Thursday, 17 July 2008


thanks for all the smses andthe calls.all the wishes are really appreciated.the thought counts than the gift!lalala.i got my p80 from father & mother,burberry perfume from mother,pink crocs from liyana and lovely wish from blabby cousin,hasya who never wish me before.pfft.oh well,akmaelinda loves this year's birthday more bcoz after all the suffers in Dublin,she came back to Msia to feel the loveliness of her friends and family..kasih and sayang is more needed than material isnt?will update pictures later.
and again,
thanks a mil for all the loves,the cares,the sweets and concern.i am content now:)
another one year ahead and im officially 23.pffft;p

Monday, 14 July 2008

Millions thanks, Papa Mama

I have been abandon my blog did i?millions of sorry.prior to my 1st week doing intern,i was so bz juggling up with audit.i even went for my statutory audit outside the firm on the 2nd day.was a gud experience though!3rd day became more hectic until i decided to escape on friday.*grin*weekends became more tiring too as i accompanied papa went back to his hometown kutip durians early in the that evening hilman's friends and i made a surprised birthday party for him at ktv,ampang.will upload the LAME video of him.too bad he was heartless.those r random pics for Dublin ppl who wonder what im doing now...Do i miss Dublin?yes,a lil bit but im loving each of everyday in Msia with my loved onessss<3333

escaped on Friday to watch Sepi with Aysha.should do it more often dear!

Happy 23rd Birthday my dearest Lala & Umi!
and guess what i got for today,

the p80 that ive been talking about as an advance birthday present from papa and mama:)))

p/s:birthday in 2 days.haish.i realised that the fact im getting older isnt?

Saturday, 5 July 2008


omg.cant believe that im already in Msia for 1 and half week.yeay!so many things i have done.chilling out with friends,family getting together,kenduri(went once jer) and having great time in my own sweet room.eversince i came home,im trying to get in shape back.i put 5 kgs since im in Dublin.dun ask me why!lols.people r complaning that my face so bulat,my butt sebakol and da da working my ass to slim ok.sbr2.gimme 2 months pls!last tue,i had chilis with akma,wed went to lim kok wing with fariz and hilman,thurs i stayed at home(for god sake)my dad bising i always went home late since i balik,friday had TScouncil day out and today went to Sogo with mum and tmrw is another family day.i even tak jumpa liyana,miera n dang sorry babes.will try to make it next week.btw,this MONDAY,im starting my internship at my grand uncle's friend's firm.ok.too long.the medium sized firm is owned by pak wo's friend.innitially i dun have any intention to do any training bcoz i want to spend hols in KL but mum urged me to do so bcoz this sept im in final year plus i dun need to send my call and got it.hopefully i tak blah from the firm like i did before.2 weeks and tros friends all r career woman now.i have to wait them to fin work if nak lepak,so i told myself,tak per la.i should do my INTERN-konon-SHIP la kan!
btw,my birthday is coming up soon.sooon soon.*hint*i figured what is my wish list for this being ungrateful daughter did i?i received two phone andi got new car although my cute lil kelisa was very in good condition but this year,i wish to get this.alaaa,bwh tue.very nice isnt?its not dslr but coolpix p80.lawa kaaaannn?i wish papa read this blog(as if-lah kan).

"i want thisssss!!"

the two whackos

my people,TS council

dearest kema and i!

will update more.till then lovies