Thursday, 28 June 2007


mimie n bad
miera n i in 2005's convo

i've made a big decision which affected the whole entire plan for my future.i guess its time for me to go practical training in audit firm for like 6mths n cum back to uitm or any private college which offers ACCA.tak tahan la wit the pressure dat uitm has made to us especially to my batch..there r 2 possibilities either to take few papers n training OR practical only.i want to get expose wit audit firm,how hectic n loads work are n gain experience so i may learn here n there.ntah la....experiece can teach us duth!
when i think back how generous n how thankful for wat they(lecturers) have done to us,mmg sgt byk.they pay our fees to ACCA n im proud that i manage to pass my CAT within 1 year with the helps.but when the mgt tukar n stuff,kita di anak tirikan.its unfair.i realised dat they have taken away the privelleges,tak bg chance,n blalalaa.Uitm tetap dihatiku.the moments when i passed my CAT 3 years ago mase at 19,i could c the grins fr the lecturers n mamito+papito.puas giler after struggled for dah lain when i entered ACCA:(((
i now considering to complete my acca outside uitm to gain new environment with the chinese.mix around wit those ppl better than stuck in our own comunity.tak berkembang!meantime,have to seek fr the firms going fr tax or accounts.hope its gonna be interesting n leave me huge impact.
doakan i berjaya!hope so:))).insyaallah.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

my words.

syima's beloved father passed away on monday 25 condolence to the whole family esp her:).i love u strong!

pls give the guts to deal wit my life,people around me n let me choose the best path to lead my life.

i felt so happy+sad + down at this mo.myb coz im getting a new baby n let go my old baby!pathetic kan?its just dat i dun deserve such,i owe u alot!i cant define my feelings now.ntah la..all i wanted to do is to complete my acca,get out fr study life n work,earn money$$$$,buy wateva i want n settle sick of surrounded by envy divvy people.gosh.pls la:(((.

off to bed now.tmrw i need to c pn tg fairuz.nite

Sunday, 24 June 2007


the POWER OF 3 A's(aysha,aqilah & akmar)

the best of friend,liyana
pink ladies
the good old days friends yg bz.
the glory of friendship is the not the outstreched hand nor kindly smile nor joy of is the spiritual inspiration...........
i cant sleep,
foldover sounds tempting at 4am kalu nak gemokk!mari:pppp

Saturday, 23 June 2007

birthdays & books.

someone is turning older tmrw.hahahha.lawak ok.sheerin nisa had her bliss birthday last fridays.i had my 1st meeting wit the gen gemilang commitee this morn.i woke up at 8.30 n sesat plak nak cari umno's ofis.chit chats here n there,get to know sum of them who apparently i dunno n clbting zamri's soon to be gf's birthdays..aaahhh so jealous coz he bg the cuppy cakes which the design is sooo cute! birthday is cominnggg up.papito,i want new hp(mine is too old.i swear),mamito i want new watch..cut the crapz.
lately ive been reading too many novels.bought new one n oso pinjam umi's.nerd kan?i took oppurtunity before i strt wit the new sem.tmrw i'll b going to car boot sale to buy some cheap bookkkksss.i need to read alot coz my english is getting ROTTEN.seriously i need an improvement.cheh.useless nye teacher kumon nie.
im off to bed then.sleeeeeeppppy n need extra rest..
ha.i neeeeddd extra bugss to do next major shopping spree next!ice cream sounds nice.midnite supperrr.yummy.


