Sunday, 30 December 2007

15 mins to 12 am

15 mins to 31st dec and one day step to 2008.hello new year and another 12months to walk through.the journey is too far isnt?well one year ahead and im now 23 eventhough x official.

hurm,im in the mood of writing..there r too many things,too many pains and too many happiness in 2007.the ups and down i have gone through fr this whole year.again,i am thanked ALLAH for making me realise that life is learning process.its a journey where there is no exception.

i feel like im still 16 years lil girl.for the past 6 years i have found new things in life.friendship and family.these 2 F means everything and make me complete.i learnt that family always comes first regardless how far u go.the only thing i always regret is "not being a gud lil girl to papa n mama for the past 6 years".mama n papa are my pillar of strength.

friendship comes next...i dunno how wonderful i am now.there r too many to be listed and again they(i refer to ppl i loved most) complete me..couldnt ask for more.thanks fr everything and the tears that showed during my depart was sincere.missing u guys alot and the rest too.i wont forget u guys.and fairy n nana,thanks fr lending ur shoulder to shelter since i arrived here.cant imagine how horrible i am w/o u both!

a person i gave my heart for almost 4 years,i never thought we have gone to dis far..its too deep but its getting fade as time grow.i couldnt blame u all the way.4 years knowing u is enough for me to know u better than other people do.its hard to take all the pains and scars that left inside me.i realised that i have big dreams in front me .u such a great person.i cannot deny that i used to berangan our future will look like,i want to spend my whole life with u,strolling every weekend at the beach,draw u my heart shape on ur hand and jot u morning notes telling how much i love u.ur love is my king..but,all those thing i wish have jeopardised when my mind thinking of the things that u did n thing i cant forget is ur mama.ur mother always remain in my heart...
i still remember how kind arwah auntie to me.she is like a mother to me.watching her suffered made me tak senang duduk and i couldnt leave u alone while ur mum sakit.well,after all we both shared many things.its hard isnt?i doakan u'll meet sumone who perfect for u.

bloging out for fatihah to auntie noriah..auntie,akma misses u alot.none can replace u in hilman and the sisters heart..semoga auntie ditempatkan dgn org2 yg solehah.amin

ketots cousin;p

that expression is called "mengada"

"eleh,kakak pun tau swim jugaaaaa!"

papa,ayah cik and hanis berjacuzzi.ish.melekat wit papa.

the brat in family."wait fr me to cum bck.siappppp!"


the trios mcm BOYAN.sun burnt.hahahhaa.omg

those kiddos jacuzzi?jealous ok!

hi again.sorry couldnt upload london pics due to sum prob occured.will do insyaallah.btw,just finished ym-ing wit my uncle,cik yus.he sent me the ketots pics during their holidays on christmas.amboii.they were like sakan berholidays.its a routine fr the family to get away during this soooo hanis dah pandaiii swim.this lil gal is the brat at the mo.melekat jer dgn papa..haish.she is replacing my place.hehehe.

p/s:i really wanna spend my summer hols in island.(perhentian,redang,langkawi,kapas)!!!


im such a bad blogger isnt?didnt update anything since got bck fr london on was super awesome!my 1st getaway wit my 2 newly besties to london.lets do it more in future fairy n nana!i lapp u girls:)

well didnt capt pics during boxing day except ali's cam.i had blast,i tinggal 2 pound which make me broken on boxing day mlm smp la balik to dublin...klakak ok.i bought 3 handbags yg mmg i nakkkkkk-la-sgt except this grey bag yg kena bebel dgn fairy"kalu i ader,sure u tak bli"...hahahhahaa.bought few tops n bottom.sikit jer but ali happened to b my pembawa paper bags.pity him.

fairy n nana siap bershop at the airport.they bought d&g,micheal kors and dior sunglasses.sgt jeles fault menghabiskan duit mase boxing day:( too bad.

boxing day amatlah super rmai but uber best!too many ppl till berebot the stuff!!ahaa.i should save money fr next year so i could line up fr dior,gucci and those designers.(berangan-lah).

will upload the the at nana's place at the mo coz my hsemate have feverish..kesian my clown roomie.get well soon clown.

blogging out.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007


went to oxford street.cun-ted hbis the street.omg.byk shop like 10 times longer than grafton street.looking forward to go at 7am probably.tak sbr nk menyeranggggg..loved it!

christmas is sooooo dork public transport.airy,nanot n i decided to stay at nadia's hse.having blast time memakai pyjamas sajer and i tdo like 3 times.bangon,mkn n excuse the chubby face.

till then.will update once im back to dublin.

p/s:i wanna wanna watch the romance movie ps: i love u;p....can anyone temaning i pls?hahahhaha;p

Saturday, 22 December 2007


currently in LONDON until 27th berjln-jln and boxing day(kalu ader $$$ la...:p

Friday, 21 December 2007

happy 24th birthday

the one i ring her often
the one i loved her as my big sister
the one i share everything
the one who gave me flowers during my birthday n our photo
the one who wont mind to wait me even im late to pick her up
the one who support me fr behind
the one who sleep in one bed coz she's too tiny
the one who eat less
the one who came down fr sban just to c me
the one who is very soft-hearted
the one who cried when i told her im leaving
the one who sent me an sms sedih coz i wont b around
the one i met her at tv3 and we became cloz till now
the one i met her last in klia,
the one i miss always,
HAPPY 24th birthday my dear aysha azman nor.

MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU AND I DOAKAN U.insyaallah we'll meet up soon dear:)

ur bestie.forever syg!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

my eid adha!

pooops!Malaysia celebrate eid adha one day later than dublin.everyone at home bz preparing food for raya plus my hse ader takbir hse became main hse for the raya as usual.uncles n aunties+the cousins gathered anddddd im so jealous ok!nak-menangis-la-kan seeing them beraya without me.the pictures showed how wonderful my cousins when im not around.they were like"kak,kiterorg tdo katil kakak smbil bukak aircond.."*sigh*.well forget abt my bed yg-dilanyak but i miss them uncle is so over infornt of the webcam.hanis si tembam wit her konon innocent face,afif and azri the mastermind n si-lembik and my big fan-hasya.they were asking me whether im home for dis hols and pg hols wit them.noooo way cuzzies!kakak tak der duit nak balik but wait for the summer and im back to bwk u guys jln2 mkn ice cweaam and gado-gado.oh yea,i ate alot ok yday at tasya's n nana n myhse.and mama told me budak2 ni menyempit in their roooom tdo bersama.can u imagine 4+2.sempittt.hishhh.cuzzie ku sgt lah menjd KINg.

the trios menggedik pls.(afif,azri,hasya)

their gedikness when im not around to nags!

showing off their teeth.seriously horrible:))

mengadaaaa nyer suroh papa pkaikan=hanis

she is so manjaaaa yg ngadas!

uncle who taught them to pout;p

u r too old la cik yus to do dat.hehehe;p

i know mama pening melayan them.well mama,i whack them later!

azri before the 3 arrived myhse.this lil boy byk soalan ok.

heeeee.mumsy dear!
KAKAK misses u all alot like alot.

Nor Ashikin

i cried when u sent me dis sms"yang,juz wanna keep u updated.esok family bf aku dtg tunang bulan 2.doakan aku.ko take care.rindu ko"

and kinnnnnnn,

i will always doakan ko.omg.11 years of friendship and now ko akan kaweeen.i wish i can be there during ur happy for u.i still remember the 1st time we became gud friends and getting cloz till now.klakar la when i think back.we combined our name into:LINKIN.(dat time linkin park tak der)

well kin,

i miss u sgt-sgt and the bunch too!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

so i write.....

finally i have time out to blogging after few days went through hectic mectic days.well, last 11 dec,i officially 3 months in dublin which make me 2 years and 9 months more to back fr good.msia always remain in my heart ok.mamapapaliyanaiysakmaqilahilmanorsmua laaaa...wait fr me!!

well few days left to eid adha.papa told me he had picked up their bajus raya haji for mama n working ok during eid adha.nasib for few days then im done.takkkk lagi keja temp coz its hell PENAT!but for the sake of $$ for retail theraphy in london,tak perr la.i dun mind.

recently,i knew dis guy in my class.i should address him as a friend.he approached me in law the 1st place i wasnt comfortable communicating with him coz we have communication barrier.then it happened we became close.i must say a gud friend and he confessed me....bla bla.he was so interested to know abt islam and i.i guess probably because i am muslim and he wants me to share everything abt heart melts when sum1 is so eager to know.apparently,he was misunderstand wit wat i told him abt relationship.he lost his trust just becoz he saw one muslim girl(happened to b our friend)kissing the other guy in public.bullshit kan?it turned me off.i didnt blame dat grl but himself.he only believed wat he saw.come on..

i was wrong about him.i tot he was so sincere.i didnt have any feelings towards him but the matter of he is playing around with islam,we was taught "zina is sinful act" and whichever act contribute zina is "HARAM".i told him everyone make thier own choice.its up to them to obey or not bcoz after ALLAH knows better.haishh gerams.we argued.

there is no point to b his friend anymore.sometimes,im grateful coz i didnt fall for him.and to him, a person who soooo concern abt relationship.u should have found out wat is love abt.its not just sharing thoughts n feelings and doing things together,but how u respect each other is the main one.although we have been "friends" for few weeks n it didnt work out coz we came fr different religion,i hope one day u'll find wat is islam...insyaallah.n the chrismast card u gave,i keep it etho i didnt celebrate it.

hurm,im jotting too much.lack of ideas but im relieved coz im no longer attach to him as a friend.i sounds very idiot bcoz i melayan but my intention is to b friend.FRIENDS COME N GO.tak per la.i have enuff list of friends for now...

dats ol for blogging out.nak g ym wit mumsy n daddy.
will update more.saya kejaaaaaaaaaaa!!!aaaargghh.

andddd...slmt hari raya haji.

