Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Independence Day

Despite of stuffed with so many food for berbuka puasa,I have almost forgotten Malaysia's Independence Day on 31 August.Ya Allah,how could i lupa my own hari merdeka!Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia.52 years of merdeka,Malaysia has been developed with so many things.The highway,tall buildings,superb malls,and lots more.As a proud malaysian,Im thankful to live in wonderful,peace and stable country except for politics matter recently although I am miles away from Malaysia.Malaysia ku tercinta.One day,i'll be back and contribute to my own country where i grew up.Malaysia is the place where my heart is.I grew up with sambal belacan,various of kuih muih and fabulous main dish where no other countries can beat!Everything is so dearest.If u ask me,what innitially i wanted to be after SPM,i would say an army officer(NAVY).I think the idea of being navy was because i admired so much police and army officers.Hahaha.This sounds funny.How could someone like me wanted to be an army?Imagine,myself been an army!Too brave;p


P/S:what is your contribution towards Malaysia?tell me!

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Friday, 28 August 2009

Alhamdulillah after 2 years we didnt speak to each other,i managed to speak to my youngest uncle on YM.It has been an ages since we spoke and sit together.Uda is my dearest favourite uncle besides cik yus..We were so closed like a boyfriend and girlfriend.We shared so many secrets and he is 3 years older than me.Currently he is married and the wife is my age.She just gave birth to little girl named Nur Amani Iman.I ignored him for years since we had big fight.Syukur,he came back to me and apologized for the conflict we had before.I admit myself been very ego when comes to family matters.I really hope this Ramadhan and Syawal will bring back everyone together.I miss my dearest fun and loving family.All under one roof consist of (Tok,Papa,Mama,Cik Ja,Cik Yus,Ayah Cik,Mak Cik,Uda,Busu,Teh,Pak Teh and also bimbos not so little cousins).In fact,we love each other so much!

and Uda,
Adik rinduuuuuu Uda sgt.Adik rindu nak hang out together with u like brother & sister!Just like old times.Congrats on your new born baby.I love u Uncle!

Sending loves to everyone on 8th Ramadhan.
Semoga Allah memberi keberkatan kepada kita semua.Amin.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Introduction after so long!

When I first decided to publish my blog to public,I never intended to disclose my personal life to everyone.I just love writing even sometimes i laught at myself for using rotten,rojak words and jumble it into a paragraph.As far as i concerned,i started to write since 13 and i have my own blog in myspace 6 years ago.The blog was really controversial and i had big fight with one of the friends.Then I moved to blogspot in June 2007.Looking back at my previous entries,everything seemed so dull.

Well,i can't even talk about fashion because my fashion sense is really typical.I wear dresses most of the time and colourful leggings.Most of the entries are related to my daily and past life.I talked more about family,friends and relationship.The top would be my relationship and the person i often mentioned is him .I am the only child and brat in the family.I have no siblings and grew up with my loving parents.Since i was born,i never been apart from them.I still crawled inside my mom's room when i couldnt sleep.The worst thing is,I never grow older as my age.I am stuck in 4 years old lil girl attitude.Awful kan?

My life fully occupied with friends.I had friends who stabbed from the back plus not sincere,oppurtunist friends,friends who love me and care for me so much to text and call.Syukur,I surrounded with beautiful hearts and keep the friendship for decades even we are miles away.You can't buy the friendship!I love the effort to keep the friendship alive ♥.That is the reason my friends names and pictures often published in my blog.Oh Please this is not promoting purposes!

Some may find my relationship entries as lame because I couldnt get over him after so long.I am truly sorry.The 5 years relationship left big impact inside.Imagine,I had crush on him since 12 and after that we were together for 5 years.Thats too long isnt it?Even when i started to date and went out with others,i still can't get rid of him.I didn't purposely write about him to raise a sympathy or expect him to read and we will get back together.Its just the way to let it out.No,he didnt know i have my own blog where everything i poured inside. A friend of mine made a jokes of my sad story by saying "Your love story can be next Pangako Sayo (philipino's series).LMAO.I have gone through thick and thin,ups and down and black and white with him.I am fixing myself from thinking all over my past.Currently,I have no intention to date anyone until i fully recovered.L letter is overwhelmed!

From colourful braces and cheeky girl,

I turned to proper adult with the same childish character

So hello world.This is my blog!A girl who enjoyed drinking Butlers mocha everyday,reading fiction books and loves dolls.

