Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sex and the city

i am so so excited!i have been waiting for the sex and the city movie coming out is the premiere and planning to go watch it tomorrow with bun.yeay!!ya-bedabedooo!!oh well,i admire the fashion in the series especially miranda's.we look alike arent we?PERASAAAANNN!OMG;P

hurm,i didnt start packing up my things yet didnt manage to fin the book"take a look at me now" by anita bcoz it sucks and i exchange with another books.oh yea,i have complete set of SHOPAHOLIC it though!had finished reading can u keep a secret,on my way to fin ties a knot and i have 4 more by sophie kinsella's.(abroad,baby,sister,dreamworld).tapi,know wat,i tak baca lagi bridesmaid,bad behaviour,the truth will out and book by sarah webb which i bought months ago.buruk perangai kan?tamak like can finish reading cepat while i mmg slow.

im counting days to go no.lama lg 2 months lagi kot.huahahahhaa.i wanna let all the gfs and bfs waiting and wondering when im coming smiling when i read an sms they sent telling me how muchos they miss me so i cud bocorkan my date to pulang.ha ha;-0.there is no no way to tell!i cant wait to c them actually.i just cant..lets count the days till im home ok kawan2??

btw,fairy's burrpday this fri.dier sombong tak nak date dgn i!lols.moving my biggie ass now.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Glory Man U

hello LOVIES!

oh well,i've got back fr manchester last week but due to internet connection,i didnt manage to update the blog;p.the trip sgt BESTTTTT!!the host,deena was super good.she brought me jalan2 and accompanied by a friend of hers,omar who drove baby merc and he drove us all the way.i loved,my dream uni back in msia was Manchester Metropolitan Uni so i got excited to be in Manchester.went crazy shopping in the shop at old trafford bcoz having fanatic MU's Fan daddy and guy friends who giler about MU,so terpaksa la kan.LOLs;p

Deena brought me to Font Bar on the 1st nite which near her place.oh yea,her place is in the city which easy to go for a walk.Old Trafford centre pun lawa ok.the design more into middle east but the food court interior mcm titanic.lawak kan?had lunch 3 diff places thai restaurant,JATI(owned by malaysian) & Nandos(the last time i had kat london).

did i blab too much?i upload some of the pics.cant wait for next trip to leinchester.birm.sheffield and notts.Lalalala.the pics means thousand words isnt?mls nak upload byk2.i'll update the pics if i have time bcoz im moving house in june and have to pack my thingy to go back!

pinky MU's cap;p

dream Uni but ended in Dublin.lols

Deena and Omar

curi-curi amik.

titanic at trafford centre

outside the stadium

in the middle between rooney and whoever the playar name

Glory MAN Uni!

Old Trafford

Deena and i!

Font Bar with deena and strangers menyibok!

ttyl lovies:)

Sunday, 18 May 2008


hey lovies!
im off to Manchester.get-away fr dublin kejaps until wednesday.btw,im travelling alone and deena gonna pick me up at the airport or else im lost-nak-nangis-la kan!well,balik msia lama lagi*hint*.LOls.

missing those ppl alot!cant wait to c em:))

thanks korang!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Handbags Freaks.

Marc Jacobs wallet been in my dream since i saw it at selfridges during boxing day in London.Fairy and nana didnt allow me to buy bcoz its not worth.dat is so true.i went broke in london if i buy dat small thingy.itu pun i left 1 pound in london although didnt buy dat designer's.ha ha.take a look at the wallet.adorable isnt?only dream.dream akma dream;p

Well, I've been admiring LV's speedy monogram mini lin too.super cool for teenagers like me*lol* if its apply for my age lah.haa haaa;p.its only a dream.dream akma dream!i only can see fr outside of pockets only left few euros and no way to buy such an expensive baggie like dat.tak layakkk cost 490 euros(if im not mistaken).

