.I need u all badly.All the plans u guys nak arrange once im back in Malaysia,will be written down.I nak claiiiimmmm ok!

My girlfriends tercinta,I love u all sangat-sangat:)
The Boyfriends ter-miss.Rinduuuu to hang out:)
PapaMama and loving aunties&uncles,Thankkk u for everything:)

The thoughts that count.As for now,

Thank u for the wishes.Sorry nak mention one by one name byk but u know who u are.U know how much i miss u all dearly.


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Thanks a mil PapaMama

I am officially 24(Malaysian time).Alhamdulillah im still breathing and experience new things everyday although its bitter than sweets.Im thankful to have wonderful and generous Papa and Mama.Thank u Mama for bringing me to this challenging world and Papa for raising me up with well mannered attitude although i always make u pening to layan my kerenah.I love both of u forever.None can replace.This year wont be the same as usual.I am celebrating my birthday alone without my morning birthday kisses and hugs from both of u.Thank u for wishing me earlier.

Although im not getting new car because i had mine last 2 years,new camera nor new pink lappy,I would like to grasp my gratitude to both of u for this year's present.Thank u so much for that*.Macam nak nangis because u approved my request.Thank u.Thank u for the email.I just read it..I''ll pray for us.May Allah always bestow us with perseverance and serenity.InsyaAllah.

hari ini adalah hari ulang tahun kelahiran adik ke 24. Papa & Mama ucapkan selamat panjang umur, sihat, berjaya dalam mengejar cita-cita dan sama-sama kita memohon pada allah..tapi kita jangan lupa ada 3 perkara yang kita patut tunaikan.
1. Sembahyang tepat pada waktunya bila azan dilaungkan
2. Wajib menghormati dan membuat berbakti kepada orang tuanya.
3. Mendoakan satu sama lain
maka dengan itu insyaallah kita dimudahkan kehidupan harian kita...
Papa & Mama tidak lupa sentiasa mendoakan adik lulus exam dan membawa balik kejayaan"

I miss u Pa,Ma.always.

your vain and homesick daughter

p/s:Waiting for uncles,aunties and cousins to wish me this morn.Requesting pressie from Cik Yus and Cik Jah.Ok Loveee smua org sangat-sangat<333

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


There are times u want to fill the emptiness

Monday, 13 July 2009

Long lost and found it

After a lil while,we didnt get to keep in touch and connected.Elya and i had our webbie session for the very 1st time after a year.Yes,she was my best friend back in ATMA and we decided to leave ATMA for the sake of future.Things have changed.She is now TV9's TV presenter after completing her degree in Uitm.Ayu pls!

I still remember 3 years back,we were having big prob in relationship.We cried everyday and we shared lotsa moment of crying because of relationship.As far as i remember,Elya came to my hse late at nite to ensure im fine.We gave each other strength.OMG.Funny ok when came across good old days memories with her especially but the when we both had bf in ATMA where every weekend elya and i will visit them.Yes,we both had bf in ATMA.i was with this fella fr rmc and elya pun.Omg.mcm lawaakkk pls.

Had great time webbie with her!Sweet reunite!I love u Ya!alwayssss:)

Saturday, 11 July 2009

My July Girls

Umi Kalsom (11/07)

Aqilah Lala ( 13/07)

"Happy 24th Birthday dearest.Jauh dimata dekat dihati.May Allah shower u girls with happiness and bless u.One in New Zealand and one in Malaysia.Long distance friendship:).Please wait for me to come home before u all have the plan to settle down.I don't want to miss it.Chewah;-0.Can't believe we r one year ahead and the number is 24.OMG."

Its 5 pm and Dublin is raining.Im feeling uncomfy now.Pls dont say im gonna get feverish.Alaaaa..

p/s:the twin's birthday is on the 12th.So Happy birthday kembar:))

Friday, 10 July 2009

She is coming!

Fiza will be arriving in Dublin at 1015pm tomorrow.Cantttttttt wait to hug her kuat-kuat.Ok,she claimed nak hugs me konon-nyer.Omgggg.Can't believe she'll be here until 13th july.After almost a year,we finally back together.I have jot plan for her and spend this whole precious 3 days with mak cik fiza.Likewise,im gonna bring her touring Dublin,shopping for her wedding stuff and bonding session(a must) plus skype-ing with Nor,dinner with Acap and any of her friends.I wish u r Nor is here with us.I can confirm three of us will be the bonzai!I love u Nor & Fiza!