Its 4.40am,7th ramadhan,1430Hijrah.
Widely awake.Boo.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Thank you Bestie ♥

Thanks a mil Dear eventhough its only a quick call.I am thankful to have u as a place to rely on when im so vulnerable and good listener.Can't wait to be home and rocking around with u plus the sleepover.Again,thanks alot for the free heart-to-heart talk even we are miles away.Alhamdulillah im relieved now.

I miss u so much,

from my bottom of my heart.

p/s:my mom tanya you biler nak kawen?i said soon.ouch.

Celebrate Love

Dear Papa and Mama,

Happy 27th Anniversary.I am grateful to have both of u throughout my 24 years of living.You both are amazing parents and instilled in me moral values and respect for people that money cannot buy. Sorry for all those things u never taught which are all bad things are purely my own flaws.Pa,you are my strength,boyfriend and consult me in everything (aqidah to be precised). Ma,you made life is so dearest to have u as my best friend,sister and shopping partner(because u have to fork out your cash).You both have enlighten me the meaning of love.

and of course

Love brought you together as husband and wife,
And gave each of you a best friend for life


Your product after all these years,

Miserable,clumsy,gedik,problematic,cry-baby,wasted all cash,rebellious,stubborn,talk-too-much


Monday, 24 August 2009

" When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us "

and today

I experienced something that hurts me too much.I got carried away and broken hearted.I promised in the name of Allah,I won't look back and leave my past behind especially him.I have let the pain heal hold for such a long time as I forgot that everyone deserve to be happy because great effort from great motives is the best definition of a happy life.Therefore,happy life starts inside ur heart.

"Jgn biarkan hati penuh dgn rasa sakit"

ألا وَإنَّ في الجَسَدِ مُضْغَةً إذَا صَلَحَتْ صَلَحَ الجَسَدُ كُلُّهُ، وَإِذَا فَسَدَتْ فَسَدَ الجَسَدُ كُلُّهُ ألاَ وَهِيَ القَلْبُ

“Ketahuilah! Sesungguhnya di dalam jasad manusia terdapat segumpal daging. Jika baik segumpal daging itu, akan baiklah jasad keseluruhannya dan jika ia rosak, akan rosaklah jasad keseluruhannya. Ketahuilah! Segumpal daging yang aku maksudkan itu ialah hati” (Riwayat Imam al-Bukhari).

Friday, 21 August 2009

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what i say or do
Still feel u here till the moment im gone

Occasionally,he always came into my dreams even i tried to erase him for my whole entire life.Yes,i have made a promise to myself not to reminisce him and ignored the feelings.I failed to do so.Even i took a step to get over him,still,he's inside me.Excuse me,this might sounds how idiot and pathetic i am to deal with previous relationship but its the fact i went through everyday in my life.We grew up,learnt and went every phase of life together.I've seen him for years.As far as i remember i knew him since im 12.No,he wasnt my first love but he was the one i revealed my true colors especially my temper.

He was my best friend although we argued alot,we shared same passion (interior architecture),we loved to food fight,we teased each other,we made fun of one and another,we compliments each other whereby i often ditch him off by saying u poyo la and he likes pink.Its true,cancer wouldnt match because we have same bloody hot temper.To this extend,i admit myself still can't cease him even i tried to move on because i feel there are partition between us or maybe some kind of fishy feelings.Its just the matter of time to cure and yes i am a person who take length of time to forget.I pray to Allah,one day when i wake up in the morning,the memories gone and i will not even memorise who was him in my past.No,i don't hate him its just i demand new life after all.amin.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

نَوَيْتُ صَوْمَ غَدٍ عَنْ أَدَاءِ فَرْضِ رَمَضَاْنَ هَذِهِ السَّنَةِ لَلَّهِ تَعَالَى

Apakah yang disunatkan sebelum berpuasa?

Disunatkan bersahur sama ada puasa yang ingin dilakukan itu puasa wajib atau puasa sunat. Sabda Nabi s.a.w.; “Bersahurlah kerana dalam sahur itu ada barakah” (Riwayat Imam Bukhari dan Muslim dari Anas r.a.).

Bersahur bermakna menikmati makanan sebelum terbit fajar sebagai persediaan untuk bepuasa. Pahala bersahur diperolehi dengan semata-mata makan atau minum walaupun seteguk air. Sabda Rasulullah; “Bersahurlah walaupun dengan seteguk air” (HR Ibnu Hibban dan Abu Ya’la dari Anas r.a.)


