Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Can you believe i am straightening my hair tonite for elina's convocation tomorrow?HA HA;p.I definitely want to look good though!
Elina's mum & dad are here.So no excuse to eat all those homecook!everything is tempting now.The sambal sotong & udang waiting...

p/s:yes,thanks to the person who gave me those words.Terima kasih.Really appreciate that!

akmaelinda.19 years old girl.

Monday, 24 November 2008


Yuyu and i was chatting about the bridal shower that we going to held in few years time.Yeah,its a hen nite for us and the girlfriends ter-chenta.The plan is to have the cards printed with wish list of the bride and theme color for the nite will be set.Likewise i choose Pink.hehehe.Sorry Pink taken;p.Yeay!i cant wait for the girlfriends to get married soon.Hence,my mak cik yuyu so excited to plan all this and siap bagi list receptions.Yu,saya doakan awak kawen cepats!im looking forward to c my best girlfriends yuyu,aysha,lala,umi,kema and the rest to tie knot.dah la i will miss syikin's big day next march.i dun want to miss all happy in package session:((

I was in Cork last weekend.a day trip which caused me millions of tears and stressed.Yeah,im still stress until now.Terrible feelings.Had great time at Kinsale,Cork.More pictures?Facebook will do.My emotion is unstable.A mixture all unnecessary feelings that bothering me since then. Really hope Alllah gives me guts to go through all this.Amin Ya Rabbal allamin.

and last Friday,i was invited to my fav ppl marlene birthday party at turks head(excuse the spelling).Marlene's 29th birthday was sweetly organized by her bf.sgt sweeeet pls!ok,the lady in the middle is my another favourite,rosaria.2 chikas who kept my secret of MR F.Happy birthday Marlene sweetie!
oh yea,this video is super sedih and inspired me though..greatest love story and no one can ever sacrifice this much.Its reminds me Papa,a person i would never stop loving him.I miss home.I miss Mama.I wish i can hug them vulnerable and all i need their hugs.

i need some beauty sleep now.haf my finance class and need to do laundry & buy groceries tmrw although i had online groceries shopping.Later then!

Taaa LOVE!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Catching Up

Hey lovies!
over the weekend i was the bz woman and i couldnt careless to update myself here.heh.been so bz catching up with friends and all plus i went movie-ing at blanchard.nothing to share exhausted.Just had a drink at one of the bar near dawson street.Che e',one of newly-found senior back in uitm is going back for good tomorrow..

Fyi, im wasting time too much wit all nonsence stuff now.Currently i have 3 assignments due early next year 2009.another 2 in row tgh tunggu!alot of so need a weekend get away fr dublin.This Christmas i'll be in Dublin which i decided not to go London for boxing day claiming that i have tons of work to do.hahaha.Lets c whether my "IMAN" can tahan!hahahha.Anyhow,i was thinking to go Milan this feb or Paris=>mcm la ader time!But who knows,i kan last min person.

well incase che'e is reading this,All the best in future.Selamat Pengantin Baru:)
We are so going to miss u!

Life is too


Friday, 14 November 2008

A wasted reading week.

I had wasted my reading week though.Too bad cannot kawteem with all the topics im horrible at.haish.Now i feel bad about myself.Guilty coz not being a good daughter.Sorry Pa N Ma:(
Papa had blast birthday high tea at sunway hotel on his birthday and he is battling with final exam today.Good luck pa.

