Thursday, 28 February 2008

Audrey Hepburn

went coffeing at bewley with els and tamaki last evening.had great time eating cake and minum mocha.for god sake,i just loved the place.bewleys super cozy and classic..i went there for quite numbers of time and udeh suka point now is the classic yg penting!btw,the nite before went dinner wit acap at yamamori.u know,old friends catching up each other(the good old days).my fav seafood yaki soban selamat di mkn.yamamori is japanese restaurant which charged mahal during dinner.haish.bole bankrupt la student okaayyhh?so pls dun go mlm.mahai ok.

audrey hepburn?i admired her style.i even tried to look like her years back when APAcs had annual dinner.since the theme was retros,i asked liyana to help me.she found the pink legging would suits me but the dress i bought was lil bit "tak sedap mata memandang due to the length was v shape".

" Abas and i were the emcees.abas' hair sgt austin power isnt?"

"The wanna be audrey dancing.cant take my eyes of u!hahahaha."

thosedays was so funny!lol.mcm bimbo ok.i seriously cant imitate her bcoz she's too adorable.if only she's still alive,i wanna take oppurtunity to say"dear audrey,u r so beautiful-lah.lets hang out together!"heee;p

im blogging out.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


yday i didnt stay to revise law in library.had a coffee at starbucks with nana.i tot of going to bewleys but i suddenly mengidam banana muffin.after had a long chat with nana,i decided to go back.home sweet home.i then take a nap after had chicken hut.i wonder why-lah these few days everyone at home popped in my dream.last nite,hanis came into the dreams.this budak kecik sgt-lah mengada ok.FCF(fav cousins forever) including hasya,afif and azri.

oh well,back in my childhood time,i wasnt a favourite at all.father has numbers of siblings and he is the youngest boy plus he has sisters after him.while mother is the eldest in family and i have uncles who only few years older than being a brat at mother's side but being abandon at father's side becoz im the only child.its really hurt when i was kids esp during hari raya bcoz all the cousins would received an angpau fr pak won n mak wo(father's side)and dat time rm1 is alot to us exclude me who didnt get anything.i always cried to mother and father and they would calm me and said"kan adik dah dpt duit raya dr mama n papa.pak wo kontong bagi rm 50 lagi(which make 50 times more than other cousins dpt".in a way,my parents wanted me to be stronger eventhough im being abandon by the grandparents.PAK WON kontong is my grand uncle who always give me moral support and useful advises plus im his closes grand niece.i remember 2 weeks before i flew,he was admitted into glenegals(excuse the spelling)and i visited him.he was so excited knowing im going to experience new life and told me to take care of myself.i didnt blame arwah pak wo and mak wo for neglecting me but i wanna thanked them to bring greatest PAPA in this world.

when i grew up and became matured to think,i then wondered why there is always unfair kasih sayang.i know i shouldnt say this,but why there is a favourite n non favourite cucu to our grandparents?no offence fr what im saying.its just the matter of LOVE.we should spread some love.tak luak pun the money to give some love and affection.honestly,i sometimes envy seeing my friends talking abt the nenek n atok but i didnt enjoy to talk abt mine.pathetic kan?

i always promised myself that in future i wont differ which is fav cousins smua kecik2 and i saw them grow up from the day they were born plus i close to my unc n aunt who leaved with us before they got married.they are like my adik beradik and i love them very much.azri will be taking upsr this year n i really hope he'l get into MCKK or RMC.afif si lembik gonna turn 10 years and hasya turning 9.tonjet hanis baru 2 years.people grow u know....!

i wish i can turn back time and tell pak wo n mak wo,i loved them and thanked them to bring PAPA in this world.papa,u inspired me.

Monday, 25 February 2008


i have one more task to submit.then im done.finals and preparation untuk pulang.nak buat surprise but for sure the tix paid by the no way of "MAMA,PAPA im homeeee...".this upcoming LAW assignment is very crucial to me.i loved law since i was in high school and graduated CAT but wonder why la i keep on repeating LAW since 2005.bole?enuff of dat.

yg penting IM in 1WEEK break for reading!yeay!after al the hectic mectic days,ke-dizzy-an and all those which cause me a pengsan.the cards i sent out during vday has reached a week ago.mboi.lambat asyha n liyana,i love u girls alot.muahs.

moving my big fat ass now..

