Friday, 26 December 2008

Xmas update!

I have been eating like mad on christmas.aaaargh,there goes my diet.imagine i have 2 houses in row to attend the dinner.had potluck at jervis house which served whole chicken,mashed potatoes,bolognese and dumpling.then at clanbee i had lasagna,bihun soto and ketupat.burrrpp.i am full though!well,im fasting to shop in london for boxing day this year.papa and mama didnt allow me to go i guess tmrw im only fooling around in Dublin on boxing day.window here and there.ha ha;p



more pictures,facebook okayh?im off to watch goodie movies on tv.heading to fairy's place lil bit late.need to webcam-mie with papa and mama!
Merry xmas and Happy new year lovies!Awal Muharam in few days,hope new islamic year brings prosperious and bless:)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Birthday with Love,

HAppppy Birthday my dear Aysha

yeah,my bestie turned 24th today.She had lovely dinner with the boyfie at PNB.okk sungguh sweet pls.Wish u all the best in future yayangs!May Allah be with u always.I RINDU alot!
and i tau ur appetite dah besaq,so pls keep it up!u looked cute TEMBAM!

your annoying bestie:)
p/s:pic sent fr aysha after had sweeeet dinner:)

Friday, 19 December 2008


Despite of skipping class this morn,im excited to have long break which only 2 weeks and spend more time reading school books.Excuse for being geek but i really need to revise for the past 3 months chapters.A definite,must and compulsory.Insyaallah.

Pian has safely arrived last nite.Acap and i picked him up at the airport.We waited him for an hour before he went out from the bluddy door.Hish.Went back to Acap's place and played cards until 2 am.That is the reason i "ponteng" my fav classes today.I felt very bad.Blame Pian for all those!heh;p

Aysha's birthday is coming up.Sedihnyer i can't be there to surprise her(this is 2nd year!) but im happy the fact she and her beloved Khaidyr r content together.No words can define her happiness now:))

Btw,i miss Liyana so muchos.Babe!im not sure whether u have time to read this,i RINDU u yg teramat.infact i have letter FOR u but i keep it until Vday to send with the card.Wonder what r u doing now:(

I better get going.Tax tutorial at 2pm.I have to catch up the 2 hours class just now.Tonite i have class mengaji at clanbee with Cikgu Din.Oh well,have to brush up baca Quran.Plus Din used to teach org mengaji back in Malaysia.

Happy Friday lovies!
Taaa =D

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Can't wait!

Pian is coming down fr london tmrw!i seriously can't wait.i know he misses acap and i!lols.kesian dier.ali pegi dublin tak ajak here he comes!hehehe.a crazy friend i ever have!miera,if u r reading this,remember the nite we both went out with ali,pian,fiq and aus.u guys wasted!hahahaha;p

oh well last weekend,fairy's good friend pie' came all the way fr sheffield to visit us.had great time entertaining him.oh yea.elina has left for malaysia for a all alone in the room.heh.i surely drag tasha to stay with me coz im scared of DARk.pffft.

Currently bz juggling with studies which i can tell 2.4 paper and my finance II is so diff.Finance II hell-susah (complicated).im gonna spend my christmas in Dublin brainstorming and not in London to shop.No boxing day for this year.pity me;( wish saya LUCK!


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

The whole family gathered on Eid Adha without me again.I managed to hide my tears and 3 hours of webcammie session made me smile and there were so many things to chat.nasib the internet connection was superb.Thumbs up!U know lah i never keep secret from my aunties and uncles so i told them what i've been up to,gossips here and there(anak beranak talking).i miss talking to them terribly. only god knows how much i love them.oh they were wearing gold colour as the theme.i jealous sgt ok!feel like going home now!haish.well,Slmt hari raya everyone.I'll be in Audit class on raya.Hahaha.

my fav aunt,cik jah
daddy love!
ayah cik,retard cousin azri & hanis
bubbly cousin hasya & azri.wah hanis berhijab and my bubu gemok behind;p
naked hanis and aunt akma.mcm nak cubit hanis!geramsss.
mummy dearest and si busok.
"hanis was asking my permission to play my polly pocket"
all the busoks before they dolled up.
well,thats about it.I wish im there celebrating with the family and i definitely being the kaypooh sister. i swear i'll be yelling at the cousins.hahahhaa;p
off to bed now and hoping to dream the cousins and family.
taaa love!

