Sunday, 3 August 2014

fate & destiny

For decades I've questioned of fate and destiny. 29 years of living,this is the most equivocal philosophical questions. Is everything that is happening now or will ever happen, predetermined? 

In Quran verses quoted ;

"Say: Allah!Owner of sovereignty, You bestow sovereignty on whomever you will and you withdraw from whoever you will. In your hand is all that is good. No doubt you have power to do everything" ( Surah Ali Imran 3:26).

We are fully aware and understand that God does have knowledge and power over all thing. He knows what will happen to us before we do. He knows that the outcome of all our decisions. He has stated that in the Quran that everything will happen throughout all creation was already written. 

For millions of times, things that I had planned to do and hoped have been disrupted. I personally have benefited in believing this decree. I have found that my true inner peace is by submitting to God, living this life for Him, remembering Him and loving Him more than I love a human. I have believed that praying to God for guidance when making decisions (Istiqarah) and leave the outcome to God have benefited me. I got all the answers I asked for. 

In full belief of my destiny and trust in God and His wonderful and mysterious ways, this journey of life He has created and made for me have been amazing. I told myself that I am blessed to be comforted by the fact to have tried and prayed for the best but God has better plans for me. Whatever had happened in my past and trials were only for my spiritual growth to accept that is my fate and destiny. 

So yesterday, when my friends and I had this conversation on "jodoh", we came to a conclusion that we can fall in love with anyone in this world but only Allah can determine and makes the path towards it easy for us. And if the intention is purely for Allah's sake, everything will be smooth sailing. Nothing happens except by Allah's will. We are only able to do what He has allows us to do and according to His wishes. Therefore, isn't it by submitting your life to Allah and leave it to Him for the "jodoh" will be much easier rather than finding the perfect shoes to fit in?