Thursday, 30 December 2010

You will have your heart broken and you will break other other's heart or maybe fall in ♥ again.
I will update more lovies:)Meantime my heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to our Harimau Malaya.You guys made our last Friday of the year amazing to spend time with LOVED ONES..
Kindly Regards,

Monday, 6 December 2010


Awal Muharam hass finally arrived,reaching 1432Hijrah and left 1431 with lots of bitter and sweet.My countdown has came to an end.In less than 2 weeks,I am going to hug papa and mama after 42 days been apart.InsyaAllah.Its hard though to be honest.The past few days when they left to perform haj were horrible.I cried,slept with their clothes on their bed and looking at the pictures.Back then,the feeling of leaving them to study abroad was differ,but stepping inside the house where normally both of them are at home was hard to explain.The house is so empty.I seldomly stay at home during the day due to emptiness and too overwhelmed of being HOME ALONE.but lucky me,a good friend of mine Lind has been sweet to accompany me at home although her workload is crazy!Thanks miss Auditor.

1431 left me with bundle of memories.There were so many things incurred in 1431.It started when my long term and distance rship was rocky,.Off late I was worried,panic and broke down.I ended up becoming slimmer than I am.Ok not now.Then I firmly decided to go back for good after being away and left Dublin.which was against my dad’s plan . He emailed me and told how frustrated he was when I told mum im going back. In fact I was hesitated to leave the place I called home for the past few years 2 weeks before my flight.Left Dublin on 1st March 2010.It appears that I was regret with my decision to come back .After all,it has written.Allah has a good plan for me although he tested me with so many things. Throughout the journey of becoming a career woman, everything was sailing smoothly.I was called by Affin Bank,then Cimb,Ambank.However,I opted Affin Bank because they rang me before other banks.I won’t be here without my parent’s doa and also Rina Azliza who told me to send my CV to Affin Bank.

Working life has taken most of my time.The next thing I know my alarm wakes me up at 5 am and off to work at 7 am then comes back at 9pm(minimum).But having my motivation and whole life support,I never complain(scared dad will gives me khutbah how hard he earns money).Syukur Alhamdulillah,hard work paid.Corporate Banking as a start isn’t really frustrating although I was really into Internal Audit as well as Treasury.Corporate atmosphere is perfect and my colleagues are all helpful. 2011 will be crucial year as I have to attempt Chartered Credit Professional then my ACCA.Enough of lingering around without classes,studies well of course,I can hands off from my desktop for study leave kan?Having a dad who push-me-to-the-limit to pursue higher levels,all plans have been summarized .I am back to be a part time student.InsyaAllah.I am so thankful dad never talks about sending me back to Dublin.

Have u heard Ireland recent crisis?I read news where IMF launched Irish rescue mission.It is really heartbreaking to hear the Ireland is facing the crisis. On 22 Nov, 90billion Irish bailout and market thrown into turmoil amid fears.However EU agreed to bail out Ireland for 89billion .Dublin is such a captivating place to be honest and also the people.I miss having coffee at Butlers with my good fellas and also Geraldine.I miss bounded with Irish accent where R is silent like lighter becomes “LIGHER”.I miss everyday shopping and broke.Recent news.snowing is mad in November up till now.Haaaa.sgt best!

The usual crowds I hang out still the same except everyone is busy with their own thingy. Still catching up if the time not collide with each other’s hectic schedule.I feel guilty not to spend more time with good friends since I started my career. Over the weekend since parents are not at home,I spent most of the time with close friends to fill up my time.Trust me, most of them are getting married soon and engaged too.How time flies.Unexplainable feelings.Hahaha;p

This weekend will be fully booked.Tomorrow: date with Dublin girls,Friday with Fatin(my close gym partner and lunchy buddy),Sat YCM meeting at Nikko Hotel and Sunday (Dessert with my girls Lala,Umi,Als,Pijot and Als' sista Nana).So the only time for the week is Wed and Thurs which im scared will end up in the office up till late!Anyhow,next weekend,papa mama tok will be at homeeeeeeeeee!!Yeay!

It’s a long entry I have written so far.Too many info.Pictures can be viewed through facebook and status on Twitter..