I know i cudnt demand more and only a money,no stable job and no permanet income dat i can i keep all the dreams inside.tak per la.Insyaallah ader rezeki,i'll buy it when i have bunch of monies!
daaa lovies<33

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Picnic-day out

Its wed-nes-dayyyy!so long to go back home.i have picnic with the girls at park although its quite windy but the wheather still awesome at the mo.well,we have fun pic-nic-ing at the park.sempat memcuci mata okayyyh;p

leaning on tasya ;p

fifiey and strawberry:)

myself kekenyagan=SLEEPYHEAD PLS!

the food cooked by em.i only brought junkies!


till then lovies!
oh summer,pls hurry up.i wanna go back.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


A friend of mine,Rizal sent me an email inviting me to his wed on the 1 st June.That's so surprising!Well,i knew him through Umno Camp years ago.This Abg Auditor was very good bro to me.You go Bro!Congrats and im happy for u.My doa for u and ur wifey.So sad cudnt attend his wedding.I always made jokes yg im gonna meet bf during his wed.gonna miss it!ouchhh.

I have been waiting for che in and her beautiful gf,effa to tie knot too.Hopefully their wedding during my holidays so i cud attend smbil menyelam.hahhaa;p."merenyeh" i nieee.Im certainly mencuci mata ok.ha ha.

Yday i went lunch at yamamori with Sun Bin and Tasya.Its classmates luncheon.Had minor shop for cousins and mine too.Today makan lagi yamamori with bun coz of her malas-ness to go work.haish.been eating seafood yaki soba again and again.gemok la i okaayyhhh:))

Nothing to update anyways.i just want to share my happy feelings towards rizal's wedding.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Momma's Day

Sunday 11 May

Happy Mummy's day.Its momma's day but im not there to give her a hug and its sucks coz i cried after i called her the nite i told her the card will received late due to my lambat-ness.she told me papa made her surprised and she got pwezie.jealous nyer:0. Happy Mummy's day mama,mayama,mamito,mum,momma<-i called her few names.adik misses u here.thanks for the love and strength u gave to me.adik loves u alot alot.none can replace counting my days till i go home to hug her,to shop with her,to tell her my never ending story....mama,u r the queen of my heart:).i sent 2 cards to my 2 beloved aunties too.missing them alot bcoz my life is lifeless without them.i love my cik ja and cik akma so so muchos!and to all the mother's out there,HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

i woke up with a grumpy mode after received a call from times,i cud be *moody* under circumstances.i have a great chat with her talking about this and that.thank u dear.i love u sgt.tak puas bercakap dgn u.well,keep the stories smp i balik.and there is no way to find when im coming i said,i nak buat u pengsan seeing me!and lala,sbr la k darl,i'll be back soon.Ya ALLAH i serious rindu u ols.

exams is jalan-jalan activity starts next week.i have no clue wat to current mission is to finish my books.well today,monday is the best time to go get some fresh air at the thinking to melepak at the park while reading.isnt dat cool?we'll c how many pages i manage to finish entah -entah few pages then mencuci mata.ha ha;p

still figuring out what to buy for friends and family for one for mama at BT.ini smua fairy's idea.she bought her mum a bag and hers and ended giving me idea to buy for mama too.probably i'll be buying papa next week after i balik from manchester.thankies fairy for the brilliant idea smp berebot dgn mak cik gemok tua at BT.ader ke nak berebot while u can get a new piece.haish.ppl are so impulsed ok.geram!!bukan nyer lawa then had dinner wit esah,bun and datin marina + fairy at medina.hello datins,we need to do it often the datin's gossips arent we?ha ha;p

im off to take a shower now.i cannot sleep well lagi.need some beauty sleep but the eyes cannot commit.poyo nyer.till then ppl.will update the "TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW".just started reading it today.

till then lovies:))

Friday, 9 May 2008


so long so little time and exam is finally over.although i have few papers which i seriously dissatisfied but all i can do at mo is tawakal.Allah please grant my doa to pass all the papers wit flying colours..well,now im officially MMMMMERRRRDEEEEKAAAAAAAA!

stop.merdeka as in i can escaped from academic books,dragged myself to library which i always spend more time coffeing then study and pening kepala nak study!alasan!oh akma akma.again,thanks alot for all the wishes and im relieved.
i have several books to read.bridesmaid,bad behaviour,take a look at me now and shopaholic sister.current mission okayh besides waiting for the summer sale.on the 19may,will be leaving to manchester to visit deena.heee;p.cant wait!nak jumpa boipren.rooney.ha ha.
balik msia?its a secret.aysha dear,incase u read this,i nak surprise u.biar u terkejotttt and the girls!!ok,will update more.btw,my classmate iskandar is going bck for 5 months.melampau btol.holidays 3 months jer kot..fairy and i surely gonna miss him coz ke-sacarstic-an dier.
ok la..will update later and later:)