Thursday, 21 June 2007

Hidayah Comes from ALLAH

sorry for being MIA.been bz wit the holidays.well,i have 1 thing to share which is hidayah.

talking abt hidayah fr ALLAH SWT its something not new to me,ALLAH would never cruel to us...regardless we have done sins which beyond the perintah.ALLAH wants us to solat,ingat pesan NYA n sentiasa berbuat baik sesama insan.berbuat baik sesama insan is the issue fr now as well as aurat.i realised this issue i've been talking is sensitive as it related to me.yes,i admit yg i didnt wear tudung n i have been exposing my aurat.but could u measured my internal by seeing my external???dats my question.Rasullullah memandang semua umatnyer sama cuma amalan kita berbeza.hanya diakhirat bakal menjadi ukuran dan bezanya kita.did i say anything wrong me,one day ALLAh would give taufik n hidayah fr us to change...i always doa dat one day i could change.i feel so sad coz i never tot dat people will look at u as a slut when u dun wear a tudong.

ALLAH always in my heart dats for sure.i rmber one day i went to surau wit asma' the day before we had our finals,there was one kakak wit tudung laboh tegor us coz we put the shoes inside the surau when we perfoming solat.she told us dun put inside bcoz its rumah ALLAH n if our shoes hilang means its not our rezeki.before she left,she told us in very proper manner dat adik2 ni kakak tgk org baik2..there goes one kakak whom i met in uitm n i guess she has been seeing me masok surau without wearing tudong.the point now is not im proud dat i went to surau,but we as HUMANBEING shld never look those yg wear so sexy,jahat n stuff as a really bad person.if u have that thoughts,u must be look at urself.rmber ALLAH sygkan smua hambaNYA.we never know wats cums upon.insyaALLAH,when my time to change arrive ,id be muslimah n anak solehah to my parent who brought me to this world.mendoakan kesejahteraan kedua ibu bapa..AMIN

to a person who read this blog,u shld love me just the way i am.i might not b too perfect but im thankful fr wat ALLAH has given n i believe dat there will always one dayyyyyyyy....only ALLAH knows.i am only 22 years old but I have been through so many things in life so far. All the bittersweet of life. I believe that God is testing me all the while because the best is yet to come. Gods Will. Being optimistic is always the best thing to do.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

my big family..

they r my second home besides mamito n papito.friends mean the world:)

thanks alot to the besties aysha,akmar,aqilah,hilman,fariz,hasnor,hafizah,shakinah,aida,hazlind,zhafir,ashikin,siti asma' n to the rest of u guys,i cant imagine my life without u.

love alot...,

mission almost accomplish.

i had my major shopping n windows today.serious keja giler!i went to bb fr 1pm-8.30 pm smp kena charge parking at lot10 for rm 17.50.mahai kan?but i guess its worth coz i did 3 things today.SGT BLISSSSSSS ok!i was late.kesian syima coz she has to wait for shee,ijan n i+umi smp..then we heading to the food court.i plan to do the belated n advance birthday surprise for shee & syima since both of them clbrting their i told them to pg bli food while i n umi g bli small cake for them..lawak ok coz i bwk the cake wit candle yg dah melt to the max.hahaaa;p.shee n syima surrrrrprisedd!duth.there goes my surprised.happy birthday syima n sheeeee!!dah tua both of u!

after the chats n stuff,we went to mng.we grab this n dat n bla bla but the worst thing,i n shee berebut bag pink.LOL!we loved the sama bag?.i was the one yg so mengada nak dat pink bag whr eventually shee yg took it first.shee who is so sweet sister decided to mengalah n said"tak per la,bagi kat adik.."such a sweet sister kan?the promoter said the pink is the last piece but after like 15 mins,she came to us saying dat the bag is still ader..shee is so handbaggyss FREAK.she bought 3 lum sum.syima n ijan who kononnyer nak tman shopping at the 1st place ended by buying the jeans,top & wallet as well..haahaha.including umi.chewah smua shopping sakan.dats wat we call major shopping for BROKE.besides dat,we siap reserved the bajus..n even borrowed mng's calculator.its splendid getting together-bether. shee is leaving to manchester whr we suppost to go together this september but due to my failure,i have to stay smp pass my law.sob sob:(

