Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Exam is in few hours.Panic epidemic.Pls wish me LUCK.


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dedicate to Ashikin

Kin yayangs,

Congratulation in advance dearest best friend.9th May is so near!Thank u for inviting MamaPapa to ur wedding.They r so excited to attend it on my behalf.Sedihnyer,i wasnt there for u to sit next to mase akad nikah.To nangis2 and happy in package during ur big day.Im glad after 13 years be-friends,u r now becoming wife.Soon ader baby pulak.I'll miss ur cheeky and gediks anak daras.Im sure u r feeling the jitters.ok,chill tau!I doakan u ok yangs.Rindu:(


your dearest best friend since 10 yg suka gaduh2,jerit2,lempang2,cubit2,shopping,buat menda tak senonoh,tak puasa makan mcd,lepak2 after school,pkbm laut,gossips,taking pics,gayots on the phone,combining our name:LINKIN, and meng-gediks with u!


wish im home now.tak payah sedih.pfft.

ok taa.xm in 9 days.Ya Allah,apa malas sgt nie.

Friday, 17 April 2009


Deep inside me.....,Empty.

Why now?
Time will heal but why this time round when exam is nearly at the corner?

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter's potluck

Easter's at Fairy.Had photogediks,gossips,gelak guling2,match making,planning2 and yada yada.Likeeee hello,i have exams in 2 weeks time.Hmmmppphh.More pics,facebook.

ok,ttyl.aarrggg.tem-bamsss nyerrr i!

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Omgggg.this is so lameeeeeeeee.bck in 2002.Ecot & i.Argghhh.comot pls!

okaayh bye lovies!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Good Friday.Yea right!

I had perfect good friday in the class since 9 am in the morn until 5 pm(if its apply for good friday which we suppost to have hols)Is all about tax today!name it,VAT,CGT,CT.Final week of classes and done+2 weeks to prepare for the exam.Hope i can get through all this with patience.InsyaAllah.

Met Dr Ranbir and his wife at their clinic in Clontarf.Was a nice morning to c both of them.As far as i know their family were very close to papa and mama back in Msia.Fyi,i cooked them Nasi Lemak okaaayhh.Believe it or not,i can become mak cik nasi lemak.Dr Ranbir was really excited when i told him i cooked nasi lemak for him..Glad i met Papa's best friend after years..Her wife cant stop talking about how close the family with Papa and awal2 dah book papa for this coming November!.ok now,im missing my cinta hati,Papaaaaaaaa;(

Just had 30 mins talking to Papa and Mama .They r off to Pahang attending wedding.Chit chat here and there.Updating.Mama just bought the fabric for this year 's Eid.Yeay!Cant wait to be made up!Puasa ganti pun blom I nie..Over ok pasal baju raya pls.Haishh.In the other hand,Papa was even excited after i met Dr Ranbir and wife.Couldnt stop saying Dr Ranbir's family have good manners.Yadayadayada.Likewise la kan,long old stories...Haha;p

As i browsed Fb,i stumbled at his page.a man i used to treasure life together for years.I didnt mean to stalk and checked on him.I saw the status was Something Is Missing.I wonder what is that supposed to mean.Auntie Noriah popped into my mind.Yes this 16.04 gonna be her 2 years of remembrance.Auntie,Akma misses u now and then.Moga Allah tempatkan auntie di kalangan org beriman.Al fatihah.Sorry Auntie,i didnt fulfill ur wish.

Towards my exam,i really hope to get rid all problems which arose me.Pls wish saya luck.Thanks yuyu for being my ter-muah.In case dearest Aysha reading this,i miss ur company cik kak.i swear,i miss u mcm org giler!Ok,blogging fr my cozy bed.Nak tdo!

Nite and Happy Easter.


Thursday, 9 April 2009


A friend of mine sent me this bit.Take a look every bit of the line.May Allah grant our wish.Amin.

need some not-so beauty sleep.Im off to howth tomorrow to c Dr Ranbir(papa's best friend) then heading off to final week classes.

Nite lovies!

Monday, 6 April 2009


Quick update before taking shower! had another birthday party at Grafton Hall last weekend..Coffe-ing with Fairy,Marwan and Els.This month too many April's baby.Happy birthday Ayman:)

Ok,Mr flying has finally fly with the wings.Good Luck in ur endorsement and become good pilot!Berg,nnt i pk nak join ur trip k?It will cost me alot if hop here and there.kena kipas my dad dlu!cant wait to hang out with u and zeileen,Fairy,Paris Jgn lupa,EXAM in 3 weeks time.oooommmmmmyyyygooddd.Stumbled in front of Hilman's fb.I know,this is so controversy.Arrghh no,i just saw his pics in Bali.ok tu jer.Past is always past isn't it?

Akma wants to take shower.Can u smell stinks over there?Teee heee;p

Nite Lovies!

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Examsss,i HATE PROCRASTINATING.haish.ok,have to move the butt from Facebook and Blogs or else im dead tak study2.Akma is endeavoring to study hard and smart.May Allah always be with her.Ya Allah,i beg u for patience and high motivation level now.Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

"Miss Liyana yg termuah,i laught out loud when u text about the brides wars.Hopefully we dun ended like that.Fighting because u kan my brides maid.aha.Ill keep that words ok but biler babe,i pun tak der the groom.lols.miss u dearly"

Oh,still figuring out when to read Fairy's book about he is not that into u.perhaps after exam,ill be reading all books which i bought and never read it.haahahaha.I have few mins before i blogging out,words to ponder:

"In life what sometimes appears to be the end,is really a new beginning".

Even its tough to take breaking off,rejection and failure,u have to step forward and take things easy.keep on learn about life.Its a Learning Process!!

Ttyl Lovies!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thank u Auntie!

Rina's mummy baked us cuppies and upload in her blog.check this out!

Happy Fridays Lovies!