Terima Kasih Cinta

I don't want to fall in love again.I admit the fact im still heart broken with those things occured in past.I don't have the guts to start all over again.I guess all i need is to focus on what i really want in life and future which awaits me.I have enough of crying,being paranoid and stressing myself.Its awful to the max.May be it was me who's not perfect and tried so hard to work things out.I cannot deny the fact i miss him everyday everysecond.How can i forget someone whom i gave heart to and can't live without.To step forward without looking back is impossible although we have own sweet life now.I went through all the days without him with tears and regrets.Put aside all the trouble,he is everything to me.A person who reminds me not to forget solat,sent me food all the way,played me guitar,sent me the msg such as cherish our love,bought me so many things which i couldnt count how many of them,quit his job to be by his late mum's side and love me more than anything else in this world.All the memories i keep inside.I don't hate him with what he has done.Human made mistake don't we?I did it too.Somehow i think all those things happened ader hikmah which brought me here.I might not realised how big is this world and to see how beautiful Allah's creature.THANK YOU LOVE.All the best in future and May Allah always be with you:)

*I seriously need mama and papa to cuddle me.Im such a cry baby tonite.Btw,selamat hari raya aidiladha.another eid without loved ones:(*

Monday, 1 December 2008

By Mocca

i loved all Mocca can make me SNOOZING and smile till next morn:)very smoothing and in love with the indons.hehe.

missing thosedays watching jazz performance at alexis & bangkok jazz.hence i miss the atmosphere at lecka-lecka star hill,mali's keuy teow,murni's meatballs,chilis chicken crispers and kopok lekooorrrrrrr...everything seemed to be missed.baru 3 months balik!Oh mr winter,hurry up.i want to end 2008 as soon as possible and cant wait for,i wanna go home:(


I had splendid weekend.Had all yummylicious malaysian food since wednesday.Been very bz entertaining elina's mum & dad.Hihi.Oh yea,went out with mr tall guy today after brought elina's parent out.Catching up each other and likewise dragged him to take pictures.Sgt pemalu-la-weyh.Well thats about it.FYi,Elina became best student of the year for DBS on her convo.Im glad she got the award after all her effort she has put,its worth!Congrats clown!Btw,my konon straight hair wasnt "menjadi".hahahha;p
Funny ok;p.More pictures,facebook la pls:)

distracting him driving;p

cik lut and tasha

im proud of u clown!
before i forgot,do read this mumble jumble thing done by faizal-job-less;p
*off to bed now.Audit at 10am then have 2 hours of Finance.My research still dun complete yet.Now im scared.Dah Dah.TTYL lovies<333*

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Can you believe i am straightening my hair tonite for elina's convocation tomorrow?HA HA;p.I definitely want to look good though!
Elina's mum & dad are here.So no excuse to eat all those homecook!everything is tempting now.The sambal sotong & udang waiting...

p/s:yes,thanks to the person who gave me those words.Terima kasih.Really appreciate that!

akmaelinda.19 years old girl.

Monday, 24 November 2008


Yuyu and i was chatting about the bridal shower that we going to held in few years time.Yeah,its a hen nite for us and the girlfriends ter-chenta.The plan is to have the cards printed with wish list of the bride and theme color for the nite will be set.Likewise i choose Pink.hehehe.Sorry Pink taken;p.Yeay!i cant wait for the girlfriends to get married soon.Hence,my mak cik yuyu so excited to plan all this and siap bagi list receptions.Yu,saya doakan awak kawen cepats!im looking forward to c my best girlfriends yuyu,aysha,lala,umi,kema and the rest to tie knot.dah la i will miss syikin's big day next march.i dun want to miss all happy in package session:((

I was in Cork last weekend.a day trip which caused me millions of tears and stressed.Yeah,im still stress until now.Terrible feelings.Had great time at Kinsale,Cork.More pictures?Facebook will do.My emotion is unstable.A mixture all unnecessary feelings that bothering me since then. Really hope Alllah gives me guts to go through all this.Amin Ya Rabbal allamin.

and last Friday,i was invited to my fav ppl marlene birthday party at turks head(excuse the spelling).Marlene's 29th birthday was sweetly organized by her bf.sgt sweeeet pls!ok,the lady in the middle is my another favourite,rosaria.2 chikas who kept my secret of MR F.Happy birthday Marlene sweetie!
oh yea,this video is super sedih and inspired me though..greatest love story and no one can ever sacrifice this much.Its reminds me Papa,a person i would never stop loving him.I miss home.I miss Mama.I wish i can hug them vulnerable and all i need their hugs.

i need some beauty sleep now.haf my finance class and need to do laundry & buy groceries tmrw although i had online groceries shopping.Later then!