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Islam 1432 H.May Allah award us good health to live more longer and experience new things in life.It’s a beautiful life we have now.Cherish it!
My resolutions are still KIV.The previous one haven’t achieved but what matter most is to be anak solehah to Papa and Mama.Amin.

with lots of ♥


Photo to share taken from Netball Tournament recently.Currently active with netball and futsal again..

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Packed all the memories and ready to deliver.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lambaian Kaabah

Alhamdulillah,this year PapaMama together with Tok were called to be Allah's guest in Tanah Suci,Mecca.I am so delighted and syukur after few years of waiting to be called,they were selected by TH this year.

Semoga Allah melindungi them,di panjangkan umur,kesihatan untuk menunaikan Haji yg mabrur.

I miss you Papa Mama:(

39 DAYS and counting...,

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

It's time to move on and get over it.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


The date seems remarkable to everyone today...
Nothing much interesting today.I'm in the office and counting mins to pack and go straight to gym..I really need a good massage,indulging the body,mani and pedi,hair do and most important thing to lose weight.

Urggghhh.I am 5* kgs although everyday I spend my time in the gym.This is unacceptable.All i have to do is.......,

To control my food especially the cholestrol in the fast food.
*come on....*

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

So little time....,

Bestie and her cousin,Datin CC aka Eyzra
Bonzai girlfriends and their fellow friends


I barely realized my blog has been dumped.*Shuussshh*Work has taken over my life and how I myself am in love with work at the moment.Being the newly appointed ARM after 6 months of rotation within the bank has taught me real corporate world.Everyday i learnt new things,meeting new people and of course expanding network.It is like pure satisfaction.Thrufully i am so thankful to be here in corporate banking.My boss to be precised,he is one hell-workaholic-chinese man.He taught me to understand what is corporate,brought me to the meeting,dragged me to site visit while im wearing skirt(which is so not appropriate).He is just one genuine man who boost my motivation level as well as the team members.Besides that,I am now officially gym-freaks.My routine life has changed.I'll be in the gym after working hours until 8 and straight heading home(GYM is for the sake of loosing weight).So the circle will be:-

Sleep,wake up,breakfast,work work work,lunch,work work work,GYM, home sweet home.

There were so many things happened.Raya was incredible.This year the whole family(Mama,Papa& Me) were in blue.1st raya we were in KL and head back to Malacca on the 2nd raya.My nieces all get excited to see me with the camera.They were like went all out to pose here and there.Sheesh,kids are amazing creation.Being the only aunt(who doesn't look older),they treated me as friend.Oh well,it is the secret to look younger tho!

Work has been quite extreme past few weeks, but nonetheless, I'm still adapting.Now i appreciate how my Auditor friends,Banker,Accountants diverge their time to live in this real world.I loveee u all la big time!Although energy is draining,sometimes,u just need to balance with work,relationship and friendship.And sometimes, one thought leads to another, and another, and another two, and it goes on till I almost lose it especially my FUN life!My weekend has been spared for parent.That's it.

Anyway,these couple of weeks I have been attending friend's wedding as well as my long time best dude friend,Zhafir.Yes,he's married to Darsy.Tears streaming on my face when he texted me " I'm about to get married in few hours time.Doakan aku..".Zhafir met his destiny after a long await.Congrats my dearest bestie since 14.

Everyone has been asking my relationship.I must admit being 25 is way harder than 23.Every occasion which related to families,the same question popped,like " bila nak kawen?".Every now and then,I tried to make myself available to date,its just no " jodoh" at the mo.Allah has given me my true happiness which is career.Maybe later for my destiny?:P

On the other hand,bestie(Aysha)is about to engage in 1 month time.I feel honoured to be part of her engagement.We normally on the phone and discuss abt this that especially big matter.Another Aishah also getting married in Feb which us(the girls) are her flowergirls.Material is to be sent to tailor pronto.Besides that,my high school bestie, Shikin, gave birth to Zahra Amanda before Eid.Still can't believe she is a mother now.We were bimbos who tend to yell to each other.Haha.High school memories=)

These are people you can run to when you're stress or even when all you want to do is annoy them in the face and tell them happy stories.Friends and family complete me.I am human.We made mistakes and what is the most important thing is to cherish the friendship.I'm still in searching of perfect shoes ..


