Sunday, 13 June 2010

to Tasha with love,

Dear Tasha Tahir,

When u are reading this,I want u to know how thankful I am to have u as my roomie although we have gone through ups and down for the past few years. I still remember when my heart was shattered and everyday u would see me crying on my bed.I was down,lost part of myself,everything was so awful and painful.The thing is,I was demoralized because I had no plan to leave him when he had another person.I just stand still and fight for it.You,Elina and Amy saw me went through hardest part in life and suffered.

Plus I still remember when u never listened the problems arose.U will ended up saying "MA,KAU JANGAN SOMBONG DENGAN ALLAH SANGAT".You hit me at one point.

Yes dear,you got the point there.You taught me to become stronger than I am,to pray to Allah,leave everything to Allah and instilled me a value of loving myself more.

You have no idea how tough I was when I'm about to leave the house,the kitchen,the room and of course all of you especially u.A person who always hard on me.A person who boost motivation level especially when comes to cooking.A person who purposely messed my wardrobe and of course teman ber-coffee Butlers.



Now,I have found what I really want in my life.All those things happened with a good reason.Probably the decision to go back had opened my heart although initially everyone was scared I would burn myself again.I've found what life has offered me.Friends,Family and Career all I have for now and recently,I just found a bit of love who ultimately brings happiness.InsyaAllah,I shall leave it to God

I miss you Tashaaaaa:(

your annoying crybaby ex-roomie