Monday, 31 March 2008

Feeling the same way

my xm is in 3 weeks.all burdens and tiredness are torturing me.i am doing 3 things in 1 time.really hope that i manage to deal with it.amin.i told myself "skit jer lagi" and im gonna have long break(3 months) in KUALA LUMPUR!Yeay!assignments result will out later by this nak enjoying the spring now;p

Sunday, 30 March 2008

im so 10mins ago. a bad blogger.didnt update,my time became very limited at the so 10 mins ago.anyway,alhamdulillah my sayang syikin has officially been muzri's fiance on 29 march.i cried when she sent me the email and sms informing me dat everything went well.kin,how i wish i was there.i wont miss out to sit next to u and berposing sakan overcome org yg nak bertunang!im so excited and content.happy to c my bestfriend for the past 12 years sgt sgt pweety on her pre big day:))
upcoming friend would be syapha.well,my circle of gang back in skool ol settling down..i coulndt believe that we ol have grown up!
i fall in love with the syikin's pelamin and dress for her pre big day.thanks to wedding fairies.the pastel color and fresh flowers blent with her.everything was fine.she was so happy and so do i.sedih nyer i missed tHE MOMENTS.all in package.
kin.......!!!I Love u sgt sgt:)congrats!


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter Holidays

last friday was a good friday and sunday was i took oppurtunity to berjalan-jalan with the girls who came all the way fr leinchester,UK.well,kak aimy and her friends*nadya.kak fara and kak mariam* stayed at my place for 3 nites.super best okaaaaayh!we rented a small car and drove to belfast located in northern ireland on saturday which took us 3 hours kot.mcm rombongan cik kiah i tell u!LOLs.didnt get chance to shop as we reached quite late.all we did is berjln at the city centre(shop closed) and capting some,on the way to belfast,i could smell all those kerbau,kambings' smell la its a country side but its really beautiful scenery okaayh!i had so much fun with the girls and rombongan except we were left out on our way back to dublin.sesat smp g WEST.cheh.
we then went to powerscout,enniskerry on sunday located 1 hour fr dublin.the entry fees cost us 8 euros.mahal okaayh?but its worth once we entered.sgt-lah-lawa pls!im totally in LOVE with the garden.the flowers OMG.speechless.u guys should go!!im fully recommended!plus we figured out ader pets cemetary.LOLs.and i can't take my eyes away fr the green and peace gardenwhich full with flowers..i BERANGAN to haf my wedding reception there.bole?didnt captured any cute irish kat sana.alahai.kesian kak aimy:)=
i seriously had a bestest get away fr dublin on easter hols plus kak aimy and friends were really nice. i wonder y UK ader 3 weeks hols compared to Ireland.i uploading some pixies fr kak fara's NIKON SLR cam!the cam is so tempting at the mo.can anyone pls loan me some $$$ for the cam.lawaaaaaaa:))

lompat di garden!

gadis flower:)

infront of the lake.we found out ader 2 ducks jer??


ala-ala hindustan


cheers at HARRY RAMSDEN fish and chips

the ikan besaq we caught:p

kak aimy's idea to jump!

belfast wheel behind us:)

rombongan cik kiah while waiting for our foo-dy

titanic was here ok.

im running out idea.english is so rotten.i had my dinner at eddies wit elina,taysa n maida.have things to stressed out with"U DAH GEMOK LA".pls la.the wheather which made me eat more to keep warm.

bye now!

TCL(take care love)

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


my dearest miera,
in case u read this entry,i just want to say i miss u so and so much.serious tak tpu..i wish u r here or in london ke,birm ke so i can visit u every month when im bored and need u okayhh.u r my hot-ness babe everrr!cant wait to c u in summer:))i cop u and liyana bole?i rindu ur cheeky and licious dance...

and im so in the mood of crapping although my laptop wasnt function well.i still want to make my self i had short distracted chat with the father and mother prior to malaysia's connection.father said my hair getting serabai and he asked to chop off my long maggie hair.ahahha.nooo wwaaayyyy!!

but for the sake of aysha's favor wanna c my long hair,i dun mind to be sloopy until i come home plus to get a hair cut in dublin u need zillions hair is seriously dead dry due to 6 months of no hair spa and treatment.the curls didnt work like it used excuse the hair yea!!
the hair has became horrible messy curls!

so papa,
ur stubborn daughter wants u to give her some rm to chop off her hair and make it neat in summer.well,father is very particular abt hair and i always have to make sure my hair tak menggerbang whenever i wake up every morning.otherwise he will tease me by saying,"rmbot mcm hantu"

i better move my ass flubby tummy is making a noise.starving signal and i need to crawl to kitchen to get some food or i'll be found dead under my duvet.hahahhaa;p.isyak pun tak lagi so i better get going..tmrw will be picking kak aimy fr airport.udeh dong.daaa dlu yea.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


well,my laptop wasnt able to connet to internet for the few months till i go bck.hampeh meantime i have to use elina's and atam's in order to connect to another world.its sucks.should i ask papa to buy me new one?i think its not my neccesity at the mo.i better not kan?i had a bad day today bcoz i wasnt able to answer tort law.buat malu jeh; chinese classmate who we addressed as kekasih hati nana so berlagak to give facts in the class.pissed off ok i.

kak aimy and her friends will arrive fr leinchester this thurs bcoz she's going to m.nasir's concert.will stay at my place and i cant wait to c her since my birm's trip was last min cancelled.its being like ages didnt get to c her.sure byk nak di updates.m nasir's concert will be held in embassy theather.unfortunately im not his fans so i dun fancy to watch his show at all.

too bad im not in the mood of writing.just want to keep update my thingy here.laptop ku udeh tak bole diguna.will jot more insyaallah coz time constraint nowadays.


