Friday, 30 November 2007


*MY BLOG IS TOO melerets.omg.i found it very boring-lah.*


sorry fr being chipsmore;p.been so bz mezzy to update my so into assignment at this i had feverish since saturday.tatau la influence by who but nana n is dah berjangkit dgn i.sorry guys!well,1000 words to group mate worked hard towards it besides my 1st ever assignment to do lah.

will update more soon.

btw,i just realised dat im a dork person.justify dork.=LATER LAH.


gud luck to ol my dearest friends yg sbok nak free for now to study those ACCA.hahah.well,im sure u guys dah well prepared kan?ol the best.

p/s:nak studyyyyyy di 14 jugak.LOL.uitm di hatikuuuuu!boo.tpu gels;))

Thursday, 22 November 2007

thousand miles away.

first n foremost,

i had an interview this evening at TKMAX.received a call fr the person in charged.haish.due to bad memory,i forgot her name.well,it went well.not sure i want to work part time during the christmas or not coz i'll b going to london wit fairy & nana..

yday,my routine*as usual* webcamming & chatting wit papa n content again.papa asked me to book early tix to go back.yes.going back next summer.yeay!its a must.but in consideration to do practical after my xm.i'll b bck by july/ touched when papa told me to take care of myself as his lil girl is miles away n never forget to perform solat.yes papa,will do insyaallah. back to my subject matter(now i look like a law's student plak),i really wanna go home.i miss my comfy bed,my purplish room*done by hilman*,my cuddling bear2,anak patung saya sekalian n my ride n my dearest super duper friends.shoottt*miera dropped cment saying her calling list has been reduced.i miss to speak wit u babe n the rest..u girls have no idea how my days were when u guys not around.fiza ajakkk g pd later when im back.haaa.i nak itots.

i wonder why im still cant adapt wit my new environment.susah ke?i have fairy n nana.i have my hsemates although i dunno them before.myb im too spoilt in msia.i surrouded by family n friends.biler im all alone,i became far as i concern,im a flexible person.but alhamdulillah,im learning everyday.i learn to wake up on my own,cook*grins*,independent,patience,deal wit own problem w/o rushing to mama&friends,more stronger n remember Allah everyday in mylife as i need the guts to in overseas away fr ur loved ones,will teach how vulnerable life is...

i remember when i spoke to kak ayu before she left uitm to work wit golden hope.her dad died a year ago n she has to handle everything at home.i looked her as a stronger woman.a person who deal wit her problems inccured in her life without giving up.she told me,"akma,if u tak go thru ol dis,u wont taste how vulnerable life is...".well kak ayu,u r absolutely is pain but w/o pain,u wont feel the sweet.there r times smua nyer manis belaka,n there r times,u wish u r dead coz susah hidup nie.ok.cut it.after ol,smua ni obstacles fr Allah swt.

i shall begin with a wide smile now.i want to start a new life in dublin.dats my promise.eventhough is tough,i'll try my level best.sorry if this blog have offended sum parties.i shouldnt keep on missing msian friends everyday.they r still my bestest ones.but my new friends in dublin baik-baik belaka.u guys chill me up always..thanks for giving me a space to b in the this mo,friends r the best place to shelter.

i rase cm such a warm n frizzy feelings rite time have been occupied wit classes n upcoming assignment.tak der time nak update friendster.neither myspace nor facebook tidak terlayan.very hectic mcm org keja.hahha.liar!fyi,dublin is getting fav things to do is uncle even teased me yg i dah bulats.whaaaaaaattt?jamu pls! mmg tak bole menipu.hate it so much!

i'll post another blog later.blogging out fr dawson hse*sounds like tv presenter plak* at 8.10pm dublin time..will do insyaallah.


Tuesday, 20 November 2007

i still remember NOVEMBER

november 2006. random.a dedication to a friend of mine.

the one i met as a fren.the one who told me to take care of myself.the one who fetch me and asked me to park my car in hostel.the one who brought medicine when i had headache.the one who washed dishes at my hse.the one who baked me strawberry cheese cake.the one who listened to my advise.the one i share my past.the one who's on my side when his friends make fun of me.the one who sent me to my friend's place n pick me up when it was raining.the one who brought my books.the one who has hidden smile.the one who lepak infront of kolej seroja in the car.the one who gave me flower.the one who wore same colour during his open hse.the one who took me out for breakfast.the one who companied me at 14 studying.the one who read me his own poem.the one who watched me behind when nuha bwk scooter.the one who refused to b a fren again when i told him i cant.the one who yelled to me why cant i understand u.the one who dedicated samson's song bukan lah diriku to me during our last paper last june.the one who nor n i made suprised to him on his birthday n he just said thanks.the one i waited his call n sms on my birthday.the one i couldnt say gud bye before i left.the one dat passed his papers.the one i miss so much as a fren.

hope u doing well there.i still remember what had happened btw us in november.

