Monday, 29 September 2008

With love,

oh well,the trailer didnt ready to be advertise sorry for the delay but no worries,the RAYA trailer will be uploaded.heh.raya is less than a day.exciting kan?obviously im the one who wont be excited and eager to beraya.the clip mcm tpu jer kan like i cant wait to so not :(

I would like to wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA especially:

My Beloved Papa and Mama.They are the reason i breathe now.The reason why im strong to stay here and apart from them.

My Beloved Uncles and Aunties(Cik yus,Mak Cik Akma,Cik Jah and Ayah Cik),My gang yg ketots(ketots clan-Hasya,Hanis,Azri and Afifi),Cousin Kak Ani and his son, Isaac,Tok,Pak wo,Mak wo Jasmin,Aunt angah,adik,aisyah,haikal,eg,Unc din,Aunt Hakimah,Balqish->too many *waa lehhh weh*

My dearest friends asyha,yuyu,kema,lala,umi,nor,fiza,asma',aida,dang,miera,liyana,shira,shikin and my dearest bff zhafir ,zhafir,hilman,fariz,nisa,zaza,and those org2 giler LONDON.haha:p

My TS Council(smua lah),Juicy yan,Bloggers whom i know,Kawai gang in UMNO and generasi gemilang esp mr berg n zeileen,to all Mustapharaj associates ppl,Uitm friends and dubliners(FAIRY,MARINS,ESAH,WAED,TASHA TAHIR,NATASHA,KIKI,brabazon grls,jervis girls)

to those i forgot to jot the names.i super tired lah.excuse i have full class today.



Sunday, 28 September 2008

Salam Aidilfitri


Tasha,Anis,Elina and I:)

From The Tenterfields,South brown street

We bring you our home-made video clip as card sempena aidilfitri.will upload more trailer.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


i seemed like a goodie to shoe girl when i woke up early this morn on weekend??weekend always be the longest day to have beauty sleep ok!oh well,was so exhausted yday.i did so many things .did some cooking,laundrying and yada yada.yes,after weeks i arrived Dublin i finally have the guts to cook.rajin la pulak kan.nahh, home cook is healthy.

after fin berbuka,i had short chat with papa and mama talking about their raya uncle is going bck to kg today and so aunt on this yr i'l webcamming with my parents only pagi raya likewise but w/o my cousins yg notty:-0.atleast i can nangis in package mohon ampun without anyone teasing me:).hish.mmg byk dosa i nieh.too many.

i managed to bloghopping tgk-tgk friends' blog(advantage of morning wakie wakie).everyone seemed excited to celebrate this eid although fuel price increase and decrease during the year and others.i wish i would give anything up to go home and thats when im the happiest.nah nah.this is final year then i have another 1 year to fin up another level and im DONE after dat.i sound very emotional.excuse it.its just i cannot live w/o my loved ones.i need papa and mama everyday in my brat but i canttttt!!!!Just by staying at home and watching TV with papa&mama is enuf for me to keep smiling.heh.enuf dat ,before i cry mcm org giler i better get going.

bye now.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

breaking it

oh well,

breaking the curiousity of why im keeping myself silence for the past 2 weeks-> lost my lugage on the day i arrived in dublin.left my precious watch given by mama at heatrow(super sedih),my fedex package was stucked at irish custom and bla bla.its really torturing me.dugaan bulan puasa but alhamdulillah everything went well.oh,my class will starts next week.time running super fast and raya is less than a week.

honestly,i dun feel like celebrating eid this year. i probably in the class on the 1st raya and again i hate the feeling raya di perantauan as i possibly cry mcm org giler teresak2 especially when all raya songs being i wish dublin is next to my place=MALAYSIA.(dream on akma!)

these few days,ive been keeping myself occupied bcoz my level of homesick getting worst.the only thing i cud do is webcamming with parents and berjalan2 to friend's place.oh just got back fr jervis place.esah and bun are going back to Msia to celebrate raya tmrw.super jealous pls.its a diff feeling when u go bck for holidays and raya okaaayhhh.hish.i need my family and friends here pls:((

later watching my fav series ever-ever and the city.blogging while watching me,i enjoyed watching it.dramatic okaayhhh.

pssst:im working my butt to adapt facebook yg sometimes pening pls.heh;p


Friday, 19 September 2008

back in Dublin

im already in Dublin last tuesday.will update later when i settle down appropriately.personally i have started to feel the "homesick-ness" coz i would miss the bersahur and solat jemaah with parents,lepaking with friends(breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper),borak with parents ,riding my ride,and so on.

uncle,papa,hanis and mummy dear:)

dearest yuyu and ayun

dearest gombak gang.

bestie aysha and akmar.
i missssssssss EVERYONE.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Sleepless Night

i hardly sleep tonite.maybe im too worried bcoz next week is another chapter of life.Been thinking too i wish im a Minnie.Happy and so content.

Quick update

I am too LAZY boom boom to update.oh well,quick update officially DONE wit my internship on 30aug.incase my senior auditor read this,thanks for the lesson and the cute pink pillow from all of u which i sure bwk balik Dublin.i know,i have few days before balik Dublin and its so hard for me to say bye-bye to my own sweeet home.i surely HOMESICK for another 1year.
Oh yea,i really had superb Ramadhan in KL.1st day wit parents r like RAHMAT that i cudnt say it and bazaar ramadhan?another superb esp Putrajaya and Ttdi plus Melawati and Melati.have to attend(like duth) so many berbuka and had chilis just now with aida,lind and asma'.next stop Planet and wednesday at Crown Princess Hotel.i really have BIG APPETITE for the sake i cnot eat all those feast in a year.well,thats about it.
btw,yuyu and i had our saloon moment(ok yuyu,not blonde moment).had permed my bloody frizzy hair after years.No-no way of getting it straight coz it against my crazy personality.hahaha;p

i'll update later then.i promise.SELAMAT BERPUASA everyone!