Friday, 26 December 2008

Xmas update!

I have been eating like mad on christmas.aaaargh,there goes my diet.imagine i have 2 houses in row to attend the dinner.had potluck at jervis house which served whole chicken,mashed potatoes,bolognese and dumpling.then at clanbee i had lasagna,bihun soto and ketupat.burrrpp.i am full though!well,im fasting to shop in london for boxing day this year.papa and mama didnt allow me to go i guess tmrw im only fooling around in Dublin on boxing day.window here and there.ha ha;p



more pictures,facebook okayh?im off to watch goodie movies on tv.heading to fairy's place lil bit late.need to webcam-mie with papa and mama!
Merry xmas and Happy new year lovies!Awal Muharam in few days,hope new islamic year brings prosperious and bless:)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Birthday with Love,

HAppppy Birthday my dear Aysha

yeah,my bestie turned 24th today.She had lovely dinner with the boyfie at PNB.okk sungguh sweet pls.Wish u all the best in future yayangs!May Allah be with u always.I RINDU alot!
and i tau ur appetite dah besaq,so pls keep it up!u looked cute TEMBAM!

your annoying bestie:)
p/s:pic sent fr aysha after had sweeeet dinner:)

Friday, 19 December 2008


Despite of skipping class this morn,im excited to have long break which only 2 weeks and spend more time reading school books.Excuse for being geek but i really need to revise for the past 3 months chapters.A definite,must and compulsory.Insyaallah.

Pian has safely arrived last nite.Acap and i picked him up at the airport.We waited him for an hour before he went out from the bluddy door.Hish.Went back to Acap's place and played cards until 2 am.That is the reason i "ponteng" my fav classes today.I felt very bad.Blame Pian for all those!heh;p

Aysha's birthday is coming up.Sedihnyer i can't be there to surprise her(this is 2nd year!) but im happy the fact she and her beloved Khaidyr r content together.No words can define her happiness now:))

Btw,i miss Liyana so muchos.Babe!im not sure whether u have time to read this,i RINDU u yg teramat.infact i have letter FOR u but i keep it until Vday to send with the card.Wonder what r u doing now:(

I better get going.Tax tutorial at 2pm.I have to catch up the 2 hours class just now.Tonite i have class mengaji at clanbee with Cikgu Din.Oh well,have to brush up baca Quran.Plus Din used to teach org mengaji back in Malaysia.

Happy Friday lovies!
Taaa =D

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Can't wait!

Pian is coming down fr london tmrw!i seriously can't wait.i know he misses acap and i!lols.kesian dier.ali pegi dublin tak ajak here he comes!hehehe.a crazy friend i ever have!miera,if u r reading this,remember the nite we both went out with ali,pian,fiq and aus.u guys wasted!hahahaha;p

oh well last weekend,fairy's good friend pie' came all the way fr sheffield to visit us.had great time entertaining him.oh yea.elina has left for malaysia for a all alone in the room.heh.i surely drag tasha to stay with me coz im scared of DARk.pffft.

Currently bz juggling with studies which i can tell 2.4 paper and my finance II is so diff.Finance II hell-susah (complicated).im gonna spend my christmas in Dublin brainstorming and not in London to shop.No boxing day for this year.pity me;( wish saya LUCK!


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

The whole family gathered on Eid Adha without me again.I managed to hide my tears and 3 hours of webcammie session made me smile and there were so many things to chat.nasib the internet connection was superb.Thumbs up!U know lah i never keep secret from my aunties and uncles so i told them what i've been up to,gossips here and there(anak beranak talking).i miss talking to them terribly. only god knows how much i love them.oh they were wearing gold colour as the theme.i jealous sgt ok!feel like going home now!haish.well,Slmt hari raya everyone.I'll be in Audit class on raya.Hahaha.

my fav aunt,cik jah
daddy love!
ayah cik,retard cousin azri & hanis
bubbly cousin hasya & azri.wah hanis berhijab and my bubu gemok behind;p
naked hanis and aunt akma.mcm nak cubit hanis!geramsss.
mummy dearest and si busok.
"hanis was asking my permission to play my polly pocket"
all the busoks before they dolled up.
well,thats about it.I wish im there celebrating with the family and i definitely being the kaypooh sister. i swear i'll be yelling at the cousins.hahahhaa;p
off to bed now and hoping to dream the cousins and family.
taaa love!

Terima Kasih Cinta

I don't want to fall in love again.I admit the fact im still heart broken with those things occured in past.I don't have the guts to start all over again.I guess all i need is to focus on what i really want in life and future which awaits me.I have enough of crying,being paranoid and stressing myself.Its awful to the max.May be it was me who's not perfect and tried so hard to work things out.I cannot deny the fact i miss him everyday everysecond.How can i forget someone whom i gave heart to and can't live without.To step forward without looking back is impossible although we have own sweet life now.I went through all the days without him with tears and regrets.Put aside all the trouble,he is everything to me.A person who reminds me not to forget solat,sent me food all the way,played me guitar,sent me the msg such as cherish our love,bought me so many things which i couldnt count how many of them,quit his job to be by his late mum's side and love me more than anything else in this world.All the memories i keep inside.I don't hate him with what he has done.Human made mistake don't we?I did it too.Somehow i think all those things happened ader hikmah which brought me here.I might not realised how big is this world and to see how beautiful Allah's creature.THANK YOU LOVE.All the best in future and May Allah always be with you:)

*I seriously need mama and papa to cuddle me.Im such a cry baby tonite.Btw,selamat hari raya aidiladha.another eid without loved ones:(*

Monday, 1 December 2008

By Mocca

i loved all Mocca can make me SNOOZING and smile till next morn:)very smoothing and in love with the indons.hehe.

missing thosedays watching jazz performance at alexis & bangkok jazz.hence i miss the atmosphere at lecka-lecka star hill,mali's keuy teow,murni's meatballs,chilis chicken crispers and kopok lekooorrrrrrr...everything seemed to be missed.baru 3 months balik!Oh mr winter,hurry up.i want to end 2008 as soon as possible and cant wait for,i wanna go home:(


I had splendid weekend.Had all yummylicious malaysian food since wednesday.Been very bz entertaining elina's mum & dad.Hihi.Oh yea,went out with mr tall guy today after brought elina's parent out.Catching up each other and likewise dragged him to take pictures.Sgt pemalu-la-weyh.Well thats about it.FYi,Elina became best student of the year for DBS on her convo.Im glad she got the award after all her effort she has put,its worth!Congrats clown!Btw,my konon straight hair wasnt "menjadi".hahahha;p
Funny ok;p.More pictures,facebook la pls:)

distracting him driving;p

cik lut and tasha

im proud of u clown!
before i forgot,do read this mumble jumble thing done by faizal-job-less;p
*off to bed now.Audit at 10am then have 2 hours of Finance.My research still dun complete yet.Now im scared.Dah Dah.TTYL lovies<333*