Sunday, 6 December 2015

Little time alone to cope..,

Personally, I enjoy being alone. I take great pleasure in a lot of things that involve spending time by myself, such as reading and writing. It has been awhile since my blog was updated. Too many things happening now  and was extremely busy with my exams preparation and work. I had to juggle both in one time. Honestly I missed writing my blog talking about my work progress and everyday life. 

 Well, one of the most intimidating things about alone time is that you're alone... with your thoughts. Doing things and keeping busy all of the time is a great way to avoid thinking about things (especially things that might be bothering you!), but it really is a great feeling when you pause and listen to your thoughts without distractions. When you embrace what you are thinking and feeling, you can work towards accepting it and dealing with it. While this might not seem like the most fun thing in the whole world, it's really important to take some time to yourself to think about what's going on in your life and how it's affecting you. 

I believe that a moment spent coping is a moment that could be spent living.  Coping is about making it through another day.  Coping is about survival. . 

The purpose of my life is to live with joy.  I have found that when I am in coping mode, joy is impossible in my life.  I lose the ability to find pleasure in all the small things that make life so satisfying. It is a small thing, but for me, merely thinking about challenges in a different way makes them more bearable.  Joy has become the barometer.  When things are terrible, I ask myself whether I am able to enjoy anything in my life.  If the answer is no, I am in survival mode.  This is not the mode I want to be in, unless I am literally fighting to survive. If I find that I am having a hard stretch but there are still things that I can enjoy, then I am living, not coping. 

As much as I like to share my stories of coping, I guess my close friends and family had pampered me well so I can survive in rainy days and taught me how to live with joy.  Rather, they act as life jackets of distraction that float me to the end of another difficult day. .

 Take care of yourself and never stop finding new ways to be happy..