Taaa LOVE!

Friday, 21 November 2008

Catching Up

Hey lovies!
over the weekend i was the bz woman and i couldnt careless to update myself here.heh.been so bz catching up with friends and all plus i went movie-ing at blanchard.nothing to share exhausted.Just had a drink at one of the bar near dawson street.Che e',one of newly-found senior back in uitm is going back for good tomorrow..

Fyi, im wasting time too much wit all nonsence stuff now.Currently i have 3 assignments due early next year 2009.another 2 in row tgh tunggu!alot of so need a weekend get away fr dublin.This Christmas i'll be in Dublin which i decided not to go London for boxing day claiming that i have tons of work to do.hahaha.Lets c whether my "IMAN" can tahan!hahahha.Anyhow,i was thinking to go Milan this feb or Paris=>mcm la ader time!But who knows,i kan last min person.

well incase che'e is reading this,All the best in future.Selamat Pengantin Baru:)
We are so going to miss u!

Life is too


Friday, 14 November 2008

A wasted reading week.

I had wasted my reading week though.Too bad cannot kawteem with all the topics im horrible at.haish.Now i feel bad about myself.Guilty coz not being a good daughter.Sorry Pa N Ma:(
Papa had blast birthday high tea at sunway hotel on his birthday and he is battling with final exam today.Good luck pa.

Meantime,do enjoy my weekdays tak der keja activities with friends:)

cik waed who didnt go to work:)

mr tall guy i rindu most.hahhaa.darragh,u wont understand this:)

need some beauty sleep now.exhausted sgt pls.taa then.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cinta hati,PAPA

a PAPA to me and little cousin,Hanis plus the monkey cousins.a loving PAPA who loves me more than the others(cousins)sorry,im the only girl:)).a PAPA who spoilt mama and i.a PAPA who smells like "kedai perfume".a PAPA who plays football and devoted himself into football.MANCHESTER yeay!a PAPA who wears pink and i loved when he wears pink.a PAPA who watches movies at home with me.a PAPA who taught me solat and recite Quran is the best way to live.a cool PAPA i can talk to him.
a PAPA who gives me millions of courage to study hard.a PAPA who told me smoking kills.sorry pa,adik is stubborn.a PAPA who top up my fuel and bising when its already kering within 2 days..a PAPA who studies late up at nite.kalah i!a PAPA who calls me everynow and then because he worried. a PAPA i respected most and none can replace him.
Happy 35th eyhhh 53 rd BIRTHDAY pa:)

adik loves u sgt.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

10 years

Here i am again.Blogging :)

After a while,i found myself lost with my own words.confused what i want in my life today and future.I admit myself always dependent.I cant make my own decision and will turn to family and friends to decide.Even my relationship too which i suppost to decide for own sake.To think back,I started to stand on my own feet when i arrived in Dublin,place i called home for another few years and yet i still cant cook and feed anyone coz i relied on ppl around me to cook.thats sucks..I just have no effort to work things out..again,that makes me so un-favourable to myself.this entry is not cursing me for being like this,but i definitely need self glad,with all the courage,im willingly to try.yes,learning process.its not too late to change.Mama always said"u may not change your beauty outside,but u may change the internally".It makes me realise,i just have to keep on trying regardless how hard it is.Betol tak?In life,what sometimes appears to be the end,is really a new beginning....

What i will be in 1o years time?

I can imagine what i am in 10 years time.I probably not an auditor or accountant who sits on the chair working ass.Working and keep working like both of my parents.They r very workaholic.Im proud of them though and appreciate every penny of their effort,loves and cares.I wish im like papa who only sleeps at 10pm and mama who never stop working to make her life occupied.Seriously im differ from them.I still remember when i was 14,i wanted to be an interior designer.Then i changed to become a lawyer.I used to be very ambitious but always didnt stick to my innitial plan.Sad huh?Well,im saying in 10 years time i want to stay at home to be full time home-maker,spend more time with my both parents,seeing my liltle cousins growing up,make family bond closer than today,tea-ing & cooking with aunties and uncles,shopping and hanging out with friends,gardening with papa,teaching kids and have own business, interior and wedding planner:)

10 years is a long way to go.Insyaallah.Meantime,im praying hard to get my ass to pass with flying colours for my final year to make both Papa and Mama smile on my graduation.Smile=Proud.It is always their dream to see me graduate and this will be the second time after CAT.Thus,Papa will graduate sometime next year and both anak beranak will graduate in the same time.Amin.Its all plan and may Allah will be with us.