Cousin of mine,uploaded raya pictures of my dearly nieces and nephews in facebook.All of them no longer babies!I miss the powerpuff girls.Imagine,my lil nephew Diniz plays golf and became handsome boy.Alisha & Trisha swim alot.The girls bole form one cheerleaders team.Gerams pls.Adorable sgt.I miss to be called Along.I nak baby,relevant tak if i want to kidnap irish baby?Lols.Crazyyy!

Above L-R:Marsha & Dafina
Below L-R:Diniz,Alisha,Khadeja & Trisha
Missing there:Farah,Shafiq

Alaaaaaaa..I wanna go home now.

Havent had my breakfast yet.Have to catch with Mama in a while.Till then lovies!May today brings Rahmat because its Friday.


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thumbs up

I watched this movie recommended by Muntaz.It might not really entertaining but you'll find something different from other Malaysian movies.Fate has been written by Allah.

"Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari dan Dia datangkan kilat dan petir.Kita selalu tertanya kemana hilangnya matahari.Rupa-Rupanya Allah memberikan kita pelangi..."

I agreed with the quote.We didnt realise that God is testing us.

Allah has good plan for us.

*Bed is currently calling.Hope to wake up early because i have a date.Ops,usual date with both Papanda and Mamanda.Ouch this sounds like panda.Good nite:)*

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

301 post?

Blogging at 12am.Super freezing like hell-o,its Summer pls!I shall sleep by now but i couldnt sleep.Kena tune my sleepy head.I usually sleep early but not after month of May.Crazy though!Oh,i went shopping today.Ops,blame Els and Bun for making me went wild and so Fairy & Tash.3 dresses.Broke again.Pls.pls.i wish ader grant ke apa.Lols.Fairy,Rina and Tash r going to Bristol for day trip.Envy ok.U know lah,now swine flu-ish is so bad.PapaMama wont allow me to anywhere.Padan Muka kan?At this time round,i wanna go home because i miss PapaMama so much.I miss to hug,to kiss and pls,i admit i am spoil brat.Sapa lagi brat kat umah kan?


Happy 1st month bestfriend:))
Eyh,bestfriend pun ader anniv ok.Incase Liyana came across this,this month gonna be our 6 years anniv of being best friend and so Miera.Remember,even we r miles away,u girls always in my heart.Reminiscing good old days make me smile smp telinga!

Ok,nak catch up with things stranded since tadi.Ttyl.

p/s:berg,lengan u makin besaq ke?Pfftt,u bole bina badan laaahhhh:p

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hello Trisha!

L-R:Ain,Trisha,Alisha and Along :0

"Hello lil niece!Atuk cik told me u have been reading Along's blog yea?Heeee..So cute!Time flies and u,alisha,marsha have grown up.Atok cik ckp u asked Mama what Along said in the blog.Next time Along update u ok.Nothing much but i do miss u girls!"

Btw, had short chit chat with Papa and Mama today.Papa told me,my niece,Trisha has been reading my blog.Omg.She is just 9 years old and can u imagine how sophisticated the kiddies nowadays.Aha.Oh well,The weather is really bad today.No way of enjoying the sunshine.Now i am locked in the room hiding under the duvet.Weekend is sooo borings.


Congrats Sabby for getting engaged with her bf.She proved to everyone that LDR is simple although distance may be really matters.The purplish kurung and white dais super!So happy for u sabby!Pic taken from facebook.


I know u hate to demand sorry because sorry is nothing to u.Its just a word that anyone can say.I tried to dig the meaning of sorry.Sorry as to justify the trouble i've caused.I didn't mean to hurt u nor make us feel apart.You're my best friend in the good times and my rock in times of sorrow. You're the reason for sweet yesterdays and my promise for tomorrow.Forgive me for being silly to ruin the home we just built.I really appreciate your effort through times and for million times from the bottom of my heart,

I am SORRY...,