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Selamat Berpuasa!

picture taken from star jobs online and jobstreet

Please laugh.Gagagagaga;p .A long hiatus and here I am blogging after months,weeks,days,hours,mins figuring out when i shall start writing again.I haven't got time literally to write.Hello lovies & Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Berpuasa.It has been 12th Ramadhan.The thing I love about Ramadhan is that Sahur,Berbuka and Solat Berjemaah with dad&mum.It's different from other normal days where everyone is so busy to sit on the table and eat together.

So anyway,my final attachment will be finishing next week and im going to be attached to the exact department before raya after went through ups and down during the training.Finally! *Fuh*I am looking forward to experience real job & starts my career.I probably have no time to update this black book in case they send me to frantic department!

It's a great life to be honest. But of course,life begins at 25.So much pressures on "marriage,relationships and future hubby".Too bad no progress eventually.Not at the moment when I tried to erase my past and start my career.

I celebrated my 25th birthday with simplicity.Well,dad bought me a coach handbag while mum; hair steamer so I can DIY at home.Thanks to Yuyu Aziz who made a surprise the day before I turned 25 and Aysha & Marins on the day itself.I really appreciate every single thoughts.Really:)

I have to go now.Laundry bag is waiting to sort.All kelam kabuts now.Btw,my parents are going to perform haj in November.I am going to be home alone.Needless to say,I have to cook on my own:(

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I was on the phone with a friend of mine.I was told my long lost friend said I claimed her name as my best friend?OMiiiigossssshhh.Poor u babe.I know who is my bfff and who is my ordinary friends.I havent talk to you for a long time and how could you say i mentioned ur name as my bff?Look,at this point,i guess u better reality check again.The truth is,I never put u as MY BEST FRIEND.I have list of my beautiful hearts girlfriends who have been my BFF for numbers of years.They were my support system through ups and down.Needless to say,pls grow up.We are no longer in high school and uni life.We are technically an adult.Ya Allah,please reward my friend a best friend she always wanted.Amin.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Will update the blog soon.sorry for the long HIATUS.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

to Tasha with love,

Dear Tasha Tahir,

When u are reading this,I want u to know how thankful I am to have u as my roomie although we have gone through ups and down for the past few years. I still remember when my heart was shattered and everyday u would see me crying on my bed.I was down,lost part of myself,everything was so awful and painful.The thing is,I was demoralized because I had no plan to leave him when he had another person.I just stand still and fight for it.You,Elina and Amy saw me went through hardest part in life and suffered.

Plus I still remember when u never listened the problems arose.U will ended up saying "MA,KAU JANGAN SOMBONG DENGAN ALLAH SANGAT".You hit me at one point.

Yes dear,you got the point there.You taught me to become stronger than I am,to pray to Allah,leave everything to Allah and instilled me a value of loving myself more.

You have no idea how tough I was when I'm about to leave the house,the kitchen,the room and of course all of you especially u.A person who always hard on me.A person who boost motivation level especially when comes to cooking.A person who purposely messed my wardrobe and of course teman ber-coffee Butlers.



Now,I have found what I really want in my life.All those things happened with a good reason.Probably the decision to go back had opened my heart although initially everyone was scared I would burn myself again.I've found what life has offered me.Friends,Family and Career all I have for now and recently,I just found a bit of love who ultimately brings happiness.InsyaAllah,I shall leave it to God

I miss you Tashaaaaa:(

your annoying crybaby ex-roomie

Sunday, 23 May 2010

The only you

You have no idea how it takes to walk through this stage.
To build the platform,to make it happen.
I have spending too much talking about you.
Too much on dreaming and keep on dreaming.
Maybe i shall stop dreaming and keep on moving forward without life-giving.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ignorance is always a bliss..

Sunday, 16 May 2010


I just realised that i haven't blog anything since 9th of April.Weird isn't it?My schedule was pack with training and other stuff.Yea,currently hired by Affin Bank as Management Trainee.Alhamdulillah,my doa was granted.I am walking towards banking line as I planned before.

The first thing I did was to see the operation of banking as my first assignment.All the trainees were assigned to branch to do a report on how branch is operating daily.In another 2 weeks,we will be going to treasury(money market),then islamic banking and yada2.I have 6 months to explore all departments in banking.I'm expecting to finish training in october and will be absorbed.Well,hoping to get into Risk Management or Internal Audit or Islamic Finance dept.