I am going to start fasting tomorrow.Little bit melancholy because i won't be sahur and break fast with papa & mama,uncles & aunties,cousins & besties.Besides that,this year I can't solat subuh and terawih together with the parents.There will no sahur's call,naggings,tertido2,bazaar ramadhan and ponteng dgn sahaja with dearest kesayangans.Well this year,im looking forward to fast completely insyaAllah since last year i skipped alot.I purposely didnt fast.Horrible isnt it?Hopefully this Ramadhan will be meaningful to us.Lets us pray for the best!

Selamat berpuasa muslimin and muslimat!Berbaik-baik la sesama kita and reduce the gossips,grudge,saja nak buat scene,smokes,been shopa-holic & dating2.hahaha;p

Sending Loves to everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Keropok lekor

I had keropok lekor for my breakfast on my own!Greedy me!Enjoying every bite of it!Yummy.Thanks Qush for the keropok lekor.Loving it!After so long,i get to eat my favourite food!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Bobo is getting slimmer.Shooott.I am super jealous seeing him shrinking.Had catch-up session with Shira,Wa and Bo at Bewleys,then dinner at chinese restaurant and ended shisha-ing which i don't really fancy at Dublin 1.Gosh.Oh bittersweet Monday.I thought of going for window shopping but i forbid myself to do so.

Ramadhan is just around the corner.This will be my 3rd Ramadhan in Dublin.Looking forward to fast and obtain keberkatan from Allah.There are few things i really hope to change during the ramadhan.Things which i intended to do before.InsyaAllah.

Anyways,Elina has finally became affliates.She reminds me of Hazlind and Aida when they passed their ACCA at the age 21.Congrats Clown!She knocked my door in the morning and told me she passed her final papers.Syukur,she deserved it.

I have been thinking of doing masters instead of acca.I feel teaching would be my future career instead of working my ass in the firm.I havent decide yet what is next.I shall discuss again with papa and mama because i need their financial support.Scholarship will be next option but which institution would support during the recession even seeking for accounts job in Dublin is freaking hard.

Everything happened with a good reason.I really hope there will be a path for me to walk.I have been going through distressful situation recently.Relationships,life,friends really overturned me.Lets keep it rather than writing in the blog.I have to deal every bit with patience and stay strong.After all,i have to be optimistic.Life is learning process.

"Come on Akma!You have to grow up!"


Bobo slim kannn?

Pok peks mak ciks!

Tamil hero,Bobo;p


Thats it.Too much of blabbing.


Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hair-oh hair

After a lil while,i decided to chop off my long frizzy hair.The hair really annoyed me.Thank god,DIY saloon at home saved me to fork out 30 euros.Thanks to Elina for being patience while cutting and sorted the tangles.Having a curl hair is not easy.I have to put extra effort and time to make sure the curl maintain.There is no cheap saloon in Dublin though!Well,the hair shorts by 3 inch long and the bangs made me diff than before.Atleast i didn't straighten my hair!Hahaha;p
Cant wait to show mom and dad.Papa will definitely loves it because he always complains about my messi-ness!




Short and manageable!

p/s:im going to do new hair-do later!rebond perhaps?Yikes.Haha;p

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Inefficient weekend

Had dinner at Zila & Bagak's place on friday nite.The food and desert were really tasty.I tambah few times ok.I ate voraciously pls.I guess i had put on my weight and hopefully i can loose it during ramadhan.Saturday has been hiding-under-the-duvet day.I slept few times in a day and woke up to eat.Gosh,tak productive at all.Rang mama in the afternoon.She's in pd accompanying papa doing research.I had half an hour talk since the line sucks.Poor mom because she is all alone while papa doing his thingy.

Cam Whores 1
another cam whores and vain(Mary & Els)
Kekasih gelap,Waed.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Then rang mak cik Yuyu while she's in the office.Hello TV3 dera awak ke?Haha.Had long conversation until the line dropped off..We were pok pek-ing mcm she is next to me.Saya miss awaakk.Cant wait to c u this december!We'll rock on in London kalu saya ade duit la kan!Atleast i can escort u to buy ur things!

To my dearest BEST FRIEND,I have been missing u!I miss to hang out and make fun of each other.It has been a year since we met.Chewah.Macam bf la pulak kan!This man i have known for 10 years.A good friend of mine,protective and good listener for years and never failed to do so.Good luck in ur future.Cepat skit dpt gf so i have a new friend!