Friday, 7 December 2007

saya rindu.

dedicate to nur liyana bt.othman tan,

its being lil while we didnt talk...and when i spoke to u just now i feel very words can define how content i am today!i really wanna update myself about u but ended u sibok suroh cite psl i.omg.many things incurred in these 2 months after i left.the last time we spoke was on hari raya.babe,i can imagine how u look like when u r struggling with the studies.smp nak muntah-muntah.i guess the knowledge smp nak terkeluar ok.u r such a smart girl n my best sifu ever!!

although our distance is too far,i just wanna say dat i always wish u r here with u said,"we both gonna go crazy if living together"..yes!we always have time to window shop eventhough we broke like hell!hhahha.i remember when we 1st met mase kat uitm.i tot u was a japanese sesat but ended u became my roomate n classmate.dats funny!we both r like belangkas however u n i are diff character.u sgtlah soffffttt ok.pfftt;p.went to class together,eat,lepak,set theme color to wear,shop sama2,gossips is a must,exchanging letters and study in library smp tutup.time has passed us for 4 years.we have gone through ups n downs in friendship.i learnt alot about it.this is lil secret for u,did u rmber when we both gado during our convo and our parents me-exchange bouquet of flowers and captured pics together?i cried mase on the way balik in the car.u know y?coz we r like sisters-forever yg tak dpt pisah even ika came across us..we shared lots of thingssss.

babe,im so mean kan when i didnt tell u im leaving?i screwed it.i nangis teresak-esak in the plane when i think fault...but the more we jauh,the more we remember each other.intercept thru hearts..i tak sbr nak tunggu u finish up wit acca n come here to work.we can reunite.its our dream!include miera,we r complete.i couldnt ask babe,if u reading this..

i miss u always.its sincerely from me.

love u always.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

photo boothing di umah jervis.


gigi kapak saya!



tgk apa?

vain sgt pls.
kaco BUN masak.

three weee reeee


1.16 july(my bday)
2.3 june(mama's bday)
3.12 nov(papa's bday)


1.kaco bun masak
2.spoke to marina abt blower
3.checking on my sms:)


1.spice their big fans since stdr 5
3.samson.i have own reason y!


1.balik msia n hugs kuat2 smua org. is theraphy.
3.chatting bersama

3.designer's handbags kat brownthomas.*berangan*


1.berangan.lols can deny kan? boothing!im gud at this;p


1.perhentian island.

THREE FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTERS: nieces loved it so muchos!
2.minnie mouse a big fan of garfield:))


1.stephen green & bt2.(i only can look around jer)
3.jervis but ou still the best mall.


1.wallet buroks plus all the receipts
3.hand lotion

THREE FAVORITE COLORS: is a new black.hahahaha!

THREE EVENTS YOURE LOOKING FORWARD TO: homecoming event!cant waitttttt...
2.bestie's grand wedding..byk nak kena list! big day=convo sayaaaa

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


time has passed by very fast.2008 will takes place in just 26 days.for the past few days,i wasnt have the guts to update blog due to my illness and bzness.excuse dat yea!alhamdulillah my 1st assignment dh accounting n the rest will be next year.yeay!
well,yday i started my part time temp at tkmax.haha.funny ok!its being like an ages tak keja part time.the last time i worked as a part time teacher tak sepenat ini.kiki.tkmax in stephen green is freaking huge.i had back ache.padan muka kan?yea i know.its just dat now my current mission is to earn extra $$$ for london.i wanna go for crazy shopping in bole la reduce papa's burden.hahhaa; worries,the temp work only till 24 dec.then im done!
ibuayahanda r off to penang tis thur.ala..nak ikot pls.ayahanda saya ader keja;p.i'll b missing our webcam lah this sadddd:(.plus i know ibu saya sure haf no one to stroll with.sbrrrr jer la!7 months to go....
my syg aysha sent me an sms saying she has started her work in kl and siap went shopping wit jealous^-^.wish i can join u girls.yes dear,will hug u kuat2 when im back n spend quality time together wit all the girls year i guess rmai la my friends will get married.i cant wait to feel ol dis.all in one package."syikin and mimi" will coming up and i'l miss the moment,my 2 bestfriends back in high skool .tu la smua nak wat early:).just cant wait for liyana,lala,min's wedding coz they promise me nak wait for my homecoming kan?will do insyaallah.i wanna look good on their wedding!hahhaa..