Tomorrow another Management Accounting class(my fav subject forever!) and need to submit Irish class after 11 am and yeay,next week is reading week.Looking forward to kawteeem with all subjects i cudnt catch up and outline plan for individual assignments:)

Havent solated yet and need some beauty nappy.Laters!

P/S:excuse my long entry.emo:)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I had very bad flu-ish and fever-ish.went out for halloween but for only few hours and ended stranded at friend's place.Ali was here last weekend.apa-lah lagi,he brought my things which he tak bwk balik malaysia coz he missed his Acap,Fairy and i haf to entertain him last weekend.konons entertaining org london.fuh.we had so much FUN with ali especially making fun of him.well,Acap dragged all those "lame stories when we were in Uitm" which made me suckies all the time.heh;(

Oh yea,im not going for boxing day in london this year coz i have tons of assignment to be ready after christmas.i know i'll missed all those shopping heaven and tinggal one pound during last year's boxing day.heh.i have to "puasa shopping" for one year jer then im DONE!I need to working my butt and luck.Pls pray for me!

Finance class at 3pm.have to do some preparation.WACC is freaking hard to understand.still blur about coupun rate.yada yada.

I purposely didnt read & do my Audit and Tax homework waiting to be done.OMG*in the tone oooo--myyyy---gooood*Dah pandai takot.Hish.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Freaking cold

oooohh snappp!

was 1 degrees this morn.freaking cold like heyylo i tot winter is in few weeks time..heh.London was snowing though!pedeg and shaqy babeh told me they jakon kejap.nizam pun bitau dundee snowing.heh.pelik kan?oh well,kuasa one can challenge it!oh yea,i just cant believe its nearly to november.halloween in another few days.still figure out what to wear.last year i was the bunny dummy this year probably i might be the lil miss devil or mak cik nurse.heh.papa will kill me if he knows i wear dat on halloween.
hot milo sounds good now.i had my sambal ayam and nasi goreng for my dinner today.home cooked ok!saja nak flaunt!craving for brownies chilis.hish.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

28 October


my oh my. i got to c my rindu-nak-mati bestie through webcam after a longgg wait . never had the session with her before but unfortunately we only took few mins coz she has "mengumpat session" with my one and only princess gedik,yuyu.*yu,awak kacau ok* so eager to know what gossips they were having yesterday.pfft.IM JEALOUS girls.geddit?well gfs,one year to go and we can have it everyday!to yuyu,awak blom berwebcam dgn saya!
i miss u girls tons.


alhamdulillah after all the doa and solat,im relieved now.all the serabots over my head i shall delete.yes,im moving on.getting over and done!Allah has a good plan for me and hope everything will go glad myself being very patient to handle all those negative feelings.

p/s:pls watch 5 jingga to those who love cheerleading!i sukaa gels:))i enjoy watching it though and do enjoy the song ok.i keep on listening it for hundreds times.classic!

Sepi OST

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Last week of Syawal:(

Sad isn't?
Raya's weekend ends this week so there is no more *open hse*.oh well,life must go on.spoke to papito and mamito this morning.oh well usual chats.updating anak-beranak.papa currently bz with his thesis and mama working on computer skill training..This semester is very crucial for me.i expecting tons of assigment and loads of work.

I have to juggle up with Irish Tax which much more complicated than Malaysian Tax.Finance II which make me blur a sec before undertstand the whole idea plus FR which need me to read.5 subjects arent easy*sigh*.Urghh. I'm trying my best to look at things in a different light but my emotions are overclouding me!Ya ALLAH,i need extra guts here.Amin.

Yet,i am still homesick.Can u imagine although i have tons of masalah,i cannot hide my sickness.I always wish i wake up and Ma is in the kitchen preparing the breakfast and Pa is gardening.Hurm.I miss going shopping with Ma and lunch out with her.She is a person i can like "Ma,jom pegi makan then kiter jalan-jalan(hint for shopping)" and she will like "ok,bole".simple.bonding session almost every weekend and she is a bestfriend to me,no other words could define it.

I feel like going home now.oh enuffff!!i think im too much at this point.better get going.i have weekend sleepover at jervis.tomorrow is their open hse.i jadi maid okaaayh.heh.

taaa LOVE!

P/S:missing way.deleted it.

adik misses u Ma!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

I don't Love u aint more.