Ramadhan in few days.Gotta plan what to cook for iftaar.Im going to be housewife in 2 weeks.Berangan pls.Housewife at my own house.Perhaps,i shall learn how to bake.


Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Talking about wedding

pictures taken from bestie's wedding ♥
(Dais by Nas Great Idea and outfit by Man Kajang)

I have been blog hopping from one blog to another blog.Amazingly there are numerous of wedding blogs.Fuh;p.It makes me terrorize looking at how complex the wedding preparation to the bride especially. There are so many things to do and think.Getting married aint easy kan?After all is about the contentment.The money u have to bear is like paying college fees.Imagine it will cost roughly MYR 40K-100K or maybe more.Ok pening pls.How the hell im going to prepare for that sum of $$$?The cost including dais,food,dresses,flowers and all wedding neccesities.Duit bole dicari kan?Another best friend is getting engaged soon in March 2010.Salihin's wedding will be in October.Sorry bro,i missed ur big day.Syukur Alhamdulillah,everyone has found true destiny.I will be attending more weddings in future.


Congratulations and big hug to dearest pink sister Sheeren Nisa'.All the best with the marriage.Sheereen has been dating for 8 years with Iwan.Besides that,my bonzai girlfriend Hafizah Nazaruddin begging me(ok sound exaggerating)to come home for her wedding in December.Babe,if only i have private jet,i'll be there for u to share the happy-sad moment with ur Rizalman's wedding dress.Sorry i dah pecah ur secret inside my blog.Please don't kill Nor for letting me know ur secret!I ♥ u and Nor millions!

My bed is calling.Its 12.34 am for god sake.Havent solat yet.Thanks to Bun for the nasi goreng cili.Yummy ok!Shall sleep and dream of my wedding which will be next 10 years.Haha.Perasan pls.Single life occupied with "berangan".


Tuesday, 11 August 2009


A handbag literally became a best friend to every women especially if u see the sign above.Gosh.I went mad too even i realise the fact my pocket is broken.If u ask urself,why shall u buy designer's handbag,the answer is satisfaction.Even it will cost da bomb,im telling u its worth every penny to the last.Some women choose to buy immitation and some will prefer to buy similar to the bag but hey its up to individual.Put aside the i-wanna-show-off everyone in this world i bought designer's handbag but the pride of wearing it.I always admire women who wear gorgeous handbag.The way they carry it oh-please-i-love-it.When i was form 1,mom bought me Vincci handbag which cost RM69 but my best friend,Syikin wore Guess in the same time.I was envy.Hell,i-want-that-too mom.Later,I started to wear Seed,Padini,Roxy,Elle,MNG then i finally got my Guess handbag.At that time,Guess was boom to every girls in the school.We were like competing who brought paperbags(showing off) to school.It was funny.I did it too.I compete too.What a shame kan but high school always you-tell-me-what-u-have!

Hypothetically,its all about brand don't u think.I saw budak sekolah wears 9west to school.They are more advanced than us and even some of them had own Louis Vuition,Gucci,Fendi.Named it girl!There were times when i asked dad to buy me 9west bag,he was making jokes saying "org dulu-dulu pkai beg raga jer".LMAO.At the end,he bought me after all the jokes.Thats about it.If we are born to be-lavish-girl-in-this-world,it doesnt matter to wear such brands.Money is everything!

nak berangan what bag to ask lagi!Hahah.No way.Cross finger.

Monday, 10 August 2009


I spent 5 hours in Ikea yesterday with Bun,Mary and Elina.Had sandwich,salads and daim cake*omg*.The meatballs seriously very tempting but since its not halal i refused and ignored it although dying to have it!So we went looking around.Surprisingly i don't spend even euro except the chocs.I shall saved because i know i'll be there again.I found spot to eat and coffee-ing!The salads only 1.95 and coffee for a euro!Yeayness!Its just i have to bear to take 13A bus.

Anyway,i watched 4 movies in a row since friday.Thanks to Bun and Els for the tics.The ugly truth made me laught with dirty jokes and Orphan is about adopted child.The story reminds me when i was lil girl when papa wanted to adopt a child.The proposal extremely sweet plus the hero is so comel while Adam is about a slow guy adapting with his life after his dad died.

Weekend was fully occupied.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

akmawhoisstillonthebed.Gosh.Pemalas please!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!
U r officially 24 today!I Wish u all the best in career and life!I rindu u and Miera please.
I miss to hang out wit u,window shop n gossips!So many things to catch up.I owe u big pressie!If u come across this,i ♥ u sgt ok babe!It has been ages!Cant wait to hug!Sorry i cant celebrate with u like we used to!

