Tuesday, 31 July 2007


have u ever fear of losing sumthing which is precious?yes i did.i cant stop my mind to think abt it..well,i used to have a fren whom i consider as my best friend.soulmate and sisters coz we have sumthing in common.we share loads fo secrets,we studied together.we slept on the same bed,we chill together,we share things,we succeed on our first qualifacation,we spoke on the phone,we sent an sms and there quite numbers of things we have gone thru.we were like belangkas.too close i must say.roomate,classmate,gossipsmate,soulmate and a person i'd call often.its painful when u lost ur knit friend

at one point when we had arguments,she became sum1 whom i dunno b4.it changed my life tremendously.i became more wiser.i cried coz she did sumthing evil which break my heart.then we slowly separated ourselve and enjoying own life w/o each other.i admitted that she's so special.our boyfriends have same name apparently at that time.i never felt so special to have sum1 like her in my life."a best ever friend"who took care of me.

time changed.when we had cat fights and walked on own path,we then get back as a friend.i might say as a friends.no longer a bestie.i cud feel the diff.too afraid of having her in my life back.somehow,i lil bit feel dat she has given me a gud lesson in life.i do love her as a fren.but to be honest,the deep loves i used to give her when we were close not much now.

we seldom meet,talk,sms and care abt each other.i didnt update abt her n so do her.we r like an old friends.we no longer clbrt our friendship day which happened to be on the day we entered uitm and so valentines.its sounds pathetic but i do believe dat everything which happened now has a gud reason.ALLAH always has the reason fr that.i do miss the gud ol days wit her:)

im grateful dat eventhough i lost her as my very best friend,i have met the wonderful friends.im experiencing a glorious that ALLAH has given.im blessed wit my FAB A's besties(akmar,aysha and aqilah) whom i just knew less than 2 years.diff background and study place.my supporting system(hazlind shee,shakinah,hafizah,hasnor,syima,shee,aida,hasnor,nuha,miera),my old guy bestie zhafir,the brothers to me hilman,fariz and the wangsa gang(the memories remains-syikin.mimie.syapha.jep and ecot too)najihah n azimah.sumtimes,life is not glorious but trust me,regardless whatevr happened..cherish ur family n friends:))

to the gal dat tend to b the best to me,i always doakan u happy wit ur life.
*im too emo at this mo*

Monday, 30 July 2007


i didnt get chance to drive my new carrrrrrrrrrrrr.Tensiiiiion nyer.smua papa conquer and he'll like"fuel,papa yg isi kan?"...duth!bt its-ok-nak-nangis-la-kan.i had flu since yday:((.virusss.

im still catching up abt my studies.kui kui.cant wait to start balik ol over again.2 mths yg boringg but when yeaa?

its 2 am inthemorn but i cant sleeeeeeeep.i haf been thinking alot.my aircond mem-freeze kan saya!sayaaaa blom ngantoks

*akma tak der mood blogging out*

Sunday, 29 July 2007

great weekend!

sorrryyy MIA lg..i have splendid weeeekend everyone!went bbq at ulu yam,starlight movie n oso sleepppppp over wit the A's syg!akmar,aysha!!haaa..had lunch wit aqilah as well.sungggguh best!.im happppyyyy...for now.i couldnt ask more...

Wednesday, 25 July 2007


*can sum1 bring her to my hseee tmrw?i need her by mysideeee pls:((*


i really had very hectic all day.i went to idp wit zamri,had lunch at klcc,jln bershopping etho im BROKE and went to shah alam for the meeting n jmp my dangii.haishhh.tiring ok.but one thing hangin coz the staff @ british council seriously not heplful.damn!i asked u to help me bukan like panjang lebar said we cant give u whole info coz its too long??god!pls la.wats the point u work as customer service moron!*****.period.

i bought myself a very nice pinafore although i told myself im broke,kena save,kena have extra money but seriously cant hold.kiki.oso the nice notes holder fr buffel.cantik tp tatau how effiecient it could help.well,i wish i have zillions of dollar now*repeat*

i will have a nice weekend perhaps!off to bbq and movie and shop lagi*as if*

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

SALE is everywhr!!!

