Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Feelin' Good

Super good until i became crappy tonite.So i fully utilised the webcam! to bed now:)


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Liyana the bestie,

Happy Chinese New Year Lovies!oh well,i celebrated my CNY in the class.pathetic kan?nothing much to update though except i am so excited to skype with Liyana(never did it before)"Babe,we have to do it more often!40 mins worth of talking and webcammie ok.Lagi best if Miera ader kan.We girls sure berjam-jam.Miera,incase u came across this.Please be strong and im always here to lend my shoulder although im miles away".Btw,Im looking forward to fin my next assignment which due in Feb.Plus i am getting my butt away fr Dublin on 6Feb for short hols in Frankfurt.Absolufriinggggly TAK SABAR!

Miera,Liyana and I back in 2007 at Fridays.We Love u Miera!always.

On top that,My Nurul Akmar turned 24th on 26 Jan.She threw another party which made me sooo envy because i couldnt turn up for the 2nd time!Sorry love.I wish Dublin is 2 mins away fr Malaysia!Promise nnt kiter celebrate urs!Happy birthday dear.May Allah always be with you my akma sygs!

my FAB A's.(Aysha and Akmar)


a HUGE hugs to Nazmeen & Tuan Amer for their lovely engagement.I am so delighted to see both of them settling down after years( since 17 kot).Congratulation Meen.Next one i rasa-lah kan is LALAAAAAAAA...oh dearest Aqilah,i cant wait for the annoucement.

well,that's all for now to bed now.ttyl.


Saturday, 24 January 2009

For a while....,

I came across this.Amazed when i listened a lil boy recited Yassin.The tone..Ya Allah,perfect!May Allah always protect us.Alhamdulillah we still alive to treasure beautiful world given by Allah.Lets us take a min to doa' for those in Gaza.Amin.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Pain in the ass

Yes,i am!U have problem with that?


Sunday, 18 January 2009

I miss...,

I miss....,

ecot,my proffesional photograpgher and skool gang who picked my prom dress when were 17.

mimie,my crazy gang since 14.she's married though!

another skool gang who getting married soon,my bestie syikin.

sports gang since 12.two of em married(L-R:mai,syapha,syariza)
si-sengals.being around with her make me "sengals"

the girls,beauty with brain.u know who-lah!

nite life with the babes.imagine,every weekdays nite with em..

ts council.kenduri and lepaking is a must.Meen and Amir getting engaged this week.
kick ass gf.everyweek is wajib futsal.ouch.we r so pinkish,dun we?

the girls who always cherish the friendship.Alhamdulillah still holding on for 6 years:)
the schweeetsss.they r my choco on top of my ice-cream. sleepover wajib pls!

bestie who made me study and passed exams!we shared wedding dreams & shopping.

akmar and aysha.the fab A's=shopping partners.

darling butterflies.

attending weddings with all the pouting around.
i miss thosedays doing this and that.the glory of friendship.alhamdulillah with all the sincerity,we r still holding on.rinduuuuuuuuuuu pls!
p/s:being emo.missing the "life" i used to have.its just fun.missing every bits.
shooooooooooooottt.i hate this!

Monday, 12 January 2009

Umi Kalsom!

I am so PROUD of u dear!U shall say Hello to Uni of Wellington and prepare urself k my darling UMI!Im going to miss yah and so TS Council.I'l surely kumpul duit to visit u dear.oh gosh.who's going to teman i pegi flea market??ahaaaaaaaaa.Gud Luckkkk dearest Umi!i'l pray for u:)


Sunday, 11 January 2009

A lilttle while...,

oh well.

I am too sluggish to update dun i? schedule was very pack this week.i stumbled at home yesterday working on audit assignment with tasha and shah.later at nite heading to suria's hse in city centre for makan2.nothing much this week except i started to be CRAZY HOMESICK again after a lil while.i cried everytime i saw ppl walking with the mother which reminds me Mama.i cried when i saw some pak cik just like Papa.i miss their presence,their harum semerbak smells,their nags,their laughs and every single thing.i can't take this anymore.considering to go home for good after graduating this year but who knows everything has been written by Allah.I just can berdoa to be more stronger.