Truthfully speaking,I enjoyed doing banking and guess what!!!,I have to take my ACCA papers by early next year.I was advised by one of the trainer to take the exam.Pfft.No choice!InsyaAllah,i'll be taking islamic exam(INSIF) after finishing ACCA papers.Meantime,i just want to focus on what i'm doing now especially digging out info on Anti Money Laundering Act.I spend most of the time reading all articles related.Oh well,nerdy me!

Life is grand.I experience new things everyday.Bit here and there.Despite all the fun I had everyday,Dublin is always in my heart.I do miss coffee-ing at Butlers,reading novels while drinking,watching strangers,cold weather,colourful leggings,cooking,all the shopping streets,eye-ing on guys(hahahaha;p) and of course,I miss the tenterfields.I miss my dearest housemates and also teman shopping topshop and primark,alyani:((


I'll update more in future.Promise!
bye lovies.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Panic literally

Nearly 12am yesterday,Papa knocked my door.He asked me to get a water for mama.

Me: "why?"

Papa: "your mum couldn't breathe and had chest pain suddenly"

I went panic and grabbed a cup of plain water.Ran straight away to their room.

Mama had chronic chest pain and we rang an ambulance since the condition was really bad.

After half an hour,she slowly breathe like normal but the chest was still in pain.Papa decided to drive her to hospital on his own rather than using ambulance.

We arrived at the hospital around 1am.The on call doctors brought her inside.They did the ACG and blood test just to confirm whether mum had heart attack.Moreover,they used the oxygen to support her breathing.Ya Allah,she was all pale.

At 3.30 am,one of the on call doctor asked papa to come in.Mama's condition was getting stable.He asked us to come back at 6 a.m as they wanted to do another test.Needless to say,I was so worried.I felt guilty of not being a good daughter.

Alhamdulillah,at 7 a.m,Mama was discharged from the hospital.I am so delighted she is getting better by now.You have no idea how awful her condition yesterday.I was scared of loosing her.Seriously,I can't imagine myself without her.I pray to Allah to give her good health and always be with us.Amin.She needs an extra strength to go through all these.

Anyway,the night before,I had a date with Liyana at Bubba.It was really nice to meet her after a while.Lets go out more often ok babe?


I just did major hair-do.Hahaha.I looked like a chinese sesat kan?Excitedly did new hair-do since next week I am going to start my career.Haha;p

Till then Lovies.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pain in the arse

I just hate the fact my dad is so GENEROUS to lend his money to all his nephews and nieces and relatives.Geeeeez,to them everything is so easy..It has brought to my attention everyone has been taking an advantage to daddy.Come on,life requires you to work hard and earn.Why be difficult when a bit of effort you can be impossible??They pissed me off totally.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Reality check

I tried to come up with so many excuses why I didn't blog for so long.Busy!Oh well.Malaysia has been really kidding.Im sweating like a pig and of course the air conditioner is on for 24/7.Life pretty much the same.Contented.Reality has hit me today.I just realised I am back in Malaysia for 4 weeks=)

I love lingering around dad and mum often,watching tv together and of course hanging out -3 of us.Anyways,I managed to *bodek* daddy to buy me new d3000 after trembling his pocket to buy me LV.Recently my cam had problem with shutter.So I took the opportunity to ask him for a new cam.Haha.Mum is going for outstation this friday, so I'll be at home with daddy only.Great,just great.In another words I have to prepare food for him.*flip hair*

Relationship?Everyone has been asking me.Well,lets keep it simple,truth that hurts.I am glad I still have strength inside me to deal with everything.Regardless what happen,life must go on isn't it?Trust me,been betrayed is sucks big time.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Malaysia so far

Even I have to go through the sizzling hot weather,even I have to bear curfew set by my dad since I am back,even I have to switch on air conditioner 24/7,even I am putting on weight,

It's good to be back.

It feels so good to be back home where everything is so sweet .I have my pillar of strength,my loving friends and also my ride.Aha.I barely walk ok and refused to park car jauh2.lols.Surrounded by beautiful and loving girlfriends makes me so lucky!We had so much fun together.After almost a year and a half,I had my love all around especially from Dadddddyyyy.