Ur babe who misses to wear same color to class,same bag,same style and same la in everything!We were belangkas remember?lmao.

p/s:friendship built with love and honesty:)

Thursday, 6 August 2009


I have been missing my dolls back home.Currently jadi display inside my room which make me pissed off because cousins suka pegang2..Pfft.The Dolls used to be my bestest company to play with.Did i sound mcm tak grown up?Haha.I am indeed.My dolls mostly are porcelain and bought it in Great Eastern mall.If u come across KLCC,Mid ke apa,they sell it mahal but the price i got at GEM murah!Way toooo cheap!I named every of them.What I fancy most about dolls is the way they dressed up especially english dolls.My parents been really supportive with my interest but recently since i moved to Dublin,I didnt buy any.I went online to check on and found those with good bargain from US.should i buyyyyyyyyyy?

Comel pls with the bed
On the couch lagi okaayyy
White lace wedding dress.


This cute lil boy mcm nak cubit the cheek.Adorable but i definitely wont buy it.

Check out Etsy.Online shop yg uber cool!


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Stuffed with lotsa fats

Awesome weekend with the bunch.Held at fairy's with the theme Pink & Reddish.I couldnt figure out what to wear and found pink skirt i bought in London.Ok,bbq started early but i was late.Those bunch dah makan.We had our makan2,horror movies & played UNO after ages i tak main.I was supposed to win at 1st place but Muntaz became the evil.Everyone compromised tak bg i menang.Hello,tak aci pls!Later that nite,we karaoke.Ouchhh everyone seemed enjoying the bonding session.Feels like home.However,i hate the food stuffed in my body.I have been eating unhealthy food.Habis la diettttttttt!More pictures at facebook.

Look at me,Im being very decent.Duduk bersimpuh:p

OMG Nuar(serene's hubby) made peace kat bontot sapa tueee?

Mak cik Elinaaaa

I actually straighten my hair(not that obvious though).Gedik pls!


Mek in Pink color with skema's hairdo,crocs pressie from Liyana.So Bimbs and Vain!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Happy Birthday

Comel gel!
Yesterday i was soooo homesick.I sent mama an sms.Mengadanyer I pls!She rang me 5 am in the morn.She told she was so bz attending weddings and doing her stuff which is shopping.Mama and Papa went to Tan sri Khalid's Yunus house for wedding last night.Papa happened to be representative for groom's side.Lawak pls!Pity Papa,if only he had a son,he must be the one yg excited pegi meminang.Hahaha;p

Anyway,Budak kecik i hate most celebrating her 3rd birthday today.Papa bought her set of Barbie and bears.Benciiiiiiii pls.She got pink bicycle last year on her 2nd.Ok,im jealoussssssssssss.She is papa's kesayangan.I know i shouldnt bring up the issue when cousin got pressie but who can tahan when she's so mengada with my own dad.Irrelevant kan?Im off to bbq.Theme:pink.ohhhhh please!I have to dig my closet now.

Happy 3rd Birthday Hanis.U know how much kakak hates u and misses u!So be prepared to be cubit and bully!Kakak thinks u r wayy to gedik.Dream on to be the cutest.Hahaha:pp


Your evil sister

*sorry im being witch when comes to her!lols*

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Food of love.

Posers Saturday with very nice weather.Yeaaaa right!Was sunny then rainy then sunny.Pfft,tak happening pls!Had girls day out with Bun and Mary smp sakit kaki plus sakit pocket.Huhu.While waiting for Mary and Bun sorted their things,I was amazingly spent 1 and half hour in Chapters.I became jakun a while inside the bookshop.I found new place to kill my boredom.Free readings with lotsa books.I bought 4 books ok!Then we had late lunch at Yamamori.I ate twice Yama this week(habis diet i!).Later jln2 shop and crappy among us,i accidentally bought Paul Smith perfume which was influenced by Mary(Sorry Ma,u mmg penyebab utama).This week, i wasted 2 dresses,1 legging and yada2.We ended the day out at Butlers having coffee.Ok tue jer!Unintentionally to tell what i bought but i seriously have no point to jot in my blog.Currently listening "Damai Yang Hilang" while get some mood to start reading.I'll be starting to read Food of Love.I want Mamaaaaaa so much.Tak suka over rindu.

Mak cik Geek tapi tak;p