Sunday, 28 June 2009

Yeayyyyy!Mama approved the purchase.Love love!I got her email this morn and chat with her just now:)
Anyways,exam result is coming out less than 24 hours.Butterflies all over.
Errrghhh.Scary pls.


My Condolence to Uncle Kamaruddin's family who just passed away this morning.Al-fatihah.He is mama's good friend in Johnson.Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya and the most important thing,doakan our both parent in the pink of health & panjang umur.Amin.

TC lovies!

Major broke

Had major shopping with Bun,Mary,Els and Tash at BT.Everything is on sale.Ok,i wish im blind until the end of the sale.Tomorrow i have to online with papamama.So excited nie!Hopefully papamama dun get blah with me tomorrow.Haaaaa.


Congratulation on ur wedding, Nisa darling!Sorry I tak dpt attend ur big day:(.Nnt i balik kiter jumpa ok darling!I miss u and the bunch.

Taa Lovies.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Things happened with a good reason.This pic was taken 8 hours before i left for Dublin at Victoria Station in 2007.After 5 years bittersweet,we r no longer together.I am sorry for hurting u after these years,to leave while u need me next to u and reminisced things u have done.You was everything to me,my best friend,my enemy and reason to breathe.I believed Allah has better plan ahead for us.Im glad we r moving on with our life.Incase u came across this,THANK YOU for all these years together.I hope u'll get through things with determination.InsyaAllah u'll find someone to fill ur emptiness.

Adik and auntie angah,no words can define my love towards both of u plus Aishah.Life is always learning process.Ups and down.Thank u aunt for all these years u have became good mum,friend and auntie to me.Adik,Kak Akma will always love u as my sister.I know how much u miss ur Mama.I know how sad u r to go through all phases without mama.I wish im there for u.Regardless what happen,im here to hug u.


I am stepping forward and moving forward with new phase of life,experiencing new things everyday and found path to walk.Maybe its the right time now.After years ,i managed to decide whats best for me without any inference.Say,u bring joy to my life now:)

26 June 2009

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Still feel u here...,

I had long conversation with Papa and Mama this afternoon.Very long updates and u know lah "anak beranak talking".Pa just got his result.He passed with flying colours.Proud of u papapapapa!Good luck in ur next semester:)Btw,im getting my result next monday.Im praying for the best and hoping for miracle.InsyaAllah.Amin Ya Rabbal Al-amin.Still,im nervous.

Despite conversation with kesayangans,i had short conversation with Lukman(senior back in high school who is in Melbourne) before heading to Bewleys for coffee session.It has been lil while since Lukman and i met.So many things to catch up.Lets do it again ok Man ??I'll visit u in Melbourne one day when my pocket full with $$$.Hee;p

Well,after talking to Lukman just now,i suddenly feel Hilman's presence.To be honest my feelings has faded away.I know some may think im all over my ex but u have no idea how hard to cease him in my entire life.Alhamdulillah everything is grand now.Everyday i pray to Allah and lead me to better life.

Oh yea,spoke to Zam on the phone.We were on the phone for like almost 2 hours.After lil while we got to update here and there.While we were talking,shocking news hit us.MJ died.RIP legend.Sorry im not MJ's big fan since then.Lols.

Till then.

p/s:i loved the pic!classic kan?

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I miss u girls.I miss to gelak-gelak,fetching u girls at school,lepak-lepak and bonding sisters session.Ok,ter-miss.Hope everything is fine with u girls.Remember i always love u girls like my own sisters.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Every bit

After a while I managed to sort all things out after 9 months stranded and the feelings came into the picture.Im thankful for having u next to me to move on even u have to go through all the phases alone.Thank you for all the patience u have to bear.I must admit to come all the way from Malaysia had cost u alot but after all its worth to u.Im sorry if i hurt and ignored u.U have worked it out diligently with patience.You taught me to be more stronger and respect myself.I feel more appreciated now.Every pieces of pain has deteriorated because of u.

Again,sorry and thank u for every single bit.