then we decided to go sg wang.SERIOUSSS byk brg best n murahhh..its SALEEEE!the dressesssss cantik nak mati.oh god.i couldnt help myself.seriously i blinded myself for a while coz i know im definitely BROKE if i want to buy evthing today..heaven.sounds like jakoon.biasala,person like me yg seldomly go to sg wang bole jadi giler kejaps tgk all the i wish im a MILLIONAIRE...!!the most exciting part was we went to do sticker.its quite expensive whr we actually can print out but since we claimed yg this is the last time we gonna b like this before shee fly,we grab the oppurtunity...its absfrinngly FUN.each of us happened to b own designer for the sticky thingy..sukaaaa!!!well,i got home at 9.30 pm.i escaped fr papito's nagging coz he's not at looking forward to go sg wang lgi wit kak yan n nue if my $$ is available.till then.tired of walking.

tata titi tutu:)

Monday, 18 June 2007

Faces of Me.

i have nothing to do so i decided to upload my old pics when i wore the bracyyyy.sukenyer tthe colors.OMg.nak pkaiii lagi.papa plssssssss...
im doing major window shop tmrw wit shima,shee,umi n ijan.hahha.since the sale start on 21st,so i planned to tgk2 the stuff.u know la wat stuff is.yday i went to accompany mama shopping n pursuade her to but me pair of shoes.at1st she refused wit the reason"byk sgt kasot yg adik blom pkai",but then wit my 10 cents muka she pun kata ok..i grab one leather open pumps in black color.i dunno when i shld i wear it but i know ill find one fine day to wear it.otherwise my mamito will like NO SHOES pls.
oh hair getting frizzy n im so broke to do my hair treatment which cost me the bomb.can any1 pls loan me??hahha; hair dah tak lawa.i miss the curls yg so freshy(poyooo nyer i!)
till then ppl.its oredi 12.30 am.nak tdo coz i need to flw my papito to office then br g window2..
things to do:
1.send my kain to the tailor
2.send my car for vacuming food at night!
4.susun all my shoes in the box my manicure n pedicure.

internet connection sux~~

this few days i have problem to connect my internet connection.slow nak mati dead bored!somebody pls rescueeeee me!hahaha;p

well,the last few days i was hanging out wit my very old skoolfriends.last weekend-sat, we had gath at klcc.technically only for my form5's classmates la-5 uranus:). n they said i makin la aku tembams!so after we had long chat wit the clazzmates,shikin+jep n i heading to chilis mkn fr 2nd time.we had really long chats until 8pm then jump into nailis.Ya Allah byk nyer mkn.capting pics here n there n THEY*my friends* still the same for the 1o years i have known them..mimie was there as well.syafa wit her cute hubby n syikin's loovely bf pun aderrrr +akma dearie.we were blabbing about the kawiin thingy.adoi!smua nak kweeen n im gonna be the spinster la..wait!i nak kwen when all my friends dah ader anak ok?let say anot 6 years?

sunday was father's day.papa was so senyum lebar when he received my gift during the morn after la bodek fr a new hoping to get my new phone on my birthday coz i have waited for it since last year but bcoz he had to pay my xm papers,he refused to give.
*kak pah-syamim-syikin-ainul-me-diana*

*jep-syikin &me!*
*threeeee of us!*

Friday, 15 June 2007

Working capital!

*my lovely girlfwenzies on Akma's party*

Finally i have my own blog after a wit this n that n yada ya yada made me so time constraint to jot any blogs...who to blame?myself la..coz mls sgt nak study and ended last min preparation.okay,my xm has over!yeay...!!i have outlined byk benda n wish list as well since my bufday is coming up.hahhaa;p.
there goes my list: pink hp
2.pair of futsal shoes so devoted into pink's SONY cyber shot
4.nine west hnbgyyyy or liz plsss:p
5.more tops n tops n topsn dressesszie!
6.5 pairs of denim coz my jeans all ketat!*wink*

~So ppl be prepared for my upcoming pwezieess..hahha.till then!~