Friday, 9 April 2010

Panic literally

Nearly 12am yesterday,Papa knocked my door.He asked me to get a water for mama.

Me: "why?"

Papa: "your mum couldn't breathe and had chest pain suddenly"

I went panic and grabbed a cup of plain water.Ran straight away to their room.

Mama had chronic chest pain and we rang an ambulance since the condition was really bad.

After half an hour,she slowly breathe like normal but the chest was still in pain.Papa decided to drive her to hospital on his own rather than using ambulance.

We arrived at the hospital around 1am.The on call doctors brought her inside.They did the ACG and blood test just to confirm whether mum had heart attack.Moreover,they used the oxygen to support her breathing.Ya Allah,she was all pale.

At 3.30 am,one of the on call doctor asked papa to come in.Mama's condition was getting stable.He asked us to come back at 6 a.m as they wanted to do another test.Needless to say,I was so worried.I felt guilty of not being a good daughter.

Alhamdulillah,at 7 a.m,Mama was discharged from the hospital.I am so delighted she is getting better by now.You have no idea how awful her condition yesterday.I was scared of loosing her.Seriously,I can't imagine myself without her.I pray to Allah to give her good health and always be with us.Amin.She needs an extra strength to go through all these.

Anyway,the night before,I had a date with Liyana at Bubba.It was really nice to meet her after a while.Lets go out more often ok babe?


I just did major hair-do.Hahaha.I looked like a chinese sesat kan?Excitedly did new hair-do since next week I am going to start my career.Haha;p

Till then Lovies.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pain in the arse

I just hate the fact my dad is so GENEROUS to lend his money to all his nephews and nieces and relatives.Geeeeez,to them everything is so easy..It has brought to my attention everyone has been taking an advantage to daddy.Come on,life requires you to work hard and earn.Why be difficult when a bit of effort you can be impossible??They pissed me off totally.