For years,i suffered for loving someone who hit me,slap me,hurt me,ruined my future,burden me with many problems and dun even bother what is going on with us.

For years,i scrutinized my happiness just to be with him while i know i would never be happy.

For years,i was waiting for someone who can make me happy during my birthday.he did not.just not.

For years,i refused to open my heart and let my broken heart cure but i still cant.

For years,i lied to mama the fact he hit me.

For years,i couldnt believe that im still thinking of him,missing him,intentionally replying his sms and picking up his calls.

For years,all the harsh words came from him is like nothing to me.

For years,i am silly.silly and silly.

and for the 1st time i BURRIED my feelings towards him.5 years aint a small number but i can't live in denial that the fact i am loving someone who hurts me.

its time for me to move on.not to say im ready for the next relationship,i want to become matured as my papa's wish.

i have enuff.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Take a look..,

What's inside?
with love,

Sunday, 19 October 2008


weekend is just perfect time to haf open hse and fairy's hse is the perfect place to play twister-lah kan..there were so many shots but u know lah sensored okaayh.twisting leg & hand.we shud do more often ok.streching everything!!heh;p

i absofrigginlutely love twistyyy lovie.mana tau leh slim and taller a bit.
AkMa X mandi:p


fairy and i:)

I am still in the mood of eating all ketupat,rendang and yada yada.although i keep on mentioning that i want to lose weight but i cannot say NO for free food.heh;p.

And today we were invited to eisha's birthday party cum open hse at stillorgan.I really loved the karipap pusing and roti jala though.i ate like few times.excuse me for being very "kuat makan".its a month of raya:)Eisha's birthday party was totally comels and u know la i get excited to c all the pink here and there.
ok,pillow is calling im at fairy's place now.likewise,weekend sleepover and my hands itchy to type.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nasi lemak Dundee


Ive been craving for nasi lemak quite sometimes.thankies nizam for the nasi lemak all the way fr dundee scotland although he cooked at my hse.seriously yummylicious!looking forward to go nizam's place soon.


Been pissed off with some s*** happened.its the matter of respect and courtesy.i put it aside coz i dun want to bother my semangat waja to study.heh.u know lah final year is about hardworking and hell-lo,final year is tougher!


I have been in the class for the past 3 weeks.tried to push myself to wake up early in the morn so i have the "mood".ha ha.Lecturer:James Brown is like the cutest FR's teacher but still no one can even beat James Keneddy my fav Finance teacher in year 2.heh.i tried not to mix up my personal probs with pls doakan im in the right track.i wanna get 1st class honours like my clown roomie,elina.


Lets keep in the book 1st.very complicated.i burried all the feelings for the sake of my studies.


Missing the girlfriends and bffs in msia.i wish Malaysia is few mins from Dublin.i can lepak 24/7 and tell them how bored i am.pfft.


I need Mama the middle of vulnerable and need her soulder to cry on.

This entry is pointless=p

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Over the weekend,my schedule was so pack with open hse*free food* and yada yada.i dun even have time to update my black internet connection at my new place suckies all the time.NTL patot di banned.Papa and mama rang me almost everyday coz they miss to webcam with me which made me felt guilty.i should have the initiative to online sumwhere..oh akma,dat is so lame excuse.besides abandoning parents, yuyu and berg complained i didnt online and broke the sorryyyyyy darlings.i tried to catch up the two of u later.there r so many things to talk about.its just the matter of time.time time:((

Despite open hse and internet connection,im having tough days now.i seriously need guts from Allah to move on.some s*** happened and im working out my butt to beristighfar & bersabar byk coz obstacles comes all the time.too emotional to elaborate more.its just i believe in karma.what u did,u get back.

October will end in 15 days time.there r so many things to go through.i guess patience will pay.

ttyl then.this song dedicated to all my lovies.

miss sgt:)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Trailer for you

Selamat Hari Raya folks.End of wonderful Ramadhan 1429 and Syawal has just began.Jgn Makan byk2 ok?

Dearest Cousins especially budak notty Hanis and Afif

Mama & Papa and I webcammie session.

Dearest Daddyyyyy!

Us in Gold color <3333>

Thanks pwincess yuyu!

and to BERG for the doodle raya!

and pls enjoy the trailer i have promised before,

Monday, 29 September 2008

With love,

oh well,the trailer didnt ready to be advertise sorry for the delay but no worries,the RAYA trailer will be uploaded.heh.raya is less than a day.exciting kan?obviously im the one who wont be excited and eager to beraya.the clip mcm tpu jer kan like i cant wait to so not :(

I would like to wish everyone SELAMAT HARI RAYA especially:

My Beloved Papa and Mama.They are the reason i breathe now.The reason why im strong to stay here and apart from them.