Meantime,do enjoy my weekdays tak der keja activities with friends:)

cik waed who didnt go to work:)

mr tall guy i rindu most.hahhaa.darragh,u wont understand this:)

need some beauty sleep now.exhausted sgt pls.taa then.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cinta hati,PAPA

a PAPA to me and little cousin,Hanis plus the monkey cousins.a loving PAPA who loves me more than the others(cousins)sorry,im the only girl:)).a PAPA who spoilt mama and i.a PAPA who smells like "kedai perfume".a PAPA who plays football and devoted himself into football.MANCHESTER yeay!a PAPA who wears pink and i loved when he wears pink.a PAPA who watches movies at home with me.a PAPA who taught me solat and recite Quran is the best way to live.a cool PAPA i can talk to him.
a PAPA who gives me millions of courage to study hard.a PAPA who told me smoking kills.sorry pa,adik is stubborn.a PAPA who top up my fuel and bising when its already kering within 2 days..a PAPA who studies late up at nite.kalah i!a PAPA who calls me everynow and then because he worried. a PAPA i respected most and none can replace him.
Happy 35th eyhhh 53 rd BIRTHDAY pa:)

adik loves u sgt.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

10 years

Here i am again.Blogging :)

After a while,i found myself lost with my own words.confused what i want in my life today and future.I admit myself always dependent.I cant make my own decision and will turn to family and friends to decide.Even my relationship too which i suppost to decide for own sake.To think back,I started to stand on my own feet when i arrived in Dublin,place i called home for another few years and yet i still cant cook and feed anyone coz i relied on ppl around me to cook.thats sucks..I just have no effort to work things out..again,that makes me so un-favourable to myself.this entry is not cursing me for being like this,but i definitely need self glad,with all the courage,im willingly to try.yes,learning process.its not too late to change.Mama always said"u may not change your beauty outside,but u may change the internally".It makes me realise,i just have to keep on trying regardless how hard it is.Betol tak?In life,what sometimes appears to be the end,is really a new beginning....

What i will be in 1o years time?

I can imagine what i am in 10 years time.I probably not an auditor or accountant who sits on the chair working ass.Working and keep working like both of my parents.They r very workaholic.Im proud of them though and appreciate every penny of their effort,loves and cares.I wish im like papa who only sleeps at 10pm and mama who never stop working to make her life occupied.Seriously im differ from them.I still remember when i was 14,i wanted to be an interior designer.Then i changed to become a lawyer.I used to be very ambitious but always didnt stick to my innitial plan.Sad huh?Well,im saying in 10 years time i want to stay at home to be full time home-maker,spend more time with my both parents,seeing my liltle cousins growing up,make family bond closer than today,tea-ing & cooking with aunties and uncles,shopping and hanging out with friends,gardening with papa,teaching kids and have own business, interior and wedding planner:)

10 years is a long way to go.Insyaallah.Meantime,im praying hard to get my ass to pass with flying colours for my final year to make both Papa and Mama smile on my graduation.Smile=Proud.It is always their dream to see me graduate and this will be the second time after CAT.Thus,Papa will graduate sometime next year and both anak beranak will graduate in the same time.Amin.Its all plan and may Allah will be with us.

Tomorrow another Management Accounting class(my fav subject forever!) and need to submit Irish class after 11 am and yeay,next week is reading week.Looking forward to kawteeem with all subjects i cudnt catch up and outline plan for individual assignments:)

Havent solated yet and need some beauty nappy.Laters!

P/S:excuse my long entry.emo:)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I had very bad flu-ish and fever-ish.went out for halloween but for only few hours and ended stranded at friend's place.Ali was here last weekend.apa-lah lagi,he brought my things which he tak bwk balik malaysia coz he missed his Acap,Fairy and i haf to entertain him last weekend.konons entertaining org london.fuh.we had so much FUN with ali especially making fun of him.well,Acap dragged all those "lame stories when we were in Uitm" which made me suckies all the time.heh;(

Oh yea,im not going for boxing day in london this year coz i have tons of assignment to be ready after christmas.i know i'll missed all those shopping heaven and tinggal one pound during last year's boxing day.heh.i have to "puasa shopping" for one year jer then im DONE!I need to working my butt and luck.Pls pray for me!

Finance class at 3pm.have to do some preparation.WACC is freaking hard to understand.still blur about coupun rate.yada yada.

I purposely didnt read & do my Audit and Tax homework waiting to be done.OMG*in the tone oooo--myyyy---gooood*Dah pandai takot.Hish.