OMg.sale is evwhr.smua ok.9 west 60%.giler babs!topshop,dp n selfridge 50%,zara mark down lagi,CK sale gel,apa lagiiii?almost evthing!i wish i have zillions of dollar.for real ok!feel like rompaking the bank.LOL**crappy nyer.shee pesan"dun shopping babe,nnt nak pkai byk duit n kena convince ur parents lagi....".im turning crazyyyy babe!serious.konon nak stop kan diri for a while but i serious cant.the tops,the bla bla.handbg la,kasot la,watch la.haishhh;((.!!
sbr akma,sbrrrrrrrr..grrrrrrrrr

akmanakshoppinggilertptakderduit BLOGGING OUT!

Sunday, 22 July 2007



Saturday, 21 July 2007


hey peeps few days back i was so hectic wit my class.class=KUMON.teaching the kids.LOL.teaching is not easy ok.now i realised dat our teacher susah gels to raise us as their student.huhuhu;p.i got back quite late at 11 pm.after performed solat n stuf,I SNOOZED.zzzzz.
so i decided to stay at home today as i have no time on wkdays.browsing here n there on the internet.tgk mana yg patot especially studies oppurtunities.whateva it is 20aug is the big day.papa went to the wedding at sheraton today as the bride is his fren's niece.when he got back,dh start la his nagging abt my decision to change my course.he met this one guy named danial at the wed who claimed he finished his deg acc in ozie n said UK is too expensive if want to pursue thr.he happened to b the bride's classmate n now work at UEM.hahha.apakah my motif to crite abt him?NO POINT.but the exact point is he was convincing my dad dat study in ozie much more cheaper.interms of currency yea but the cost=SAMA JER!ntah sapa danial pun i have no idea.
ok la.i put up sum of the pics on my birthday,the gift,cake and oso keBORINGAN akmaelinda.

*omg im oredi 22....tua nyerrrr!*

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

a day out.

well,im done wit my break for this sem fr july to dec.my application to do finance have been submitted as well.waiting fr the dec intake.cant decide anything meantime.mama asked me to check for the shortest degree i might do.ozie n dublin r the options but as i mentioned,only this aug 20 can decide.went out wit aysha who sweetly jump over to kl.we had our lunch at italiannies.spg meantballs sedap amat n the bread pudding very tempting but we lack of time coz we were rushing to mariana's prod.then we heading to uniten to meet up akma.sent off aysha to komuter n mamam lagi at F1.today im quite SERABOTS wit so many things..have to juggle up wit my studies,interviews and bla bla.miss my internship test today ay british msian tobacco coz i dun have any info abt the company.all i want to FINISH UP MY STUDIES n work appropriately!!
the lesson dat i learnt fr the things happened is dat,WHATEVER U WANT IN UR LIFE,DO IT WIT PASSIONATE.....:))

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

love love it~

i love the burrpday gift from those who came..sgt sweet pls.thanks alot again.syima n aslam for the surprise cake & fluffy pink album,hilman for the humongous hamster and card,aysha n akmar for the lovely flowers,meen for the frame n cute lil bear.zam for the bear,fiza for the cuddling PPG pillow,nor for the frame,lyana for the top &shaq linds aida for the pair of shoes...sgt terharu:)

THANKS ALOT dearest:)

Sunday, 15 July 2007

im old enuff to blow the candle:))


u ols,im officially 22 on 16 july...hahhaa;p.i received an advance pwezie fr my aunt last nite and papa gave me new hp finally...i wanted sony ericson pinkish or v3x pink badly but ended he bought me nokia 6288...wat a lovely.he said im old enufff to devote myself into PINK.amboiii statement dier.;p.ok lets put it this way,im crazy abt pink tp tak la secrazy my fwen,shee.hheheh.she's into pinnnkkk gels!mama promised me to bring me fr shopping.super sweet bonda dan ayahanda.but the sedih's part would be when mama kata after this no more being plAYFUL coz i have grown up.kena complete my studies,get a double degree insyaALLAH.i hope so...

im grateful to have wonderful family and friends who always being by myside thru ups n downs.ALHAMDULILLAH.all i wish on my burpday is keredhaan dr ALLAH,kebahagiaan and MURAH REZEKI...thankiess for all the wished i received...im lucid to have u ols in my life.

akma blogging out on her 22nd burppday at 12.55am.