Career?Still working on it.I had my 1st interview as Management Trainee at Affin Bank HQ last week.Had to do 3 hours of test,public speaking.Sheeesh.It was awful:(.I am still hoping to get job as lecturer.Aha.After all,I leave it to Allah.InsyaAllah,I believe good things will come in future.If my rezeki not in investment bank,I shall proceed to auditing/industrial or going for lecturing.

Literally busy catching up with friends and etc,sending out cvs and all,I haven't got time to update the blog.There were so many things occurred for the past 3 weeks.Oh yea,my face started to have breakouts,my skin tone is getting tanned and my bloody hair is so frizzy.I even went for facial and hair treatment but the outcomes still dissatisfied me!

Despite all that,my bestie,Yuyu finally engaged.Oh my,from small to biggie thing,everything was grand!She did on her own which I really adore.The dress from Rizman Ruzaimi was fab.She looked so stunning and I managed to set my hair okayy!Hehehe;p.Anyways,another friend is getting engaged too in April.This year will be fully occupied with engagements and weddings.I am planning to do my guest list for future engagement and weddings like Yuyu did.I shall finalize it before the big day.Haha.Dream on!

Syikin's tummy is growing when I met her 2 weeks ago.Sheeessh,glad she has no prob with her pregnancy.In case Ijah comes across this,make babies la babe by this year.

I need a beauty sleep now.More pictures dlm FB ok! That's all for now lovies.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Compilation of whole week

Scotland was amazing and freezing.Covered all except Edinburgh and our host were very kind and helpful.Thanks korang.Got back to Dublin on Tuesday,without realising I have so many things to do including packing.Another box was shipped again since there are zillions of things more in the closet.

26thFebruary:Had farewell party at JimmyChung with Montgomery's staff.

27February:Weekend was fully occupied with dinner and such.Kak Aishah and family cooked me delicious soto ayam and Suria & housemates cooked nasi ayam while the ivy girls with various type of food.I am stuffed and bloated.

28February:Last Sunday in Dublin,I had housemates dinner out.We had dinner at Captain America's.

1st March:Monday was the day.The day I left a place called here for the past 3 years.There were blacks and whites,ups and downs.I learnt so many things and 1st March remarkable date as I left place with so many treasures.

Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur,I was surprised.My 2 besties were there.Yuyu and Aysha.I have made a plan to surprise Aysha but apparently,she made it first.She even hide behind my mum when I saw Yuyu standing next to mum.Sheesh.Hilman was there too.I hugged dad after a year of apart.Deep inside me,I still can feel the warm of his hug.Dad was delighted im back although we had arguments on my future.Even he dragged me to his office to see his new room.

Excitedly to be back in Malaysia..Schedules fully occupied until next week.Lunch-eon with Yuyu at Chilis BSC,dinner with family,visiting grandaunt(mak wo jasmin),weekend with the girls(spa perhaps),fitting baju for my bffffff's engagement,catching up with the friends,etc.fuuh.Although the weather is killing me.I relied on the air-conditioner since I arrived.Seriously,the heat is killing my head and spinning.

Blogging from Malaysia officially,

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Global warming

Its snowing again tonite!I never experience snowing during the March because as far as I concern the spring is near the corner.Sheeesssssh,global warming issues. Every where in this world is having unstable weather.

I am leaving to Scotland for a short vacay tomorrow morn.Cross fingers.InsyaAllah.Hopefully the flight is still on.I heard Scotland is -10 degrees.


Thursday, 18 February 2010


Never underestimate your time especially when comes to packing.Goshhh.Time is running out.3 boxes are done and left me another 2 boxes to sort all my things inside.I still can't believe I am leaving a place I called home for the past 3 years.Well,this is what I wanted before.Padan Muka!I have sent my resignation letter to Jenny(my manager) and she was quite frustrated since Elina is leaving the company too.I really loved working with the team but as much as I loved working,I would love to be around my loved ones.

Throughout my 3 years here,I have shopped like no body business until broke.My dad was lecturing me on the phone about my shopping habit.He told me how could student shop lot than those who work?Mama always reminds me to value the money and not to waste.Haha:p.After all,I can't stop myself kan and daddy "dah botak kepala layankan my bad habit".

Last weekend,I had another dinner with the girls and mrs bagak(zils).We celebrated Bun and Mary's belated birthdays.Its going to be the last birthday dinner for this year and InsyaAllah,if I change my mind in future,this wont be the last.Tears streaming down my face when I saw each of the girls read my card I wrote for them.Its a valentine's card anyway.Alhamdulillah I am surrounded with such a wonderful crowds and exchanging taste esp handbags kan!

