Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Miu Miu,

Oh pls gimme sunshine.Ahaks.Im broke this month.Thanks to Bun & Fairy.Memang hot!


p/s:Mr Flying,good luck in ur sim.
Bergie,gambatte for xm!
Darragh,forget it!
Fairy,im glad u r happy now:)

Turning old;p

He turned 26 and ....,

She turned 24.

Happy Birthday Tasha and Din!Selamat Hari tua.Malas nak layan;p

i yg masih muda + cheeky.

Monday, 23 March 2009



Sunday, 22 March 2009


Excitedly,I had 2 dinners tonite with Fairy and Marwan.Then another late dinner at Bobo's new place.Im on my cozy bed now hiding myself under the duvet;p.Well,Tasha is currently skype-ing with the bf who's in Melbourne while i sibuk blogging and reading the comments..Thank u to those who dropped the comments which really touched me.I was down and couldnt think whats best for me.To 142165,ur number exactly like my student id,thanks so much for the words.I'll take it as as a booster for motivation level.Whats past is always past.Get over it and moving on thats what im telling myself.No point of crying,thinking,overwhelming which really wasted!Im stepping away from 7 years of loving,3 years of admiring,1 month of getting to know,weeks of wasting my tears and get carried away.Haish,horrible.I now will keep smiling so the pain goes away and hope my inner shine!

Oh yea,I watched my so-nak sgt must watch movie Confession Of Shopaholic.Superb!Hope they'll do second one next year!Debt and debt!Girls thingy,shopping can cause u millions!Im loving each of the scene.Dramatic sungguh!Those who loves Sophie Kinsella's book,pls la watch it.U gonna admire Luke Brandon yg hunk!Melting....;p

The pillows is so comfy okay.My puffy eyes dah slowly nak tutup.I shall say goodbye.Talk to ya soon Lovies!Hope to have nice Sunday with nice wheather.Its freezing though although its SPRING!!


Thursday, 19 March 2009


The past few weeks,I became uncertainty.I hardly consentrate and commit with studies as well things i wanted to do.My mind couldnt get rid all those negative vibes.I am full with negative vibes which cause me millions of tears.Susah hati all the time.Serabuts.I was supposed to do presentation for CIMA GLOBAL competition and i decided to quit last min as no preparation but James Browne (FR lecturer)wanted me to be in if those classmates not qualified.I didnt tell papa yet about my cancellation.He must be frustrated if i tell him.Shooootttt.I hate this.I hate the feelings i had now.I felt down.Desperately need Mama and Papa here.I wish im HOME now to tell them my vulnerability,being under mama's arm,hugs papa and cry my heart out.Yes,im not strong.So today,I had coffee with Din,Tasha and Shyra at Reflection after class.Thank u for the time and InsyaAllah i byk kan doa and recite quran so i can put extra strength on myself.Pls wish me luck so I can handle all the things that bothered since then.*sigh*

Apart from my sorrow which really sounds pathetic,Zeileen,Berg and their friend are coming down to Dublin on 23nd May.They'll arrive in London and will take plane to Dublin.So excited because after months of planning,they finally bought the tickets last weekend.Cant wait to be their tourist guard!There are so many things to catch up with org2 Malaysia nieh!

Oh yea,Miera rang me while i was cooking just now.Oh babe,i so missing u!serious unsangkerable when i saw ur number.jerit2 i.i rinduuuuuuuuuuuu u nak matis ok.I nak hugs u kuat2 ok?I wont be back this summer.To Liyana,if u come across this,I rindu u too babe!Btw,Congratulation in advance to Hajar Darling.Selamat Pengantin Baru.So sad I cannot attend ur big day.ur dream wed come true.i do miss zaman uitm where we always talk about wedding!


Thank u Yan Lim and Aysha for the thoughts.Really appreciate ur concern-ness.Hello,I kan always never ending story.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu

Miles away and i confused with feelings i have now.
Things have moved so fast
Everyday i would waiting and keep on waiting
Is it gonna happen or is it noT?
The question now how to make it happen?
Should i say it or keep it?
Am i too confused to differ?
Its being a while since i have this feelings.
ok im quiting this.falling is not i what i prioritize now.
this is so bothering me over and over again.
i want to strike best for FINALS.


Ya ALLAH, The almighty,
Bestow us perseverance and serenity,
i beg u for patience and please let me handle this feelings.

