Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hati *sigh*

i know i shouldnt blogging but im so need this*blog* to emphazise my feelings now.i have a bad day during this week and its painful.very bad lah.Ya ALLAH i need strength here.amin.

well,all the assignments result haf released and i seriously disastified it.the blame all on me for sure.bcoz i did on my own some of it.its my mistake that i tot assignments mcm kacang but it turned like s**t.i seriously need to pack my books and struggle for the finals.haaaaaaaaa.

wish all the friends back in msia are here to boost my motivation level and make me wanna study more and more..for god sake,i have to put the whole HATI to my studies at the mo.i forbid myself to think about my get -a -away and watsoever related to done.

hati sudah berkata and sedih.

Monday, 14 April 2008



im still waiting for the pillow to col.couldnt sleep.i sound like having just my sleepyhead never arrive few weeks time,i wont have time to update.exams in 2 weeks time.i always have this panic epidemic during this time so i better keep myself in track.moreover,have to juggle,struggle and all those jingle thingy in studies which make me have to stop blogging for a blogs,friendster,fb and ym-ing except with the parents.

btw,i received a call from pwc malaysia last tuesday regarding internship.i couldnt think and undecided to do or not.its just im scared i wont spend my quality time with the bestest friends and loving family.hurm..still thinking and hopefully i'll find the way.

till then.

p/s:will start blogging after 8 May.OFFICIALLY being un-skool and want to BERJALAN-jalan hokey.

pls pray for my success and wish me luck!


Friday, 11 April 2008

Little update

currently watching BELLA.its a MALAY series that Mama must watch everyday.well mama and i have some passions.we love to watch malay drama together and movies too.Lol.byk pengaruh okayhhh:p

btw,i need to save my money to travel this summer before heading back to malaysia plus summer sale.put a side malaysia mega sale but i want to spend my summer sale in dublin and UK.haha.berangan la i.

elina and atam r doing their freaking starving now.cepatlah nasi lemak.hungry babeh.

im off now.need to continue my BELLA session so i can tell mama i have finished watching it.


Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Norah Jones

i love her.i loved her love;p

Monday, 7 April 2008


I had diarrhoea since friday until yday.seksa-nak-nangis lah temporary place was"toilet".this morn i woke up,kena feveri-sho sho-sakit.ok,god is testing me.exam is in 3 weeks..never have time to sit and read smp 6am ke haper.ha ha.insyaallah will *put extra-double* to study.well,mama's laptop wasnt function she called me saying dat we coulndt webcam for a while till papa fix it.okayh lagi la nak nangis.btw,tasya is taking care of me while im sick.perhaps,she should be a doctor.ha ha..i dok count my days until i come home.malaysiaaaaaa..haish.sbr-sbr.

btw,can someone culik her for me pls?i miss this girl so-so nak mati.i need her..i reward 2 euro whoever yg can bring her next to me.serious.its an offer:)

cik lala my butterflies,i suka sgt ur postcard fr veitnam.i miss u sweetheart.i nak balikk to c u okayh!jeles u can go ajak i to vietnam pun;p(referring to papa n mama)perhaps,once we become aunty lala,aunty akmaelinda,aunty aysha,aunty umi and aunty kema-we can go womanly shopping in vietnam.ha ha.=> u.

im moving my ass.i need to take paracetamol.applied to doctors jer yg tau all this.ha ha.
missing everyone.LALALALA

Friday, 4 April 2008

A walk to remember....

im walking through the memory lane...all those things came across my mind.i just want to share this song..

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


moshi moshi.

hilman has safely arrived in mecca to perform his umrah.he called me before his flight but didnt manage to pick up coz im in the class.he sent me an sms saying "i pegi dlu,mintak maaf ..".so i cried.its like end of the world ok when someone u closed to for years sending u such sms.well,he text me today saying his 1st stop would be mecca then madinah n seterusnyer.seronoknyer when u have oppurtunity to go to holy land.i went to mecca when i was 9 but i wanna go at this age.tapi sapa nak sponsor?heh;p.atleast ur hati become "clean and clear".fullstop.

for the past 6 months,im addicted to caffeine and sewaktu dgn nyer since im in dublin.i always need "them" to make me awake.but pls,it didnt work all the way. one thing abt caffein,it will not help u to detoxify ur wonder i gain weight.alot la.thinking of detoxifying after exam.exam's progress went well except these few days,im not feeling dat well.tekak sakit nak matisss!!

gtg for now.need beauty sleep.
kan best kalu ader mcd 24hrs in dublin:(