Wednesday, 22 February 2012

love vs career

its a dillemma i believed some of you facing took me ages to write hoping this entry will be lesson to learn.but really,how u actually choose between love and career?i would say majority of us are chasing for good life,find opportunities to climb up the ladder and achieve the most highest level.

for most of independent career woman,when opportunities keep knocking at the door,we grab,we commit and we willingly to struggle.what about relationship?love?from the research,people in a relationship tend to be successful due to the fact both are working towards the same goal even their career path differ.

love is certain point career and love walk comparable.if love was trully matter and love is all you need,why bother to juggle with career?pick love over career?it is possible to have both and live a happy and successful life.if your partner willing to work out and compromise,he will be behind the "independent career woman" to support and love you as both compliment each other.

most couple argue over commitment and time to spend with.some men tend to feel insecure and in the end he walk away blaming a result of achieving best in life,you been dumped just because of time?pretty much selfish dont they?how about those who are in long distance relationship which both has own commitment?no one wants to remain single!

in the event of being dumped,an independent career woman shall not fall down and crying over something which is not meant for us.explore what life has to offer,find a guy who ultimately ambitious like you do.think much as you love ur career,your partner gotta love his careertoo!both equivalent and healthy relationship can sort your life in perspective.

for some reason,we need love.having both successful career and perfect love provides more meaningful life...a shoulder to cry, a partner to goofy around..the choice is in our hand.couple should have a good discussion and sort it out together.time is not a big issue.there is always something to chase..therefore,compromise and tolerate!

so what is love?it is a million things which i would never letting it go.neither love nor career is keep the love alive allign together with career,communicate through phone although both are busy even for 2 mins call!absence makes the heart grow fonder.

lastly,for muslim,put a trust in god..he knows whats the best for us;)

have a fab wednesday ladies!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

cupcakes hunting on saturday night ;)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

mrs Brown

had fab time celebrating fathiyah who's getting married with brown at park royal aptmnt suite.the surprise turned good and games we organized were fun!there were supposed to be 7 of us but last min dalia and seth had to go will be more fun if both of them tag along.i had really fun time with the weekend was worth spending!to fathiya and rashid brown,congrats from all of us.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


have a nice weekend lovies!ill update whats happening with my weekend

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Supplementary or Complimentary

To be loved as a supplementary or complimentary?

What does it takes to be loved?

Most people spend whole life time to find out what is the meaning of LOVE and understand how powerful LOVE is...A supplementary to live everyday of your life or to compliment each other?My own definition of love is two perfect love fit in together and the journey starts when both starting to realize that they complete each other in anyway.

Fundamentally,a relationship is a journey to treasure,to cherish every moment as a supplementary of happiness.True love does exist but nothing in this world is meant to be perfect.Some may experienced smooth relationship and end with marriage and some may not.I was never believed true love exist but things happened without realization.

Looking back at my past and old entries,I personally think that it was just a love movie which end in a really tragic way.There are times I wish I can reverse the time and tune back to a proper and smooth sailing cum happy ending.All characters in the movie were only additional actresses.The years of together compliment to the episodes of relationship we hang on.So in the end,we both decided to split and walk separately after juggling with obstacles in the movie.Ironic?It is indeed.It is part and parcel in life.

If you ask me,what is my future plan will be.Will I commit to a relationship?I'll leave it to Allah.In my recent entry,I wrote "let the happiness seek you"..So I let the happiness seek me along the way.I have moved on to realize,there are so many amazing things out there to experience hoping I won't involve myself to any relationship episodes.

Whoever my future is,growing old with you is what I am expecting from you.To build a house full with love is what I desire most and having you as my best friend to color everyday everysecond of my life completes me.Let's cherish the love !



I remember to have pimples and my skin was not flawless 17 years ago.I have been using Clean & Clear,Johnson & Johnson for all my life until I reached 18 years old.Since then,I applied Nivea Loreal and Clinique for everyday use.

In fact,I forbid myself to wear any make up neither foundation nor eyeliner for everyday use to ensure the pimples won't pop out to keep the skin flawless except during the PMS and occasionally make up to functions.I let my face looking pale most of the time.After years of using same toner, moisturizer,I then changed to Biotherm.

I hardly use the toner to be honest.Once,I went to the counter and the Biotherm Consultant told me that my skin is dehydrated.I was panic.So she recommended me the toner and serum to moisturize the skin and avoid dehydration.What I can think of why my skin was dehydrated due to nicotine and caffeine.

But really,age is catching up.As you grow older everyday,skin is going aging too.I can't rely on the same product for length of time.Despite taking vitamins and collagen to keep the skin youthful,I have decided to switch to SK II.I have been using it since September last year and I can see the difference.

I started with the toner and essence for daily use.My skin look more healthier and barely see the wrinkles.2 times a day and no hassles of using it.The skin is more healthier and radiant to be honest without any make up to put on.Of course my panda eyes is still there but I haven't experienced any oily face moment.I shall try the eye cream and serum soon.

I must admit the price is reasonable although its pricey than my current products.I guess,spending on my own skin is worth.The result after almost 6 months of using the product is brilliant and I don't regret it.As much as it cost,the treatment essence I have been used seems work on me.It is highly recommended to all the ladies out there!

Anyways,I miss Dublin days.I miss strolling around the park and all the streets alone with Butler's mocha with me.I miss having mocha everyday with the chill weather.Besides missing shopping,what I miss most is to have calm life and no rush at all.I can sit for almost an hour by the quay and think of my future.

sending hearts to Dublin :)