Anyway,I am going for a short vacation to Scotland visiting some friends there.Daddy sounds not happy im going for a hols before going back.I bet he scared I will miss my flight againnnnnnn:))

Papa,if you are reading this,pls pls pls pls let me go for a very very very short visit.I'll be on time!Promise=)

Till my next post lovies ♥

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

I am not big fan of jewelleries but this ring captured my heart.Its 4.2 carat and princess cut from a look at it.Offered you good price atleast!Hello bling bling diamonds.I am your new best friend:)

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The days to come

I always leave my packing last minute.All the shipping boxes are here.Some of them fully filled with 3 years stuff.It's really downhearted to see everything been packed.I have to gather everything including all my pinggan mangkuk,teapot and etc.I don't want to feel regret because this is what I have decided.Deep inside daddy,he always wants me to stay and learn the hurdle of life but I just want to be home although its not permanently since the probation is still on!

So Hello Malaysia in few weeks time.

P/S:I have to keep the date so I can make a surprise to my dearest yayangs.

Aysha,in ur dream la kannnnn:p

Friday, 29 January 2010

By Tun.

Politik Wang Dalam Umno.

1. Saya mendapat banyak laporan berkenaan dengan politik wang dalam UMNO. Demikianlah keadaan sehingga Dato Seri Dr Rais Yatim mencadang secara sinis supaya jawatan-jawatan Majlis Tertinggi ditender. Dato Seri Shahidan Kassim amat marah dan akan tender sebanyak RM1 untuk Rais. Bila makan cili rasa pedas.

2. Saya diberi tahu wang banyak digunakan. Dahulu cuma ketua pemuda bahagian sahaja dapat. Ini menyebabkan pemegang jawatan lain dalam pergerakan enggan bekerjasama. Sekarang semua mendapat sogokan dan hasilnya amat memuaskan bagi penyogok.

3. Ketua-ketua Bahagian dan ahli jawatankuasa juga dijemput ke Kuala Lumpur untuk berjumpa orang tertentu. Mereka di arah supaya mencalonkan orang-orang tertentu untuk Timbalan Presiden, Naib Presiden dan ahli Majlis Tertinggi. Juga pencalonan Ketua Pemuda. Berkesan atau tidak akan kita lihat daripada pencalonan yang dibuat.

4. Tetapi cawangan dan ahli biasa pun sudah pandai. Mereka menawarkan sokongan mereka jika sekian-sekian banyak dihulur.

5. Mereka yang menang boleh jadi Yang Berhormat, ahli Exco, Menteri, Timbalan Menteri, Setiausaha Parlimen, pengerusi syarikat-syarikat Kerajaan dan juga dapat kontrak berjuta Ringgit.

6. Ahli biasa yang memberi sokongan dengan undi mereka dapat apa? Dengan kesedaran akan soal ini maka penyokong dan pengundi pula berpendapat mereka juga harus dapat nikmat daripada pemberian undi mereka. Maka mereka akan menunggu sogokan sebelum memberi undi mereka.

7. Amalan rasuah dalam UMNO di semua peringkat sudah menjadi buah mulut orang ramai. Mereka jelek dan muak dengan UMNO, orang UMNO dan pemimpin UMNO. Perasaan benci kepada UMNO sebagai parti yang tidak bermoral merebak ke merata-rata tempat.

8. Orang ramai melihat UMNO sebagai parti pimpinan orang-orang yang berkepentingan diri semata-mata. Dari cawangan sehinggalah kepada pucuk pimpinan yang diutamakan ialah jawatan dan peluang memain kuasa dan buat duit apabila memegang jawatan.

9. Dalam pilihanraya umum 2004, rakyat memberi sokongan padu kepada BN. Ini adalah kerana rakyat percaya benar yang kepimpinan baru UMNO dan Barisan Nasional akan menjadi lebih baik daripada yang terdahulu.

