Friday, 28 September 2007

Break fast

my hsemates has invited their classmates to breakfast at our place.they cooked like HELL BYK ok!nasi lemak,rendang,cake, feels like raya plak.well,im blogging while they sok sek here n there.i now understand life in dublin.. surrounded by ur friends.again its remind me my friends.its a must for us to breakfast together.i haf missed it this year n year ahead.sedihnyerr:(

papa has fedex me 25kgs food.its alot kan?mymum made jokes abt i definitely laugh seeing my food.expand la akuuuuuuu..

to lala,i'l send u msg thru friendster k my address.

to fairy,u dah bc my short blog coz u next to me!thanks for making my day!

akma is moving her ass for now:)

deeply missed::

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

classy mezzy beezy

my 1 st class was on monday.went smooth its just that i felt very hectic.had a blast curry dishes n naan garlic for euro20 at jewel in the crown wit acap n faiz.hahha.mahal gilers.can u imagine curry cost u RM100.waaah.kaya ok dat indian restaurant.

well,i cried evday just bcoz i miss my parents alot eventhough we often ym n webcam.even i got to c them on the screen,i still can feel the,adikkk misssss sungguh!!

again i cried when i sent an sms to liyana n aysha.sedihnyer.i really hope dat liyana will pursuing her final in dublin n aysha to visit me:)*jauh dimata,dekat di hati*

i finally in the class this week n onwards.after few mths being"UNSCHOOL",im here to study.aysha told me not to shop alot and always rmbr my u gal!!further on,i;ll b doing my so excited.oh back to skool is really FUN but miss home is not FUN.

oh yea.i cooked meatballs n spgti.*boooo*aku masak tak sedap n its embarassing coz dah la i invited nana n fairy to cum over for breakfast.sorrrryyyy fairy n nana

now is 10pm in blogging out.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

home sick

i haf started to b home sick...
i miss mum n dad
i miss everyone back at home
the dolls,bears n guitar,my best companion
friends as well
the hang outs,nite out,weekend's bliss!
if only everyone is here..
i couldnt ask more.
my life would bless wit those wonderful ppl
nak balik mkn best.huhuhuhu

Monday, 17 September 2007

nasi goreng and black pepper chicken

dear diary,
i manage to cook today for my hsemates.the preparation started around 5pm as dublin's breakfast time is 8pm..lama ok.*sigh*so i did it very slowly takot tak sedap.well,my black pepper chicken was the most interesting cooking ever.i haf no idea how to cook as i never did my cook at home.huhu coz my dad amatlah fussy abt food. but thanks to maggie black pepper perencah..mmg useful ok!i felt very proud tho!so i guess i dah bole give rate to myself.2/5.hehehehhe;p

the hsematess*naddy,hazreen,elina n nco*told me the chicken sedap.chewah.kembang japs.mimi n atam werent at home for breakfast.the menu i prepared not dat cool as azam and acap's cooking yday.well,nowadays guys can be fabulous cooker ok!!i really need to gather ol recipes.

as for now,im kinda excited.finally!i cooked for 8 ppl inc me:)
puas hati.


Saturday, 15 September 2007



my 1st ramadhan was really awful.the food dat my hsemate's prepared really nice.its just i miss home terribly.miss home and mama's cook.i sgtlah suka shopping sini coz u get cheaper price for bajus n kasuts.its freezing here.the whether here almost mth or anot 2mths,going to b winter.its for sure sejuk gilers.

well,i deeply miss my friends.....ntah la.i miss to hang out and eat outside wit them.wish ev1 is here.

my2nd day,breakfast at mosque.met sum msian here.before dat went to ballsbridge to open accounts bank.then strolling at stephen green's park.lovely park.

its 10min past sleepy at the mo.till then

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


i reached dublin around 10am.luckly fatin and azilah waited fr us.we suppost to arrived early.i arrived in amsterdam at 5am and transit to dublin around 9am.i hr journey to dublin +12 hrs to amsterdam like HELL coz the plane semppit..sakitt kaki.
our hsemate cooked us kari ayam and we had blast meal coz im so starving.i shared a room wit eleena.a nice small room wit 2 cupboard.i'll update the pics later...after settle down,we went strolling to the city.i stay at dawson street which situated infront of church and its at city centre..
i miss home terribly.been missing mama n papa alot.the whether here not dat cold.but towards petang its oredi sejuuuk..
i'll update laterr!

*thanks to those who sent me to airport..its kinda sad:)*

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


waa.its like an ages plak i didnt update the blog.well,bz is the answer fr now.had to entertain here n friends n sort of nervous btw.counting the days to leave.*dag.dig.dug*time is running so's sum updates abt me.nothing such a DORK!

nothing much.i spent wonderful time hanging out wit mumsy and papa.

went out wit the pooppps!lala,umi,zhafir n the gang lah.had so muchos fun lepaking wit them.its like end of the world plak.met lala's new hubby.sweeetnyer.thankies for the hairband n the card.sweet pls!umi bought sum sort of key chain and candy.its lovely dear.heading to murni after lepaking at the curve.oh yea bought a pair of sport shoes!its being like 3 years i dun buy the trainers.i only have my futsal shoes ok.romzy's parents treated us at murni and the sedih's part,amir*meen's bf* told me yg whenever they eat at murni,they'll captured their pics and show off the food esp my fav food:spgti mtballs.hampehhhh:p.ameen who sat next to me usik"lepas nie no chilis,no murni and no kopitiam"......BERAPiiiiii

hilman took me out for a walk and we played cards....i lost to him 9-10.hello.1 point diff jer!

i got my kittens and one fluffy cat fr aien.sukaaa!its my dream to have own cat.apparently i only adopt the kittens which named puca,puci,pupu and mum-Tia, and put it at hilman's home.booo.his maid will do cat's chores!the kittens are soooo adorable.mcm my babies ok!i cant take my babies back coz mother wont allow me to take care of pets.did cat's shopping at carefour.bought the huge cage,food n shampoo +pasir for them to poop.hilman has spent alot for the babies.its our babiessss.hahhaa;p.PUCA,PUCI AND PUPU r not persian but they just adorable typical cats which captured my hearttt..syggggggggg.

woke up at 10am.rushed into the car and went to get my custom made bj kurung for raya.i felt very sad coz i cant clbrate the big day wit papa n mama.oh god..Ya ALLAH,give me guts.ok,then visited la my babies.geramnyer seeing hilman's maid marah2 my babies!!!!hish.

which is today.haha.i was suppost to go to itm but since my bad time management,i went there quite i had late lunch wit the girls:nor,nuha,raji,azie and khalisa at pak li kopitiam my fav LEPAK's spot since they opened!pak li has fab iced coffee forever.sedap sgt:)
i received a call fr aunt angah asking me out for a dinner at klcc.reached there early n grab a chance to buy flip flops.hahha.then we had,im putting extra weight here.asyik makan n makan.oh.hopefully i manage to lost extra inch mase puasa.adik n hilman bershopping.i have no APPETITE to shop since merdeka.i only buy neccesary item jer.smua nak save for next week.insyaallah.

6 sept:nue,fiza,shyma-lunch date
ninie and yan+faiz-high tea

7 sept:hair treatment
sheena n anis

blogging OUT!