You are my best friend,my enemy,love of my life,and not least the one yg termuah.


Monday, 22 June 2009


Even we are apart,
Even we are miles away,
Even we connect through the phone and webbie,
Even we never fail to email each other everyday,
Even we always fight,
Even we laught like we are friends,

i want u to know,

You are my best daddy in my whole world.

My cinta hati,my boyfriend,my papa,my payapa,my PDA couple with Mama,my support system,my reason to breathe and not least,


Happy Father's Day!

adik loves u alot.mcm mana nak kawen kalu nak plok papa & mama all the time kan?chewah.gatal.miss u and ma!


Friday, 19 June 2009

Meet the friends

After meeting the parent...,

Met the friends at home with Nasi Lemak and our kayyppoohhh cooking session on webcam.

I kena bahan ok tadi.Maluuuu ok.

I woke up this morn with very bad dreams.
I dreamt of him.....
Ya Allah,I seek for ur blessings and guts to let him go,
I have been trying my best to obliterate him totally.
I failed again.
He came into my dream.

The girls.

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg
even though she knows that you are slightly cracked".

and because of that,
Im thankful for the gifts.None can replace.Alhamdulillah:)

Dear Aysha,

After talking to u last nite,im relieved.If u r here,i nak hug u kuat2 and tak nak lepas.Thank u so much for all the advise.Thank u for being there through my ups and down,my black and whites and all the supports are appreciated.I love u and will always miss u.Jgn sedih this yr im not around.Im here for u even we are miles away.Long distance not that bad kan bestie?

Kak yu,

Im glad we sticked as a friend since im 14.Proud of ur ke-cemerlangan in ur studies and career.The main i seriously happy for u is the good news u told me.Im happy for u yangs.Cant wait to hug u in December and tell mine too.I miss ur words "awak suka ckp tak der org suka awak",our lepak 24/7,our gossips session and saloon moment.U never fail to make me rofl.Thank u for always cherish the friendship.

I miss home and friends.

Sick of this that without loved ones......I need shoulder to shelter.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sampaiku Menutup Mata...

I wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in my heart,
and forever it will stay.

I came across old books,
but i cried all the way.
I tried to eradicate,
but the feelings hard to fade away.
Love isn't love until I give it away,
but i promise u,we will treasure together our roadway.


Let the time resolve it.


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Dearest Pak Wo

It has been a week since Pak Wo left.He departed last Monday at the age of 85.I cried when i got the news from Papa.I was shocked and astonished.The last time i spoke to him when he was admitted early this year.He was my close granduncle i ever have and yes,he was the one recommended me into the firm to do my internship without hand in any cv.He always wanted the best for me.

My dearest granduncle was former Setiausaha Polis Negara back in 1970s and he was supposed to be Ketua Polis Negara but shit happened when he decided to retired early.Very energetic and used to play hockey back in High School Malacca,stayed in London for years and business minded(too many).Married to Mak Wo Jasmin and Mak Wo Buruk(departed).Pak wo is my grandma's eldest brother out of 3 of them.He was known as Mohammad @ Mat Kuantong.Looking at Papa,he looks exactly like Pak Wo.Mata sepet and suka senyum:)

Pak Wo is like own grandpa to me.Remember i said,i never close to Papa's father which is my own grandpa?Pak Wo has played big role in my entire 24 years life.I sgtlah proud of him.I tak sempat nak ckp im finally done with my degree in Dublin.I know he will proud of me because he always there to support me in anyway.Pak wo,if u r here now,you are my inspiration.Thank you so much.May u rest in peace and Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas roh Pak Wo.Amin.

Anyway,i had long conversation with Liyana.Liyana's atuk was Pak wo's friend back in High School.Ok babe,i miss u.i dreadfully miss u and Amirah.Time has passed very quick.Not to mention our friends all getting married.When will be ours?Our dream dais and flowers?Heee.
Oh yea,im locked in the house.Boredom strikes.Yikes.Benci la.

