Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hello Weekend

"Would you like to spend your life doing what you love to do?" most people would probably respond with a resounding "YES!" But how many of us are actually doing it? How many of us are even trying to do it? Most of us aren't and there's a good reason why we're not: it's hard. Some people are lucky enough to fall into a great opportunity in which their passion can be their career, but for most of us, creating a career based on what we love to do takes hard work and a lot of emotional, financial, and mental effort. 

Just recently, I decided to send out my CV to try my luck in the market.As a Relationship Manager in Corporate Banking for the past 3 years,I was taught and exposed with so many industries which generate income to the bank.To be honest,I am the comfort zone working in my  organization where everything went smooth despite hiccups here there.It' s still manageable.So the 1st interview I went was crap.I was at the most awful me during the interview with CIMB Investment.It wasn't great as much I as I expected.Then,moving on with RHB which at that point of time,OSK Investment was taken over by them.Wrong timing and they were having head counts issue for Corporate Banking division.The Head from RHB was trying good enough to absorb me in.However,it wasn't my luck yet.Month after,I got a call from Standard Chartered for another interview with the HEADS.It went pretty much well.I am happy with the feedbacks.

Pursuing my passion in Corporate Banking wasn't exactly what I thought it would be—and it's so much more work than I had imagined!—but there are those moments when I am so blissfully happy doing what I love, what I feel inspired by, and those moments make every difficult task I have to conquer, every hour of stress and frustration, completely and entirely worth it. Even when it's hard, I'm spending my time doing what I love—and that's something I wish everyone could experience. It takes time, patience, effort, and just a little bit of luck. 

It took a long time for me to get to the point where I was ready to leave my current position and moving to another Bank, but once I took the leap, I am thrilled.It's just its not my luck yet.Everything is still hanging there.After all that, I still want to go after what I love and I know that it's something that really matters to me.Trying and keep on trying.