Monday, 30 June 2008

Being a shoes fettish

i was supposed to go send out my CV for internship but due to my konon jet lag,wasnt able to do awake like hell 12 pm after daddy called me regarding my dentist i woke up.stood up infront TV,checked my phone inbox,went to kitchen grab some chocos,called kema & aunt angah.btw will have a date with kema tmrw!yeay!soooo excited after almost a year..two akmas r so gossips girl.had dinner at kopitiam danau kota just now.i only went to dublin for 10 months and there were so many things had changed.danau kota became more cool just like tmn melati a place where i grew up.smua dah ader.u can have kopitiam,secret recipe,bla bla<-too much.i wish dublin has place to lepak during nite.bosan duth.pubs r full with drunkers!u cant get all those FEAST in dublin.lols.ok,this heaven is only temporary till i go back.well,since i gone,my shoes are all over places.kat bwh katil la,kat depan la,kat dlm la and i didnt manage to gather all.gerams.i wore flip flops to go out nowadays.need my SHOES!!oh yea,will go for mani and pedi probably this wed or thurs and so spa.cant wait then!


Sunday, 29 June 2008

long updates.

i know i've abandoned my blog for 2 weeks and im being very mean here!?heee;p.well,few weeks back,i was bz touring journey started fr Dublin to Leicester then to Birmingham then to Oxford and last stop London.have to juggle up with my flight back to my HOME SWEET HOME on monday 23june which fyi,i baru nak revealthe date now.ha ha.the reason to keep in my pocket to ensure my surprise menjadi.i have made aysha surprised on wednesday 12 hrs after i arrived in msia.thanks to shyma though coz she has done good job esp in acting.ha ha.
was frustrated coz my surprise for fiza and hasnor didnt work out.apparently,hasnor heard that i dah balik from juniors when she sent a group of junior to london on thursday.
dats about plan to surprise lala and umi turned to be on the phone pulak.initially i tot of asking zhafir to ask them out but since everyone is so bz juggling with the jobs and stuff,it changed the suprised on the phone instead of done with all surprises.
im so content now.i have my fam and friends by myside.i can wake up in the morn to c my parents goes to work,i can call my friends when i feel like talking besides i can hang out,grab some coffee with them,i can talk never ending story with my mum,watching tv with my parents,playing dolly with cousins,on the phone almost 24 hrs.
had a lunch at planet 1st day when i touched msia,the next day went for MCd and saloon to get some hair treatment but ended i chopped off my long curly hair(well back to old days),3rd day had dinner at kopitiam taipan with fiza,nor,syikin and is,4th day dinner at fridays,pavillion and brunch at MCD with lind who came down fr seremban plus paka, and today,had mummy-daughter bonding session and had secret recipe.ha schedule very occupied!
everyone seemed complaining my weight.i looked chubby dun i?ha ha.will c how bio langsing work as soon i get it after 10mths of not using anymore.tmrw,i'll be sending my intern's CV at Bank negara and grab some jamus to eat.precautions for raya.hee;p
there r so many things to update.just to makesure that everything has been fit inside this entry.2 weeks of MIA.


i love these ppl so-so muchos!

and this schweeets too.










Monday, 23 June 2008

Last stop

From Dublin to Nottingham to Leicester to Birmingham then to Sheffield and to Oxford Uni and last stop London.okayh,im in London my last stop.currently at Mara Hostel,London.had few girlie shop just now at oxford street.exhausted and there were so many things happening!will update all the pics later.EXCITED for tomorrowwww!!heee;p.sorry for not replying any sms.will catching up soon.

p/s:hello.did someone fr KLANG stalking me?curious who is the STALKER!


and missing F.F.F.F.F.F,Dublin.ha ha.wish F is here!lol.

Friday, 20 June 2008


im currently at sheffield.hahaha.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Jet plane

off to EAST MIDLAND tomorrow.yeayyyyy!

Ta Ta Ti Ti Tu Tu;p


Monday, 16 June 2008

Daddy Means the World

Yesterday was father's day.i spoke to papa a day before early in the morn bcoz i miss him so so much.15mins on the phone means alot bcoz as usual we talked about current family issue.lols.i told him the card smp lmbt and u know lah my late-ness but he didnt mind about dat.yg funny,papa gave me a call on father's day itself.i know he found it very akward bcoz we never miss to celebrate it every year.although papa and i always argued,we love each other more.gadoh tanda syg kan?pa,adik loves u alot.i owe u.thankies for everything and pa,none can replace u.i will always doa for ur health.ok,all those words i inserted in the card.

currently freaking hectic stuff mcm terlebey although i arrived less than a year.can u imagine how hard to move hse.i hate it ok.years ago when i moved hse,it took me few months to settle down.its like 21 years old stuff to be done.fuhhh;p

kak aimy is moving to london too somewhere around end of june.from leinchester to friends back in uitm mostly coming down to london too.kenapa smua london??why not Dublinnnn??