Saturday, 14 July 2007



just got back fr melaka.testing keta baru la konon.serious i have no feelings at the mo.btw,i n the parents went for a lunch at papa's fren's place.ya rabbi.serious cute gels his cucu named puteri azarina.english punyer la excellent n comelsss.we even talked abt mcd,kfc n those fast food.she's only 4 yrs old..as im leaving she hugged me.amat la sedih coz she actually going to LA next week as her datuk said puteri has to follow her parents for 1 year..haishh.i want new adik!can i???

till then.toodless!!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

happy birthday UMieee


*we sure gonna catch up our birthdays k.love...*

Sunday, 8 July 2007

i'm stressed.. boohoo!

weekend is bored to death when u have nothing to do if u r not feeling well.i woke up like 9am and had stomach ache like hell.so i ate banana to relief the pain n tdo balik..zzzzzz.i woke up back around 3pm as my parents got back fr the wedding.adoi.kena bebel la.then they were discussing abt my new car which cming up soon.i have no perasaan at this mo to be honest.not bcoz i nak show off or wat but i feel like there is hole n emptiness.my result is coming out soon later by 23 aug.my decision to switch course is still on my mind n scared of the word FAIL lagi.well,tmrw morn i'll b meeting head of ACCA in itm,then c the dean of acc as well as the dean of biz skool.ntahh la.i haf been doing my ACCA for 3years n still tak complete.i guess itulah padahnyer when u being playfull n not focusing at all.MALUsss like crazeee ok.did my CAT for 1 year but ACCA for 6years.hell NO.grow up AKMAAAAA..u shld have put linds n aida as ur example n aspiration.!!hell wit the shopping activities,gossips n chits chats which cost u failing!YA ALLAH,pls give me the guts to carry on my decision.my major plan is to complete my degree in finance together wit ACCA in one time.i probably have to take the degree back for 3 years coz i wasnt taking local diploma so thr's no exemption.having CAT which similar to diploma doesnt make any diff.diploma in uitm n CAT lain.so once u step into proff's course u cant turn back.i know it sounds so pathetic but i ruined it so i need to fix evthing.i want to be successful woman for mamito n papito proud of.ACCA is not the matter of how genious u r but how hardworking u put into it.liyana is graduating in oth 2sems.i haf 7 papers to complete n im not sure whn its going to b.papa is retired soon like 4 years.and i x mo burden him to pay for my ACCA fess which is cost like bomb.stresssssss ok!im not in the good mood,i had really bad day wit bad hair,i think alot n i want to sharee my very bad day wit u ols.after all this is my blog.
omg.why im letting of such oppurtunity to study in ACCA?why i always being playful?why cant i be smarter n hardworking like my friends did?and now i have to take degree which need me to spend 3years more.im the one who must bear for wat i ruined.im such A LOSER.mama,papa,sorry for being a useless daughter.i promise dat one day,i'll prove to u dat im going to b AN ACCOUNTANT.my current course ACCA is a gud start to be proffesional accountant as the paper is set by examiner fr UK.mostly chinese(referring to msia)took this paper as we know chinese is BRILLIANT.but org melayu nowadays took this paper as well.look at dato khalid,dato johan fr pwc,tnb's press=smua melayu.anak melayu nowadays smua pandai but y cant i be like them.i always admired dato zeti akhtar.she's a gud example.i guess their lifestyle surely not like ME.i had too much fun-not partying.,i had too much time wasted and i had too much time thinking of irrelevant things.so ppl,be passionate for wateva u do.ALLAH always help us.
doakan i pass all papers n back to ACCA and do my degree in finance so i can get double degree.insyallah.

Saturday, 7 July 2007


sorry for being MIA.been bz wit my thingy.byk sgt hal:p.well,its like few days to my lovely umi n lala's bufday.not to forget an old buddy,fairuz sheiza.and aso MUA!!gosh.im turning 22 on the 16.kiki.suka nyer saya tp dah tuaaa!btw,im in consideration to switch course fr doing ACCA to degree in finance.not to leave ACCA behind its just i want the degree to be laid back n still doing ACCA part time.sounds giler but i guess life kena move on!oh yea,anot few days,im loosing my miss kelly.the one i drive evday:((.sgt sedih coz i have alot of memories wit miss kelly.kelly,ill always love u no matter wat!tq mama fr the gift.n papa for the new friend u r giving.
fyi,this few days i went to work out.chewah:0.3 times a week to back in shape.hahha.hopefully it worth of doing it.in few mths before puasa i wish to lost 5 kgs to make me 50.then 49.hahha.tmrw i'll be working out as well.CF sgt ok.how i wish i have zillions to pay the fees.
till then!