Sunday, 15 March 2009


i know its sounds very just i want to express my unstable emotion now.i cannot deny the fact,even if i hate and despise him,i never get over him.5 years i've been devoted myself and 2 years in recovery.its just hard.LOVE CAN DESTROYED U in a second.everyday id wonder if he misses after months of silence,i put extra guts to call him and his aunt.i cried...,

and so he and his aunt.past is already past.the memories i kept inside and i am stepping new step.his aunt was really closed to me just like his late part of the family for years and now i have to say good bye forever as a stepping stone to get a new life.things have changed.he has his own life and so do i.aunt angah begged me not to shut them off." i won't auntie...,"

if aunt noriah is still here(his late mum),she will be the one who will be the saver.she wrote note asking him to marry me after i graduate and settle down in melbourne still overwhelmed me.that was years ago before she left.its almost 3 years she has left truly miss her.we shared same passion on furniture esp kayu jati and she let me choosed her sofa fabric.she was a great mum just like MAMA.

incase aunt angah come across this,thank u so much for u time,help and loves.u were the best lawyer aunt i never met.Siti fairuz and Siti Aishah,Kak akma will miss to fecth u girls at school,gelak2,gossips,shopping and exchange fashion with u girls.Remember i love u girls like my cousins,bapak,wani+mi and the rest,thank u so much..

finally, a person i used to love most.thanks a mil for ur time,unconditional love,cares and sincerity.i would never forget things we did together for the period of time.u was the place i can count u always being my good friend who remind me to solat everyday.i appreciate ur concern and all those stuff we shared will remained in my heart.sorry im no longer ur best friend like u always said,im no more next after ur mum.thank u for the effort u put for glad u r pursuing ur dreams.i wish u all the best in has brought us together and faith also split us.Allah has better plan for us,Hilman..from the bottom of my heart,im sorry again.

Thanks for the memories..........................................

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Raja Lawak 3

Congratulation Jihan for winning 2nd place in Raja Lawak 3 recently.I am so proud of u Kakak!Jihan,used to be a big sista to me.She treated me like adik.We used to lepak and gelak2 together..She is totally LAWAK gels!I met her back in 2005 when some shit happened.Basically i have no connection with her,but she was the one who told me every details of the shit.excuse me for using SHIT because mmg la sgt trok.Thank u Jihan for being place for me to shelter.I used to pick her up at office,went lepak minum2 in Shah Alam,went to watch her theatre under Fauziah Nawi,did crazy things and sleepover at her place.Thosedays was really good tau!Currently she dates with Ungku and Im so happy for her.A lil note for Jihan,I sgt lah delightful u berjaya jihaaannnn!Dreams come true.

Another fantabulous story is that i am finished with assignments.results?i have no idea.Lets pray for the best.I have 7 weeks left to final exam.Tawakal jer with the assignments and panjatkan doa for my final.Kena kick my ass to study.Yesterday i didnt revise anything.went to Grafton Hall(Syira,Wa,Ca,Aza)'s place for dinner plus photogedik.Ohhh please.byk gossips and match making.heh.No timeeee to layan pls!

Thats about it.Will catch up later.More pics facebook la kan!Off to city kejap.

Toodless Lovies-----<@

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Talking about stress

I was extremelly stress+exhausted+dead working on my assignments.I slept at 6ish,woke up at 10ish and didn't sleep last monday to finalise the research.Fuhh.Alhamdulillah with non stop doa and support from loving Ma+Pa,my newly found friend(temani-ing me buat assignment with funny stories) and fairy my 2nd sayangs,i managed to siapkan.Heh.I am no longer sleeping next to laptop.The laptop was actually tdo next to me ;p.Well I have 1 more to go and exam coming up early May.Pls wish saya LUCK!

Despite all this hassle things,I keep on receiving good news from friends.Ok,everyone is settling down.All i heard is wedding bell.*Blink Blink* Referring to Fiza's statement.Oh well,I am truly happy for close friends who r getting married soon.No words can define my felicitous towards their wedding.Imagine we grew up together,from zaman comot and now nak jadi bride.Comel kan?Hehhhh.AKMA is so jealous because cannot doll up mase u girls nye wedding.Benci!geddit?hahahahaha;p

Oh yea, a friend of mine suggested me watching Lake House.I ended watching the movie with puffy eyes.eeeyy.Sgt la sedih pls.."Hish,u better watch my playlist movies i gave erk mistah coz i did watch ur sedih - nak - mati punyer movie!"Oh not forgetting i had my webbie session with Umi who is officially budak New Zealand.Shhhhish.Her house atas bukit okkkkkayh.Takkk aci!Lets skypyyy with others later.Lala,bukak skype bole?


I would to thank my sayangsssssss( where ever you are) for being such a supportive esp the previous entries.You know AKMA can be very emotionally distracted at times.Thanks sgt.Yan,Lala,Yu,Aysha and the rest,i love u all sgt.Nak kisss bole?Heh.Pervert.Muaxxx.

My comfy bed is calling now.Im getting beauty sleep tonite before jadi owl for another 3 days and keatas.Ya Allah,I need extra guts for all this.Amin.