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Another level from the heart

i dreamt of mama yday.i mimpi balik msia for real.waiting is suffering ok.4 and a half months to go.i heart has broken into pieces of glass because of stupidity.all i want is mama n papa.its impossible to wake up and c them right infront me.i can hear the dolls calling me"come home quick akma.we miss u".i cant do anything.time is moving.exams is near the corner and all i can do is pray to ALLAH.

waiting and waiting.period

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bestie's preparation

shikin updated me with her engagement preparation.29 march would be big day for daughter of aunt sofia n unc mak som and definitely akmaelinda's kwn baik since then.well,shikin gave the link of wedding fairies which she hired to do her pelamin n those check their website.sgt lawa loving it and i bet shikin will look fab!ecot's hubby going to be the photographer.the invitation has been sent out to our friends.super best tapi i will not b there to feel all dis with the bunch:(

well,yday's entry seemed very pathetic.millions of sorry.its just my feelings sgt trok at the mo but i sgt-lah excited about shikin's engagement.biler plak my turn kan?hahahhaa;p


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Let time decides....

i have volatile feelings at the mo.i hate this feelings because it cause me zillions tears and it wont stop.ALLAH is testing me again.i have been keeping it for 4 years.i cannot deny the fact dat i cant get rid of it.


i need an extra guts.i need to be stronger than i am now.

p/s:ignore this entry.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Little Thing

valentine's day was awesome.had so called dinner at beshof but the haddock wasnt good at all.hentam jer la labu.had so much fun wit all the budak kecik..birmigham trip confirm!my 2nd get away fr dublin with jervis girls(esah,bun,marin)+hani and fairy and 1st we tot of going to barcelona or prague(becoz we wanted to kaco sheeren's holiday there)but prior to expensive tics,birm lah pengganti.

they ol were so excited to go mandi CHOCOLATE in burmingham bcoz ader cadbury world.funny ok!looking forward to beli byk2 but not to eat but buying it for souvenior balik msia bole? 5 months more,the choc wont melt kot.

i had a short chat wit mother and father just now.keep them update with my thingy.father aka papa had fever since sunday bcoz di-tinggalkan mama who went for kursus in padang lalang since fri-sun..papa is so manja ok.demam rindu 2 hari jerk!haish;p.i told papa to check flight tix during MATTA fair in msia.mana tau tix lagi cheap than dublin.IM SO wanna go back.nakkk jugak!!msia tetap dihati.

yday,i bought smp 2 books to read kononnyer nak kill more time than eating!im planning to detoxify becoz its like 6months i never do that.ntah la kenapa?everything seem is time for body slimming..double chin is so HORRIBLE pls.

those are my list 10 most FAV place to go lah.excited la nak g trip.its like enjoying ur uni-days but jervis girls and fairy all dah keja.kayooo ok dorang!

and the list goes on..laters.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

vday out :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

happy Vday:)

happy valentine's day have no date; clown roomie and i plan to go out for coffee-ing tmrw.dats have been sent to mother and father,liyana n aysha. and grafton street was so bz this evening!smua berebot bli flowers and cards.tak jealousss pun.LOL.

alhamdulillah my finance submitted last monday.i managed to do it last min.thankies to everyone for the support.hahaha.btw,i went for a lunch and tix hunt with suki and christen.mahal giler nak balik msia ok.1000 euro=rm 5000?botak la father's head.ahaks.then we went for a lunch smbl borak abt marriage.china has the law about marriage where u cant get married before 22.pelik?so i told em that msia bole kwen at the age of 18.bahagianyer!moreover,we were discussing abt divorcee at the early age..sgt sedih becoz after what u have put during ur big day,jeopardised.suki,christen and i plan to kwen at late 20s.bole ker?

lastly,i wanna wish this:

Mama&Papa:thank u for the love and strength.
Aysha:i love u sweetheart with all my heart.
Akmar:i sgt rindu our togetherness
Aqilah:i love love love u
Umi:remember our promise,we always gonna stick as friend smp kter smua kwen.
Asyikin:aku syg ko smp mati
Hazlind:ur supports and love remain in my heart.
Liyana:i love u babe.sedih tak dpt clbrt together
Miera:i miss my hot babe!
Zhafir:aku rindu ko and ts council
Hasnor:i loveeeeee u lemaaakk.
Hafizah:dublin tak der usj to curik pringles.i lappp u babe.
Syima:we r forever mama,i love u.
Asma':babe,i need u to shelter and tell u how vulnerable my life is now
Nuha:kiter rindu awak.the keychain make me miss u and the rest teramat sgt.
Hilman:reason to cry.
Fariz:rindu session luah perasaan dlm keta
Fairy:thankies for lending ur shoulder.i love u.
selected and loving cousins and aunts+uncs:adik sgt syggggg korang.
Elina:clown roomate,kiter syg awak.hahaha.LPF okeeeh

arrghhhh too many names to list.
i love u olsssss.happy vday:)

p/s:sapa lah yg sbok tgk fr KLANG nie.loyal stalker ok.puh leez i dunno who u are.stalking and keep on stalking to updates the whole fam ke?so LAMe ok.

