Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Waking up to...

One of the things I love more than anything is waking up and seeing my parents leaving home to office after performing subuh together.It's such a great feeling.Sometimes the things we love can be the little things, the small elements of life that bring smiles to our faces or light up our days with that little extra bit of excitement.

Much to my surprise, knowing the fact that people are reading my blog and to hear what they have to say about what I've written,it makes me want to write more. There's something about blogging that's so unique compared with other forms of writing.

 When I stop and think about the things readers say and comments are one of my favorite things and they are such a great reminder to me that what I'm doing matters and that what I love to do -- write! -- actually means something to other people.I appreciate the comments.

There have been few periods of my life when it seems so sad and pathetic especially when comes to a relationship.As I was writing this post, I thought of how much fun it's going to be to look back on the list years from now and see all of the things that I love now.There is always going to be struggle and pain. There is always going to be another bad day or another letdown. The hardest and most important thing to do in life is to realize this and to still be positive.

In real life,being a corporate banker who is writing credit papers and justify the impact of economies in certain industries, I nourish myself through writing.Thank you for all the concern and advise to make me as a better person.Ridding myself of negativity is how I tell myself I am worth it. It's how I tell myself that I'm a worthwhile person who deserves to be surrounded by people and situations that bring happiness.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


It is true that the older you get..or rather the more you learn about yourself, the less you care what other people think about what you do, how you do it or their opinions about you that really serve you no purpose. Of course not all things will be roses. Sometimes you do need to hear a criticism you may not like about yourself...but that all depends on the person that's coming from and if their intenion is true.

Recently, as I struggle to be positive about certain situations in my life, I’ve been giving some serious thought to how I transformed my outlook from negative-focused to positive-focused.Like everyone, I have good days and bad days, but, for the most part, there has been a BIG shift in my attitude over the past year. Though I have to admit that there are many, many factors involved in my personal development.My rule of thumb :Never Give Up.

This may be the most basic piece of advice, but it really is the most important. No matter what you're up against, no matter how many obstacles you face, no matter how many people tell you you can't or shouldn't -- don't ever give up. It can be so hard not to sometimes, but reminding myself "Don't ever give up" has really worked. Whenever I feel like I don't want to keep going on something or some task is too hard to manage, I remind myself never to give up and it always gets me through. No matter what people say, no matter what you tell yourself, keep these four words in the forefront of your mind: Don't. Ever. Give. Up. 

 I can't be my best if I'm not allowing myself time to continue to learn and grow as a person.I need to have things in life that help me to feel happy and fulfilled.There are time in my life when I wasn't sure that I would ever find true love and my outlook on relationships wasn't exactly positive.I believed there is always second chance to keep on going without giving up.

"It's always our own self that we find at the end of the journey.
The sooner we face that self, the better."
 Ella Maillart