My Beloved Uncles and Aunties(Cik yus,Mak Cik Akma,Cik Jah and Ayah Cik),My gang yg ketots(ketots clan-Hasya,Hanis,Azri and Afifi),Cousin Kak Ani and his son, Isaac,Tok,Pak wo,Mak wo Jasmin,Aunt angah,adik,aisyah,haikal,eg,Unc din,Aunt Hakimah,Balqish->too many *waa lehhh weh*

My dearest friends asyha,yuyu,kema,lala,umi,nor,fiza,asma',aida,dang,miera,liyana,shira,shikin and my dearest bff zhafir ,zhafir,hilman,fariz,nisa,zaza,and those org2 giler LONDON.haha:p

My TS Council(smua lah),Juicy yan,Bloggers whom i know,Kawai gang in UMNO and generasi gemilang esp mr berg n zeileen,to all Mustapharaj associates ppl,Uitm friends and dubliners(FAIRY,MARINS,ESAH,WAED,TASHA TAHIR,NATASHA,KIKI,brabazon grls,jervis girls)

to those i forgot to jot the names.i super tired lah.excuse i have full class today.



Sunday, 28 September 2008

Salam Aidilfitri


Tasha,Anis,Elina and I:)

From The Tenterfields,South brown street

We bring you our home-made video clip as card sempena aidilfitri.will upload more trailer.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


i seemed like a goodie to shoe girl when i woke up early this morn on weekend??weekend always be the longest day to have beauty sleep ok!oh well,was so exhausted yday.i did so many things .did some cooking,laundrying and yada yada.yes,after weeks i arrived Dublin i finally have the guts to cook.rajin la pulak kan.nahh, home cook is healthy.

after fin berbuka,i had short chat with papa and mama talking about their raya uncle is going bck to kg today and so aunt on this yr i'l webcamming with my parents only pagi raya likewise but w/o my cousins yg notty:-0.atleast i can nangis in package mohon ampun without anyone teasing me:).hish.mmg byk dosa i nieh.too many.

i managed to bloghopping tgk-tgk friends' blog(advantage of morning wakie wakie).everyone seemed excited to celebrate this eid although fuel price increase and decrease during the year and others.i wish i would give anything up to go home and thats when im the happiest.nah nah.this is final year then i have another 1 year to fin up another level and im DONE after dat.i sound very emotional.excuse it.its just i cannot live w/o my loved ones.i need papa and mama everyday in my brat but i canttttt!!!!Just by staying at home and watching TV with papa&mama is enuf for me to keep smiling.heh.enuf dat ,before i cry mcm org giler i better get going.

bye now.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

breaking it

oh well,

breaking the curiousity of why im keeping myself silence for the past 2 weeks-> lost my lugage on the day i arrived in dublin.left my precious watch given by mama at heatrow(super sedih),my fedex package was stucked at irish custom and bla bla.its really torturing me.dugaan bulan puasa but alhamdulillah everything went well.oh,my class will starts next week.time running super fast and raya is less than a week.

honestly,i dun feel like celebrating eid this year. i probably in the class on the 1st raya and again i hate the feeling raya di perantauan as i possibly cry mcm org giler teresak2 especially when all raya songs being i wish dublin is next to my place=MALAYSIA.(dream on akma!)

these few days,ive been keeping myself occupied bcoz my level of homesick getting worst.the only thing i cud do is webcamming with parents and berjalan2 to friend's place.oh just got back fr jervis place.esah and bun are going back to Msia to celebrate raya tmrw.super jealous pls.its a diff feeling when u go bck for holidays and raya okaaayhhh.hish.i need my family and friends here pls:((

later watching my fav series ever-ever and the city.blogging while watching me,i enjoyed watching it.dramatic okaayhhh.

pssst:im working my butt to adapt facebook yg sometimes pening pls.heh;p


Friday, 19 September 2008

back in Dublin

im already in Dublin last tuesday.will update later when i settle down appropriately.personally i have started to feel the "homesick-ness" coz i would miss the bersahur and solat jemaah with parents,lepaking with friends(breakfast,lunch,dinner,supper),borak with parents ,riding my ride,and so on.

uncle,papa,hanis and mummy dear:)

dearest yuyu and ayun

dearest gombak gang.

bestie aysha and akmar.
i missssssssss EVERYONE.