Saturday, 14 June 2008


im moving hse soon but still seeking for the nice hse to fit in.well,im so excited to get away from Dublin.going to east midland next 18june for a week.i did my packing for both holiday and moving hse.yeayyy!!will be doing girlie shopping weekend too in London with kak its like a full package ber-enjoy.

btw,i cannot deny the fact i miss my girls so so many things happen and i cant wait to be back although its like long time to go but who cares?i want to be home.home is where my heart is.besides,i cant wait to indulge myself though.i wanna go manicuring and pedicuring after 10 months being pokai in Dublin.i want to have a spa,herb sauna and massage esp by Nurul at Tini Spa or at Arabic beauty.its marvellous u know.i wanna get my hair done everyday.ha ha; treatment is a must.chop off my long hair and bla bla.

oh yea.i seemed so obsessed abt my figure now.need to tone up ok.omg.since when i become too concern.its being 10 months i didnt feel ol those indulgement.of course becoz living abroad bukan nyer senang unlike some ppl suka suki mengata org "i tot u r high maintenance bitch but end up u r low maintenancce bitch".dats harsh kan?excuse girl,Dublin tak der spa yg cheap and of course i dun afford u Moron.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Stains on my skirt

"pains of LOVE be sweeter far than all other pleasures are"

"when LOVE comes,it comes without,like a perfect wheather"

"the magic of 1st LOVE is our ignorance that it can never end"

"but LOVE is blind and lovers cannot see,the pretty follies that themselves commit"

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Someone has a new love!

my babe has found her happy for u miss hafizah!u go girl!cant wait to c u.u owe me millions of story.oh well,i bet u haf to bring me karting tau!wajib.i miss all thosedays with u.crazy ok.mkn pringles,hotdog rebus,minum MILO,100 plus,gelakkan ur maid,u masok gear 4 where u should masok gear 2,FUTSAL is the main one and the main one is GELAK2.OMG.MISS IT!

love yah!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Happy 24th Birthday Shymaaaa ku syg!i love love u and aysha alot.sedihnyer cudnt join the party at d heaven.....tungguuuu i balikkk okayh?

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Can ur ex be a friend?

im sitting on the couch while watching sex and city's series about ex boyfriend.oh well,sometimes its true that u cant be friend when u broke up with ur ex bcoz its hard to get in the track back.i think its up to the individual to choose their way whether they are comfortable with me,i used to be friend with my ex but i found it very difficult to cope and we tend to talk about past and ended with arguments.complicated isnt?building friendship aint easy if u dun working towards is so learning process!

i wonder does my age is perfect time to tie a knot?i mean can adult like me live in fairy tale where u meet prince charming and get married??fifey told me she's getting married with her love of life,farid after been apart for almost a year.ok,its 10 months long lost friend and team mate,nadiah abdul ghani engaged today,my bestfriend is getting married next year,my gang back in high school half of em married.all i hear is WEDDING't a trend to get married earlier?im unable to answer no idea!

btw,i suddenly miss my hazlind shee though.after she sent me an sms few days back and plus today,i realised that our friendship is getting stronger day by day.i mean long distance wont make ur friendship apart,it grows beautifully.hazlind used to b my classmate back in Uitm. a genius,brilliant,prize winners,pwc,hardworking,passionate,loving and sweetheart to me and shakinah.a friend i always refer to when i have problems in study besides liyana.she's just perfect friend to me when something shit happened to me few years back.linds,i miss u u said,u'll wait me with the hugs,so do i.i cnt wait to be in the circle.u,me and shaq+miss lil aida.i wish u r here.pls come to DUBLIN.tak kisah la amik course apa although u have finished ur ACCA dear.

im lacking of ideaa.nak pack g berjalan nieh.i'll b going to east midland on 18 june.there r so many things to do now besides watching my FAV SATC.


Friday, 6 June 2008

The aunties!

i had a very long talk with my aunt akma has been an ages since i spoke to her.we were talking about so many things including my youngest uncle who is getting married somewhere in july with his fiance who is same age as aunt thanked me for the card i sent to her for mother's problemor aunt,i love u more than the card.u know dat!oh,this uncle is my mum's younger brother who is 3years older than me.well,i dun think im interested to attend the wed though.its just that im not into his wedding or whatsoever related to it.
so today,i called the other aunt,cik jah who closed to me too.she was so excited when i called her. having loveable aunties like cik jah and mak cik akma, make my life is so beautiful.the both aunties means alot to me.i cant wait to c them.there are so many things to catch up once i reach home.i dun need 10 aunties to make smile and being loved,the less is more isnt?the more is merrier but the more mouths become more headache and pains.
after all home is where the heart is.thousand miles away and i cant wait to be backk!!

