Thursday, 19 October 2017

My little man

Sorry this has taken me so long to post. I haven’t had a lot of time for long-format writing ever since I found out I was pregnant in January, exactly one month and a half after I got married. Found out I was 4 weeks pregnant two days before I left for my umrah trip with my husband and my parents. Alhamdulillah. It was really unexpected and I did play futsal that week (Honestly didn't know I was carrying my little one).
Right. So. 9 months being pregnant, I had the most terrible morning sickness ever but still gained almost 28kgs. For God sake, 28 kg gained is hell y'all. I was huge (perhaps now lessen gradually). My hormones changed 360 degrees. I became more grumpier than usual,hot tempered, emotionally disturbed(cried alot) and I had the "i hate my husband and i need my husband now"syndrome. Haha.

Labor! Not nearly so crappy as I expected, y’all. Turns out that all the anxiety, stress, and panic I lovingly tended beforehand were a huge waste of time and energy. Alhamdulillah. Allah has made it easy for me. .
I’ve always had an overwhelming fear of being pregnant and giving birth. For years, I got tunnel hearing whenever I thought about labor especially from my friends. The idea of an epidural was enough to make me put my head between my knees, and even the smell of a hospital made me faint. 
I’ve come to realize that labors are as individual as fingerprints, no two stories are ever the same. My story is a happy one.

Doctor induced me at 2pm on my 39 weeks of pregnancy and my water broke at 6.30pm(bowel time was from 2-6pm coz I had my last mcd after they induced me). At first, they anticipated that I will be wheeled to the labor room the next morning but turns out, it took total of 9hrs from the induction. 
So the drama began right after my water broke  and every 10 minutes I am dancing, lying and leaning on my husband's shoulder ( for millionth of times apologising my wrong doings to him and my parents). That's when you "insaf" and appreciate your mum. So ppl, pls love your mum. Its not an easy job carrying you for 9 months and giving birth.
The nurses wheeled me to the labor room at 7.30pm after my doctor checked that I am 5cm dilated. Contractions were starting to blot me out, and there’s very little break between them. I’m officially keening, and suddenly the idea of a needle in my spine sounds great. I want the epidural, I say. An hour later, anesthetic doctor knocked the door and brought the magic drug.
So yes, I took the epidural. Epidural was magical although the he gave me 80% of dose instead of 100%. I could feel the contraction on my back. My labor room was full with cheerleaders including my husband. Well to be honest, I remember there were 6 of them including my doctor (my gynae is my dad's friend anyway). During the battle, I vividly remember he said "push push je mcm you main futsal"

I was in labor for about two hours and gave birth 10.57PM. There was pain, but for the most part it was manageable (see aforementioned painkillers- epidural the bomb), and it was definitely overshadowed by the joy. The anxiety, the discomforts of pregnancy, the labor–for me, all of it was a fair trade. Babies are awesome. Especially my baby.  Very manja-ish. This was his first picture.

My little precious weight at 3.46kg with 49cm longer. cant define the feeling when the doctor placed him on my chest right after I gave birth. My first word that came out was "Hi sayang".  
Here i am writing as a mom.

So grateful to be given this opportunity. This is the biggest achievement for the year besides being promoted. Hehehe. Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah. I have another 14 days before my pantang is over. Yayyyyy. I miss going to malls and coffee shops.For now, I am resting well for 90 good days before going back to office. I am still trying to fit into my new commitment as a mom, feeding him with my milk and formula milk as well as changing diapers. Thank God my mum is assisting me besides dad and  husband. 
My little man is 1 month old.Time flies, the next thing I know he is one year. Alhamdulillah for this amazing experience and achievement.
till my next post.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Everyday matters

One of the best things that happened in 2016 is to marry my best friend whom i knew since 2011.The old me would never, in a million years, have believed that was possible after went through a lot of heart breaks. Trust me, it was a tough journey to get me there. Will share on the wedding pictures and prep. For now, Happy new year peeps!It's exciting to look forward to the year ahead 2017. May Allah always be with us:)