Monday, 19 November 2007

journal for today

i went to the book store.after ol terlepas lah rase rindu to sit at the book shop reading for FREE.hahahha; favourite place would b MPH n Kino.i loved sitting while reading for free.books is fun esp fictions n self improvement.sungguh tak terkata.i wantttt my booksss kat msia pls.

i read abt setting ur own goal wit lil approach.its gud ok.cant recall who is the author but she is lady.i now write my lil goal n try to achieve it.chewahh.well,the book said,u have to set ur goal in rship,careers,studies,friends n family plus ur self.basicallly its gud coz withour goal,ur life wont be meaningful.i then took another book abt love.hahahha.booo.suka la dis phrase

"love is sweet".ok,then took another book abt 2 lipstics n lover.sgtlah tempting.tot of buying it but no way coz i havent finish my Law n Mgt books.tak khatam lagi.boooo.

last weekend,i slept at fairy's place(as usual) n at bun,mar,esoh,shee's place in jervis.heee.suka sleepover nieh.hehehe.thanks to jervis ppl.sgt time wat pyjamas party!

i cant wait to go london.tak der duit pun.but really hope can get part time job.hahaha.CV pun tak update.

till then.
been missing the BFF.i miss u liyana,aysha,lala,kema,ekin,shyma,nor,ijah,asma',si gediks nuha,linds,shaq,n my best guys hilman,fariz,zhafir dan sekalian lah.i miss u all.nakk balikkk..!!


i was taught to b well mannered coz im a proper person.i dun burp in public except among my friends,fart and as well as calling ppl such as oi,woi,hoi n without saying excuse me to strangers.well,atleast i have a gud times when ppl called u such oi,except ur loved ones,,u would mad coz hell,why is this fella being kinda pissed off..we are malays.we learnt to be polite.its a must.unlike english man or any other pls show sum respect to calling ppl oi or WITHOUT SAYING excuse me,is absolutely rude n no courtesy.period.

sakit hati.

Friday, 16 November 2007


gerams pipi hanis!

big fan of mine,hasya!

the ketots before being 4

im happy to webcamming plus chatting wit papa n mama! relief.i dunno y but feel like our distance so dekaaaatttssssss.i told evthing to mama.from A-Z.updating her for last week n this week' content!smua mendaaa dah luah.hahha.mama is my bestest listener.papa is my bestest jealous coz they'll b out of town for holidays wit my ketos cousins n loving aunties n uncles +tok:((.nakkk ikot pls!my 4 munchkins membesaq. those ketots has grown up so future hanis will tag into the annoying group in another 12months..nak pulanggggg spend time wit them!!Ya ALLAh,panjangkan umur kami tok ketemu....amin.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

current obsession?

biarlah rahsiaaaaa.....


winter is not my fav!

pimples is pain!

i need a hair spa!

tembams.bum bum

double chin is horror


4.I COULDNT fit 5 pair of jeans.DATS AWFUL!
9.I WAS FORCED TO FALL IN LOVE WIT assignment must b submitted soon


Wednesday, 14 November 2007

cinta hati ku!

papa has same passion wit me=taking picazzz.

ur loving stubborn lil gal,

two things here!

its being an ages i didnt update my blog.

my nana nono.whr's fairy?

suria n yana's convo getting FAT.i hate winter obviously.ignore my so -gerams tembams cheeks.can u?will update latest kegemokan.period
2.bermanja sama nana n fairy.hahahahha;p*im their adopted guest ok!*n sedang hangat bercinta!OMG.cinta dgn buku MGT ku yg tercinta sama NANA ku...we had our open hse last saturday.had blast coz i helped nana tho i cant cook.fairy n i suka kena kan nana.aha.


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

powerpuff girls!

my soon to be cheer leader FARA,doctor to be TRISYA & BABY!
BABY MARSHA.che putih!

adorable alisya,fara n marsha
the ppg's last raya's crazy session.
leader:ME!their bubbly aunt:)

along misses u girls!! forever power puff girls gang.u girls dah grownnn up!


i spent my last weekend at brayyyy.....tapi still nakkk balikkkk msia.i wanna go trganu.trg way way better than bray's shit evwhere.well,i haf started to do my assignments.

liyana incase u r reading dis,

i just started to do my 1st ever assignment.its kinda pack.very hectic in order to prepare ol dis.i haf to simplify ol the words.totally diff fr acca papers.atleast im experiencing new papers here.i know u guys dah start trial.hope u do ur level best.i wanna strike for the best.i pray for u here.kan best if both r here n do same papers like we used to.CAT was the best kan?i miss our study together bether ok.u r my best sifu.u often remind me apa yg i slalu lupa,made me card,buat formula fr me n the best part,u r my best study partner.haishh.thosedays was bestest,i tersenyum lebar reading ur sms.u know wat,u will always be in my heart forever as my best ever friend!gud luck babe in ur upcoming exam:)

my dearest lala n umi,

im not sure whether u girls r reading dis or software engineer n my soon to be teacher r bz.i know;p.if u girls happened to drop by my blog,i just want to let u know dat I MISS U OL so muchossssssss.sometimes its funny ok when i teringat u both.lala wit her sweet dimple smile n umi wit her bottle n book in handbg.u girls r the best ever!!im going to london next month.not to shop coz im BROKE ok.maybe for a tour jer.but doakan i ader extra penny tok shop til i drop..i just cant wait to hang out wit u girls again.nak g flea market,shopping mopping n wanna hugss kuat2 coz its being like 2 months.hahha.arhh.7 months to go..!!