Thursday, 5 June 2008


Someone got a new COACH handbag though!!OMG.after a long chat with Umi,she told me dat she bought COACH handbag for cheaper price as COACH MALAYSIA had a sale.she got very good price i tell u.Oh darling,i dun afford all those COACH ok.i wear PRIMARK jer.Lols.pls save the handbag until we go celebrate our birthdays,will u?oh well,its only my dream to get those designers bag except sale up to giler2 price,then i will consider.meantime i just browsed around,mengidam all those designs with a sigh**;p
Pink COACH super lawa pls!

pink coach multi charm

Coach Hamptons Patch

Coach Hamptons Weekends

im currently at tasya's new hse in blanchard.the hse mmg lawa and im loving it.oh i want this hse can iiiii?still seeking for new hse to move.probably a small hse which cozy and comfortable to live in.ttyl.nak watch movieeeee online!


Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Happy Birthday Mummy.

A person i loved most,forever and never stop loving her.a person that is like sister to me bcoz i dun have any sisters at home.a person i can tell every single thing.a person i share my feelings,shoes and suka curi her perfumes and lipgloss.a person who always dragged me to go shopping with her.a person i kissed in public and im proud of dat.a person who never failed to give me supports.a person that i went through together when she had breast cancer,went kimo and radiotheraphy.a person who told me "ALLAH nak duga kiter".a person who determined to remove her breast and never felt ashamed of dat.a person i saw her suffered during hard times when she became botak then her hair grew back like a baby.a person who insisted me to go dublin to pursue my studies.a person who surprised me CLK(cute lil kelisa) when i was 19 bcoz i passed my CAT.a person who decided to replace my CLK to Vios bcoz i told her i admired the car so much.a person who always remind me to recite QURAN no matter how bz i am.a person who acts like my fashion adviser and then critics my clothes "ADIK,u looked fat in that".a person who complaint that papa always envy seeing us together.a person who often said"family comes first".a person i miss everyday in my life.a person i watched TV together in her room.a person i promised that one day i will be a better person and the person i placed her on top of my heart,


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Love is a thing!


i finally watched the movie i have been waiting for an ages.loved loved it!its like a dream come true!lols.SEX AND THE CITY is incredibly FAB!honestly im loving each of the scene especially the wadrobes and shoes.oh well,i wish i have the huge wadrobe in few years.amin.ha ha;p.correction to previous entry when i said i like actually like CARRY more and more.the movie get carried away is the fantastic job after all the series i have watched.the book love letters of great men read by CARRY to her MR BIG was the sweetest thing ever.sukaaa la;)

btw,the cinema was freaking HOT.they didnt turn on the air-cond which made me KEPANASAN while watching the movie but since the movie superb,i ignored uncomfy.just before the SATC started bun and esah reminded me not to tdo bcoz im the one who was so excited-la-sgt to watch the movie.haha.thankies jervis girls.puas hati but regret that we didnt doll up like those irish yg beria dressed up konon.ok la esah,kiter simple:)

well,SATC is a must watch in LOVE every single thing in the movie esp CARRY's.despite the fashion,i think SATC taught about friendship.the long last made me miss my girlfriends so much.they were there during my upside down and none can replace them.the COLOR word is so cute.funny lah when they memandai tukar SEX into COLOR.does it make sense?so when do u want to make love,the cute quote will be"LETS COLOR".hahaha.

i better save $$$ to buy dresses,shoes,bags so i cud build my own wadrobe to fit everything.i can sleep with those thing u know.maybe i can share with my mum bcoz she is so shoes fettish mengalah kan i.she has millions of shoes which i sometimes curik to melawa.too bad we shared same size but obviously we dun shared clothes.LOLs.sorry mama.adik didnt mean to perli.oh yea,mum's birthday is on 3rd june.i want to order online flowers so she can get it at her workplace but i think papa will buy her more than flowers.since im coming home soon and her mother's day pwezie dah ader,i'll get her something else.

ok la.i better get going.i need to take shower and sleep well tonite bcoz yday i havent get beauty sleep.i want to continue reading tie knot by sophie kinsella.interesting though.i bought the same book for fairy too on her birthday so she can read before getting married.oops.happy belated my dear year plan to barcelone tetap jadi although lmbt lagi.biasa lah,i bukan kayo!

p/s:im being CARRY now:)