10. Antara 2004 dengan 2008 mereka dapat lihat pemerintahan Abdullah dengan rasuah yang berleluasa dan keruntuhan ekonomi. Mereka juga lihat peranan yang dimainkan oleh keluarganya dan kroni mereka dan juga sikap ahli-ahli kabinet. Apa yang mereka lihat meyakinkan mereka bahawa pemerintahan ini tidak baik. Hasilnya ialah keputusan pilihanraya ke-12.

11. Mereka kecewa bahawa Abdullah bukan sahaja tidak membetulkan keadaan tetapi sebaliknya menafikan kekalahan dan penolakan oleh pengundi, termasuk yang terdiri daripada ahli-ahli dan penyokong UMNO dan lain-lain parti komponen.

12. Saya percaya orang ramai amat kecewa melihat mainan wang dalam UMNO sekarang. Wang akan mengalir dengan banyak dan laju semasa dan selepas pencalonan. Rumah terbuka oleh kementerian sedang diadakan dengan menggunakan duit Kementerian. Semasa rumah terbuka kempen untuk pencalonan diadakan.

13. Menjelang pemilihan bulan Mac 2009 lebih banyak lagi acara dan sogokan boleh diadakan. Kemuncak akan tiba apabila wakil ke Mesyuarat Agong tiba di Kuala Lumpur untuk bersidang.

14. Kata orang melihat kepada jawatan-jawatan yang dipertandingkan tiap seorang wakil boleh dapat hingga RM20,000.

15. Ada yang berpendapat tidak apa menerima sogokan tetapi tidak semestinya mengundi penyogok. Jangan percaya iman penerima begitu kuat sehingga tidak merasa terhutang budi. Lagipun duit yang diterima adalah duit haram. Yang menerima akan menanggung dosa.

16. Terimalah. Pedulikan jika semua orang tahu. Apa salahnya. Dosa, dosalah. Tetapi seperti disebut di atas apabila pengundi pilihanraya umum sudah benci dan bosan dengan UMNO mereka akan undi parti lawan untuk kalahkan UMNO. Selepas kalah tidak ada lagi jawatan Perdana Menteri, Menteri dan lain-lain. Tidak akan ada lagi kontrak, AP dan lesen.Tidak akan ada lagi nikmat! Semua pihak akan merana, akan dihina oleh orang. Dan UMNO akan habis riwayatnya. Mereka yang betul-betul sayang kepada UMNO akan kutuk pemimpin dan ahli UMNO.


Isu politik wang dlm UMNO sendiri sudah lama diperkatakan.Sesiapa sahaja yang melibatkan diri dalam politik,segala business tender senang nak dpt as well as student-student abroad nak mintak scholarship although they were not excellent.As long smua ada connection and network,maka senanglah nak dapat.The reason I brought up this issue not because I was frustrated tak dpt scholar jpa ke apa.My main concern is that,sampai bila the issue Politik Wang akan berakhir.Think this way,in another 20 years,peneraju Malaysia definitely us(ok,referring to those who participate in politics).Whenever we came across politic's view,smua org kata kotor.As dirty as it may seem,I think all of these humiliation have to stop.Otherwise our next generation might see the leader incompetent.Everyone wants to use the politic as their step to expand network and business but we have forgotten old folks,poverty people and orphanage who desperately needs a money too.If we want to cater our own needs,how about them?

I was tremendously shocked looking at pemuda-pemudi became gluttonous and extreme in politic.They involved in this area just to earn more money by rasuah etc.So now,what is the solution?Young politicians should have not repeat the same thing.They should clear the issue "POLITIK WANG in future and never utilised the opportunity to lead for their own sake".I presume the future leaders will explore and lead to good way.I personally believed,everyone has their own choice to choose and support which parties they think "the best".

I beg young fresh leaders to take what Tun's word as catalyst.Don't be too extremist and blame everything on current leaders or whatever related.We have to do something about it.By reading at the comments in Tun's,I assumed most of the comments were from young people who speak their mind.Lets us pray the dirty politics wont happen again in future.I would love to see the politic's view as please as it is!Perjuangan belum selesai.Let us harmonize the politics and free from politik wang.Kalau kita dah mati,Allah will not ask how much you have in your bank but He will ask,what have you done to the money.Rezeki seseorang itu telah ditentukan.Usaha yang diberkati lebih afdal.InsyaAllah.