Monday, 17 March 2008

so little time

i missed so so many things patrick's parade and birm's trip.birm's trip was cancelled due to some problemor(super frustrated).i have been so bz and bz like crazy lah.last nite went out to temple bar with elina and tamaki plus iqbal watching the pre-st patrick's.just now had bewleys and fun fair ala ala funny bcoz msia punyer hundreds more better with fairy and such a dork person u know.being procastinated these few months and after my exam,i have a long holidays okkkk ppl?lama okaaayh!

here's i enclosed some if st patrick's parade pics taken by elina yg i have missed out this evening.cheh.thankies to fairy for the tiny hair clip.

off to bed.tmrw have revision with tort law.btw,pls check this band out.i sgt suka their music.

till then love.

Thursday, 13 March 2008


dr mr cadbury,
i have to cancel my trip to cadbury world and birmingham and nots&leinchester prior to many sorry couldnt visit u and ber mandi kan chocos.will go later after in the bad condition.PROCASTINATION at the mo.hope to visit u soon.......
deeply want to go cadbury world to buy chocossss,
akmaelinda yg stress because exam is ony 4 weeks left.shhhhh*t

Tuesday, 11 March 2008



when u read my blog,i have received ur lovely adorable card although its like a belated vday.i sgt terharu babe.every words u wrote,made me teringat our sweetest days ever esp tdo satu katil..yes,its like 6 months i have been more gossips,no more sleepover,no more having fun together,no more exhanging card which i sux at it,window and window and so on.oohhh i misssss it babe!

i miss our big times together and u r true,its bullshit kiter duaorg gado but we still together.remember ppl used to say we are like "belangkas".all those things i keep inside my heart.

wait till i come back to spend time with u.babe,i loooove loooove u sgt2.i sgt proud i have such a sweetheart like u as my bestie.

never felt sorry abt the bufday.i had blast surprise bufday u made in fridays even its late.remember i did dat on ur 20th bufday at the same place and u were crying...u sgt soft!

thosedays with u and miera were the bliss ever and lets celebrate our 5th year friendship once i come back home.....u girls are still the best.

rindu and rindu.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Thank u ALLAH

first thing,alhamdulillah.i finished my last assignment.with ALLAH's will,i managed to complete it.its really tense and i keep on writing such a dramatic entry.dats lame;p.

well,i have 7 weeks to my preparation at the mo but insyaallah will start doing it next weekend,im off to birm.yahooo; 2nd get away.probably will stay at kak aimy's place in leinchester so we can go nottingham and jln her place.well 2 in 1!
perhaps if i have time,will go to sheffield .btw,im so gonna miss ST PATRICK's day in dublin on monday.chitt.but since i still have next year and more years,im fine with it.

after xm,i'll start to pack my things up.malaysia mari..yeay!.have no time to webcam with the parents since thursday.i really wanna know abt the polls in msia.regarding US,i knew hillary would have the ability to win compared to obama.i have no further comment to US politics.Malaysia has so many current affairs which i need to update rather melayan US usual father lah org yg akan comment leb

blogging out for now.need some beauty sleep:)

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

is't worth of waiting?

im sitting on the couch alone in living room.yes,i cannot deny the fact im so excited to go back home.counting the months,days,hours and mins to go back to the root.well,there are few things i really want to do in msia despite shopping because its my ultimate goal to go home(rindukan family is diff in the list).

i have been keeping these feelings since i arrived in dublin.6 and half months is quite numbers of all alone to think all this.i walked alone,i cried alone,i melayan my own perasaan alone and the best thing is im giving my ownself a space.i always wish that things gonna be fine but as times grows apart,i realised that i have been matured enuff to think wisely.

there are so many things that i learnt in life.for years i have been a moron to myself.i jeopardised my future infront me.i almost killed myself because i wanted to be the witness of wat-so ever shit happened behind my back,i didnt go to class,i failed my ACCA papers for 3 years,i cheated mama n papa and i didnt bother their feelings when they have to pay my fees.when i decided to go here,mama and papa were behind my back giving me supports.every second of my beat,their doa and bless is with me.

Love is very universal.however there is unconditional love that nobody cant give it.look at yourself on mirror,did u realise how much the parents have given u the loves from the day u was born!its countless.i realised that why we bother to cry because sumone refused to love,care us more than anything else in this world?why??i cried when i awake from my stupid feelings after years i have been treated like shit.i asked myself how could i be idiot up to this level??

The reason to come home is to sort everything that has been stranded.i want to tell mama n papa that their lil girl wont cry.sometimes,im grateful that ALLAH made me learnt every step of life.i put an extra guts to face the fact and stand up to say it out that "ITS NOT WORTH OF WAITING ME BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND BEAUTIFUL LIFE INSIDE MY HEART".its going to be hurtful but this is what i want....,

Monday, 3 March 2008


I received an email fr travel agent!hooooo-ray!tix balikkk has been confirmed.thanks to yg syg di-rahsia kan?bole?hahahahaha;p.will let everyone know becoz i want to suprise sumone..haish.3 months to go aaaand tak sbr to feel all those COMFY in msia.and budaaakkkk kecik wait for me to come back to bully,cubit,kissing smp merah pipi,ajar leg popping(well she's good at it),sleepover and bla bla.ok lah.too much blabbing.

till then love.

hip hip HOORAYYYYYY:)))))))*wider smile*