blogging out.pillow is giving a call.toooottttt.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

homesick gone

my homesick fever has came to an end...i had long chat with mama,papa,cousins and unc +auntie:)hanis started to col me kakak and say hi to me while pegang my polly pocket..she kept on saying to mama"MI,NAK MAINN tue"(refering to my dolls).hasya started to beg me balik by may coz she wanted to spend her school holidays with me ,mama has surprised for me but unfortunately hasya has broken it.ahaha.which made no more surprise.the whole hse became kapooochi.all the noise made me "ketawa" and the homesick fever gone.mama told me to be more stronger and my auntie said tinggal baper bulan nak balik dahh plus cik yus suroh take care of myself..well,im relieved.

so,its time to say goodbye homesick.hello sunshine and smily face:)

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

i could fly.

as i browsed youtube,i found out this song.reminds me something.few years back,this song was my fav.then when something happened,i refused to listen this song.that was years ago when i gave my heart to sumone.its past thats fading from my present.i did tell aisyah and waheda that this song gonna be my wedding song.ntah biler tapi i suka berangan this n dat.well im gud at it kan?.do listen every line of this song.meaningful sgt:)

i dedicate this song to my two loving birds who r going to marry and engage sometime in this two-gang,mimi and syikin.remember gang,although im not there to attend ur big day but i still doakan u ol.well,im not suppost to write again mind cant fit in the finance at the mo.all i can do is blogging and merepek-ing.

Ya ALLAH.i need more guts to do my assignment..amin.

gong xi fa cai

im in the library currently where chinese tak rmai coz all "makan besaq" tonite.sukaaaa nyer i.happy chinese new year to all the chinese.according to my classmate,this year is the RAT YEAR.tikus?i'll find out what's the ong for this year tomorrow.jeles nyer ol malaysian sedang holidays at this time and angpau sure best!i bet the mandarin orange dijual dgn murah sekali esp at jln genting klang.OMG.Dublin mahal nak mampuih..p/s:nak angpau bole ker?

yday,shikin sent me an sms telling me about her engagement preparation and how sad that i couldnt be there to feel all the moments.sedih2 in one package.yes darling.i wish im there too.remember our zaman kecik2 when we always berangan dat one day,if one of us tie the knot,we will sit next to each other and nowwwww when the angan finally happen...and i couldnt be there to capture everything!!!syikin,aku sygggg ko glad u found ur true CINTA.i doakan ur cinta will last forever sama anak cucu.time has passed us for 13 kawan baik from the age of 11 years old will be the wife and no longer cheeky norashikin!alhamdulillah.saya speechless.nak-nangis:(

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

thousand years wont make any diff

i love every single thing in this song.sgt nak nangis-ok.thanks to him fr dedicating this song.i just cant wait to go back to c mamapapa...saya content:)

Monday, 4 February 2008


currently bz compiling venture capital.just started it and hopefully i can complete by this thursday coz weekend sgt lah ader keja lain..well,yday i found out that this dress i bought long time ago(last month) kot actually MCM ORG PREGNANT.didnt realise coz i tak try pun and its my prob la...ala!i loved the combination but the matter i looked like org mengandung 5 time,mmg kena try.i always have problem wit fitting the baju on coz waste of time.i rather grab and byr.susah and i have byk bajuuu lagi tk penah pkai since i bought.biler nak pkai nie?wondering.
well this week i started to be homesick again.i miss mama n papa sgt-sgt.i mcm tak leh face the fact yg im apart.6 months is so lamaaaa.mama,papa adik nakkk balik to spend more time together,nak lepak kat our small garden,nak dine in together and borak-borak.Ya Allah i need a guts pls.cant wait to go home.tu jer.
vday is coming up.i suppost to buy cards for kedua mamito and papito as its a must for us to exchange as well as my friends,liyana and aysha but im broke for whole last week.will buy it this weekend and send it later by monday..babe,if u reading this,i know what card i should send to u.this vday,ill be all alone without my loved ones.pathetic kan i?
few days back,aysha text me saying dat she went out for a dinner wit kema and her friends in bangsar.dah la im actually missing them and home,i immediately col them smbl menangis coz deep inside my heart,i wish i could join them and luahkan whats inside my heart now.its a strange feelings for the past week.honestly i need them.thanks to fairy although i knew her for 5 months here but she always be my good listener.sygggg u fairy!
im currently listening to "shakespeare in love" .im moving my ass for is waiting.wording sgtlah suffered.till then.will update more and more.
and i wish........,
MAMA AND PAPA are here for me to cry on their shoulder.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Nurul Akmar



miss to shop,lepak and ride.may the happiness showered u every day of ur life.
love u alot,