Sunday, 23 May 2010

The only you

You have no idea how it takes to walk through this stage.
To build the platform,to make it happen.
I have spending too much talking about you.
Too much on dreaming and keep on dreaming.
Maybe i shall stop dreaming and keep on moving forward without life-giving.


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Ignorance is always a bliss..

Sunday, 16 May 2010


I just realised that i haven't blog anything since 9th of April.Weird isn't it?My schedule was pack with training and other stuff.Yea,currently hired by Affin Bank as Management Trainee.Alhamdulillah,my doa was granted.I am walking towards banking line as I planned before.

The first thing I did was to see the operation of banking as my first assignment.All the trainees were assigned to branch to do a report on how branch is operating daily.In another 2 weeks,we will be going to treasury(money market),then islamic banking and yada2.I have 6 months to explore all departments in banking.I'm expecting to finish training in october and will be absorbed.Well,hoping to get into Risk Management or Internal Audit or Islamic Finance dept.

Truthfully speaking,I enjoyed doing banking and guess what!!!,I have to take my ACCA papers by early next year.I was advised by one of the trainer to take the exam.Pfft.No choice!InsyaAllah,i'll be taking islamic exam(INSIF) after finishing ACCA papers.Meantime,i just want to focus on what i'm doing now especially digging out info on Anti Money Laundering Act.I spend most of the time reading all articles related.Oh well,nerdy me!

Life is grand.I experience new things everyday.Bit here and there.Despite all the fun I had everyday,Dublin is always in my heart.I do miss coffee-ing at Butlers,reading novels while drinking,watching strangers,cold weather,colourful leggings,cooking,all the shopping streets,eye-ing on guys(hahahaha;p) and of course,I miss the tenterfields.I miss my dearest housemates and also teman shopping topshop and primark,alyani:((


I'll update more in future.Promise!
bye lovies.