Despite of missing ma & pa,i was bothered by stupid feelings which cause another tears.yes,i miss him.although i managed to stop myself from replying his sms and pick any of his call,i can feel he's still inside me and tried to ignore him for months just to keep the distance.honestly,im suffered of forgetting him and deleting him in my real life.even if i put extra guts to walk alone,he's still popped in my mind.i have to go through every phase of letting him go alone..u have no idea how horrible every phase i went through.we shared so many things together in 5 years.bitter and sweet..but im hurt throughout years we went through together.

I guess i have gone too much at this point.It takes me 2 years to forget and forgive.Yes yuyu,saya follow kata hati saya.Thank you for telling me not to rush.I understand that and saya sgt proud dgn awak.Congratulation.You got what u really want so much.Im proud to announce Nurul Huda @ Yuyu as Tv presenter yg termuah di hati saya!I luv u so much darling!Good Luck:)

akmaelinda yg sedang vulnerable:(

Sunday, 4 January 2009

You are my life now..

In love with the quote u r my life now .I can't abstain myself to say the word."you r my life now " astonished me after watching TWILIGHT.heh;p
Im starting my new year class tomorrow.Better be goodie then!!Ready to kick ass.
nite love!
p/s: Edward Cullen is the cutest for this week.Pls watch twilight.u gonna love em!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Behind Enron scandal

I was incredibly amazed with Enron scandal which occurred years years ago.Then i came across Time's web page since i need to do some research of the scandal.I asked myself how could 89 years old firm like Andersen involved in the scandal and ended collapsed?It was big issue.Human being actually being keenly desirous.hurm.Is working as an auditor is the right career if i am inordinately desirous of wealth?Hahahaha;pp Aren't auditors supposed to scrutinize the financial report?Hurm let see if i am about to audit like designer's company(LV,Gucci,Micheal kors,Prada) then i'd think twice.hahaha.oh total craps.Behind the Enron scandal,David Duncan was one of the's some article about him.

Mr David Duncan

Duncan, who had overseen Andersen's Enron audit since 1997, was fired Jan. 15 for leading the document-shredding brigade--against company policy, according to official statements. His 15 minutes of fame, though, turned out to be less than five--that's the amount of time it took him to invoke the Fifth Amendment before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee last Thursday. That brief appearance opened the door for the two Andersen executives, C.E. Andrews and Dorsey Baskin Jr., who claimed that they found it "appalling" that he seemed to manage the shredding "in anticipation of a government request for documents." Duncan, a 20-year Andersen veteran, initiated a rapid document-destruction campaign on Oct. 23, they said, the day after the SEC's Enron probe became public, and it lasted until Nov. 9, when Andersen received a subpoena. Duncan told House investigators that he believes officials at Andersen's Chicago headquarters tacitly encouraged shredding as early as September.

its 2 am now.i had bad flu under the duvet.few mins before i collapsed and had sweet dream.Enjoy the weekend lovies!


Friday, 2 January 2009

Toast for 2008 & hey-lo 2009!

Hey-looo 2009!

i shall begin with "syukur" to Allah still breathing and experience world outside which full of is not peachy after all.there were ups down during 2008.1001 welcoming 2009 with new step to walk and wish have better life,health ,dimurah rezeki,panjangkan umur and bless always.2009 is a crucial year for me.Final year duth; year ahead and id like to grasp opportunity to thank those ppl below who contribute alot despite being my support system.Thanks a mil and really appreciate every single bit.Happy new year everyone!

p/s:those i didnt put up the pics,pls forgive new pink laptop ader latest pictures only.the old cd i left at home.sorrrry but i swear u all paling termuah.

jervis girls

retarded hsemates (elina & tasya) who went through kesusahan bersama
fairy whom i owe lots!

and those ppl i spent my summer which means alot:)
hilman and fariz

juicy yan
umno friends
ts council gang!
my best friend since 10,syikin(bride to be)
dearest kema(middle)
pwincess yuyu a goodie bud zaman hiphop-clan
the subangs,kick ass mate hasnor and hafizah
my yayangs shyra:)
the girl with self made skirt-Umi
my darling butterflies Lala.
forever the best ever buddy zhafir
ACCA soulmates Hazlind,aida and Asma'
the 3 stooges i miss most Miera and Liyana
bff,Nur Liyana Othman Tan
the schweeets bestie Aysha Azman

and the most important persons,none can replace,unconditional love,pillar of strength & shoulder to shelter,

loves of my life,


plus my dearest uncles and aunties & cousins.

Thankful for having those incredible ppl and i couldnt ask for more:)