"Its easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world"-Al Franken



Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A piece of plastic

Its just because of Miu Miu,I fall in love.Then I realized,its only a piece of plastic.Pfft.Guilty is a pleasure.And even if I regret to purchase the shades,there's nothing I can do about it.So yes,i can now MEOWWWWWW because of that lousy purple shades.

Meowwwww to Miu Miu.Period.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Hello Lovies!

Weekend was amazing and yet so disgusted.I spent most of the time buying stuff(again) and lingering around city.Bumped into Mary on saturday and went coffee-ing with her.Then heading to Fridays for dinner with the fellas.I didn't join the club after because it was so freezing.Mati ok if balik around 3-ish.Frozen tros plus it has been a while.

So yesterday,went shopping again with Mary.I bought plates,mugs and few stuff.Ger rang me up for a quick coffee and I met her after that.Poor Ger,she told me the reality hasn't hit her.She was really closed to her mum and still feels her mum presence.To Geraldine,be strong!You can always celebrate Mother's day with ur loved ones:)

Besides that,

Mary and Bun are officially 25!Happy Belated Birthday u ols!Syggg sgt.

and also,
my Akma comel is turning 25 on 26th Jan:)

Happy Birthday dear.Love sgt!Lets plan for vacay once im back!


Friday, 22 January 2010


Time to write!

My schedule was literally busy from the beginning of the year.I haven't got time to blog and write innit!Time is running.This whole week,I was fully occupied with this and that!Well of course,sale is almost over!I went mad looking at the discounted items!Imagine all designers on sale up to 70%.Gila ok!I actually trembled my wallet again and went broke!Aha.Totally mad like "tak der hari esok la kan"!

Life has been pretty much the same.Plain old me!Emotionally distracted sometimes which I will ended crying on the phone with daddy & mummy.Missing the girlfriends so much esp Yuyu and Akma who went back couple of weeks ago.So sad!

Anyways,currently the weather is getting better compared to the week and week before.It was freaaaaaking cold.Ya Allah,the snow was really heavy.The road was slippery.Dang.Everywhere was white!I managed to balance myself from slip on icy ground.Scary tau!

Good news I received last weekend was really pleased me.My bgf Syikin sent me an smses which I ended crying.She is pregnant and yes my best friend is carrying a baby,is soon to become a mummy and is going to give a birth iN 7-8 months time.Syukur.I am so happy for u dear bestie.You know I always love u kan!Please take care of urself yang.

Besides that,another bestie is getting ehem ehem.I wish I was there to sort her things out.Alhamdulillah she told me 80% has completed.I miss u terribly:((.You know who u are.

I shall sleep by now,seriously.I do need beauty sleep.Yesterday went crazy in Kildare and so today in city.Everything was massively sale.I'll write more in future.Take care lovies.


p/s:Geraldine's mum died on Monday.May she rest in peace.I am truly sorry for ur loss Ger:(

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I miss the sacarsm and the skype session.It has been 2 weeks since we spoke.I am sorry if u think I have been lying behind ur back.I never intended to lie on u.

Should I give up?

Friday, 1 January 2010

Two -O-Ten

I have been super duper busy off late & haven’t got the time to even literally breathe since my yayangs came over to visit me!Here I am blogging on the 1st day of 2010.Welcome two-O-ten.Syukur Alhamdulillah,I have gotten this far with His blessings.

Happy New Year readers!

It took me an hour to think what to scrib down as a start.There were so many "things"happened during the year of 2009.Too many things to share.Black and White.I pray this year will be a better year than 2009.I must admit 2009 has taught me to learn and experienced intriguing things in life.Allah has given such opportunity for me to take those as part of lesson in life and step forward to move on.

Anyways,I fall asleep during the new years eve.I was so exhausted yesterday and couldn't careless to wait until 12am.Haha.It was heavy snowing in Dublin during the countdown.Lucky Dubliners who went out to celebrate!Sheeesh,Dublin is snowing earlier than i expected.

Since I am entering proper adulthood(im turning 25 for god sake) ,I have added more resolutions since none of my last year's achieved.Ok berangannn;p

-Start my career and develope it.I have to update my cv and plan my next step of working in corporate world.Work hard!

-Spend wisely and start to invest.Atleast I can get the interest and spend for Gucci bag rather than shop till i ultimately drop.Hahaaaa;p

As for now,

Happy new year again to fellows Dollslavida reader.Sending ♥.