Cant wait this july.My birthday is coming up soon.ok lagi 1 month and Fiza babe,will arrive in Dublin all the way from Malaysia on 13 July.Yeay!Ok i will treat u as my queen of bonzai ok?Is't possible to sumbat Nor inside ur lugage?haaaaaaaa..

Akmawantstotakeshower.Busok pls!


Thursday, 11 June 2009


If you have it [love],
you don't need to have anything else.
If you don't have it,
it doesn't matter much what else you do have.

After a while,i have made conclusion of my love life.Enough of crying,thinking of the past,reminiscing the sweet things together and meeting new people to start all over again which i sucks at it especially religion.It was really tough.It was hard for me to fall in love and letting it go.5 years i have been devoted myself.I realised i wasnt be appreciated all this while and it such a waste.I keep on trying to work things but i fail to do so.Tiny things hurts me alot.I was in pain.My heart has broken into pieces.I am burnt in the fire.Things happened with a good reason.Allah has tested me and i redha with his ketentuan.Yes,it doesnt matter much if i dun have the love,what really matters now,is the happiness and blessings.I seek for Allah blessings to live and cherish myself more.Maybe its just the time give some space to those who loves u more.Love is beautiful thing in the eyes of lover.Biarlah i have to wait for years,i believe the best is yet to come.All my whole life,i have been waiting to be appreciated, bring warmth to my heart and joy to my days.I decided to step forward and hoping the best.InsyaAllah...



Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Drama Queen ok myself!

London was so amazing.freaking fun i tell u!rofl.yes,there were so many things occured during my get away to be presiced mcm DRAMA TV3 ok?.

1.I missed my flight back to Dublin on saturday at 530pm because was so bz gossipping with aliaa and i made AIRPORT mcm my dad's.hahaha;p.Forked another 50 pound for flight back on typical me kena tinggal flight:P

2.Im Officially damaged and broke by going to Bicester Village for 2 days.I left 1 pound likewise.Went blastic and now makan nasi with garam after spending in London..Sorry papa.Hancurs.Those ppl yg kesian,pls make ur donation to my address in Dublin 8.Lols;p

3.I spent my london trip with zeileen,berg and sheera plus nina,adila,ammar,ali and aliaa.sorry shaq we cudnt mistake for not telling u my flight details.Yes,we spent most of time at Bicester Village and Oxford Street to shop.yes the reason to go twice because we arrived at 5pm on the 1st day which mmg tak cukup la decided to go again next day.

4.Nina's place in Canary Wharf super wow.i loved the poshy and sooo cantik.thank u for letting me crashing ur place almost a week.sorry for the mess if ader:)

5.My life has a bit conclude.No longer tears.Thank u Mama Papa for being place to shelter..Chewah like London is the beginning la kan.Adik has passed ur things to my friend.Hope u both love it.Happy Birthday Mama and Advance Father's day papa.

anyhow,these are pictures.More in Facebook la kan!

Them who left already.I miss all of u!*sigh*

My Aliaa Aqilah.Have to catch up with u in Dublin ok!Pls come!

Gift for Mama and Papa.Ok mampu Bicester punyer jer.

Hasil for the 2 days.Primark punyer ok lagi giler.Sorry berg because u have to bring everyone's bag.P/S:yuyu,pls be aware all this in December.awak kan nak dtg!

Later that nite went to Tinseltown.Sorry adila i couldnt join the Fabric session.

Obnoxious nyer kiter!

Adila:the co Pilot yg cantik:)

2nd day to Bicester.Imagine we woke up early to shop.Sumpah tak muat after 2nd day.we have to buka all paperbags and sumbat2.hish.

At westfield after Bicester(1st day)

Result for 2 hours wasnt that bad but smua org tak satisfied.

After having dinner on my 1st day at Nina's place, Canary Wharf.All full ok.

Thats all updates after a week in London.I safely arrived in Dublin.Thanks everyone for making an effort to remind me "JGN TERLEPAS FLIGHT LAGI ".

Ok,I will not do it again.


Drama Queen