Sunday, 21 February 2010

Global warming

Its snowing again tonite!I never experience snowing during the March because as far as I concern the spring is near the corner.Sheeesssssh,global warming issues. Every where in this world is having unstable weather.

I am leaving to Scotland for a short vacay tomorrow morn.Cross fingers.InsyaAllah.Hopefully the flight is still on.I heard Scotland is -10 degrees.


Thursday, 18 February 2010


Never underestimate your time especially when comes to packing.Goshhh.Time is running out.3 boxes are done and left me another 2 boxes to sort all my things inside.I still can't believe I am leaving a place I called home for the past 3 years.Well,this is what I wanted before.Padan Muka!I have sent my resignation letter to Jenny(my manager) and she was quite frustrated since Elina is leaving the company too.I really loved working with the team but as much as I loved working,I would love to be around my loved ones.

Throughout my 3 years here,I have shopped like no body business until broke.My dad was lecturing me on the phone about my shopping habit.He told me how could student shop lot than those who work?Mama always reminds me to value the money and not to waste.Haha:p.After all,I can't stop myself kan and daddy "dah botak kepala layankan my bad habit".

Last weekend,I had another dinner with the girls and mrs bagak(zils).We celebrated Bun and Mary's belated birthdays.Its going to be the last birthday dinner for this year and InsyaAllah,if I change my mind in future,this wont be the last.Tears streaming down my face when I saw each of the girls read my card I wrote for them.Its a valentine's card anyway.Alhamdulillah I am surrounded with such a wonderful crowds and exchanging taste esp handbags kan!

Anyway,I am going for a short vacation to Scotland visiting some friends there.Daddy sounds not happy im going for a hols before going back.I bet he scared I will miss my flight againnnnnnn:))

Papa,if you are reading this,pls pls pls pls let me go for a very very very short visit.I'll be on time!Promise=)

Till my next post lovies ♥

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

I am not big fan of jewelleries but this ring captured my heart.Its 4.2 carat and princess cut from a look at it.Offered you good price atleast!Hello bling bling diamonds.I am your new best friend:)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The days to come

I always leave my packing last minute.All the shipping boxes are here.Some of them fully filled with 3 years stuff.It's really downhearted to see everything been packed.I have to gather everything including all my pinggan mangkuk,teapot and etc.I don't want to feel regret because this is what I have decided.Deep inside daddy,he always wants me to stay and learn the hurdle of life but I just want to be home although its not permanently since the probation is still on!

So Hello Malaysia in few weeks time.

P/S:I have to keep the date so I can make a surprise to my dearest yayangs.

Aysha,in ur dream la kannnnn:p