Thursday, 31 January 2008


hey bloggie!
millions apology for being snobbish to update.being bz juggle up wit life plus i have tons of work to referring to is grand.alhamdulillah.will update later.


Sunday, 20 January 2008

look what i found

i found ol dis in ali's face book.sengals ok.millions sorry coz my london pics byk kat dier since he claimed his CAMERA canggih than mine hokaaay..

in the bus after penat bershop during boxing day.on our way for dinner.busted!

coffee-ing at hse of fraser cafe' after penat before moving on!

fairy and i with the londoners:)

picaddily with acap and ali

nana,ali,acap and i
the architecture is amazing.*royal albert hall*

akma loves it.

fuhh.i missed so many things here.didnt have time to *mencantikkan blog*.weekends was bliss.went girls day-nite out with fairy,bun,esah n bun's lil 1st i tot of sending out my cv at city but i cant resist la all the bajus..haiyo.after did some shopping wit them,they dragged me to korean restaurant(han yang).i must admit that im not into korean.i prefer chinese food alot than japans / korean.*ehem*.then we went to lemon jelly to have cup of coffee and desert.we ended melepak at fairy's place watching LIZARD WOMAN which vewy scary.oh.i need part time to fulfill my shopping!

us at han yang.
my fairyLICIOUS yg lalalala.

while waiting for fairy.vain sekejap,showing off my flubby tummy.

and.....last friday,

my clown roomie and i went to nana n fairy's place for fine dine.chewahh.nana cooked and baked us so called brownies.unfortunately,the brownies hangus terbakar.we ol laught like hell coz mmg RENTUNG okayyh.nahh.myb next time nana.but u always best cooker!eventhough i dah mengidam brownies planet hollywood and chilis,i will wait fr the next 6 months to eat all that and urs too na.

nana's brownies.

then,i spoke to liyana just now.updating each other.babe,i wish i cud accompany u shopping since now u r CAREER lotsa $$.sbr okay.i balik we shopping together and hang outs.not much fun here without u to ckp this n dat.and u know wat,my new foundly friend,fairy ader skit like u.suka comment here n there.hehehehe; updates me okay.i misssss u BABE!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

this morning...

i woke up quite late than usual due to morning class yg telah di cancel.super best.yeay!but still assignments melambak to go.then i turned off the blower n went straight to the kitchen and grab orange juice..well,i have few things to do today besides BERCINTA with assignment.webcammie at 1pm wit ma&pa,mgt class at 3pm,meeting wit career advisor at 4pm,date with fairy 530pm and dinner with hsemate tercinta at 8pm.recently i feel like staying in real home coz elina and atam make it happen for me.they cooked fr me and offered to teach me idiot in COOKING!!!!susah when u are turning 23 but u cant cook at all..

23?OMG.the figure sgt lah scary.i dream too much.i think too this time if i were in my nenek's shoe,i sure dah ader anak smp 6.hahaha.sgt lawak but bcoz i was born in 1980s, i became anak dara org yg still enjoying her sweet uni days.oh yea.did i mention yg i always LOVE MY UNI days back in uitm especially in writing articles whilst i mmg not good in MENGARANG..its FUn ok, coz 2 consequent years i dok sent my articles to APAcs especially abt LOVE.hee; not DR LOVE but i always have idea how to deal wit relationship.(in real life i sux at it)

the 1st year i wrote about how to cure with break up.then last year i wrote about friendship and relationship.sgtlah lawak;, i always write based on past.well not to say i have byk experience but i took here n there and simplified it.this year no more ARTICLES okaayh.if i cud write now,i wanted to jot about blessing!will kick in if i have time;p

my lil cousins crossed my mind while im blogging up there.i suddenly miss their noise.i know i cant resist my anger when they made noise and sibok knock2 my door to come in and play with me sometimes.i always made them as my toys to bully but in a way im being a nice cousin sister yg suka melayan them.i slept with them,went for ice cweam,holidays,being their guardian to playground,gossips eventhough we often talk about all those kiddos thing,bergado,berebot tgk tv,and its too many to list down.i wish they wont grow up.let them be the liltle people to entertain me..i remember 3 days before i left,i went for mess nite(ATMA)at palace of golden horses and reach home at 2 in the morn.u know who waited for me until i came back?those 3 lil cousins*hasya,azri and afif* bcoz they want to borak with me.sweet kan?there are times i regret to scold them,cubits and stuff whenever they stay at my place but when i dah jauhhh and they still come to my hse visiting ma&pa,i rs they r like my siblings.haishh.. now and then,i slalu WISH I HAVE SIBLINGs,but with their(cousins)existence,i rs i ader byk adik beradik and hanis,the brat cousin sister yg sgtlah manja ader,my parents wont b so boring and missing me thankful for wonderful family i have for now.alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


im in d libary few mins ago n now im home..sajer nak flaunt konon duk library but actually i *daydreaming*that clown(i refer to my clownie roomie) tgh masak my fav BIHUN KUNGFU.omg.i miss to eat kungfu abg karno,sek 2.he knows yg i hate sotong.

tmrw i have date wit fairy.teman-ing her shopping.Ya ALLAH.i think im getting broke.hopefully i only accompany her jer otherwise im BROKE..susah if u dun work and earn own money.hihihi;p
everything is on sale.i wish i cud get part time job ASAP so can go shopping and hopping like crazy lagi.i want this and that.=)

yday i went coffee wit nana at bewleys.i ordered mocha yg ader heart shape on top.sweeettttt giler.everything is schweeets now.haishhh.but lagi sweeet if i do my assignment now.i have 3 weeks left to do my finance.then costing and last n not least LAW.i nak gud marks!!

im blogging idea to jot.

*pizza sounds yummylicious.elina is doing her supper cooking now.nakkkk kaco*

Sunday, 13 January 2008

im in LOVE.

i finally have watched this so-nak sgt-tgk movie after reading the book.well i skipped reading it alot but atleast i know abit.hihi;p.sgt words could define the sweet in this love story plus ader ireland okay so gonna plan my road trip before i heading back to msia during summer.jgn tak tau i dah fall in love wit IRELAND.sgtlah beautiful.Ya ALLAH how can i say no this beautiful creature.ALLAH knows best.after watched this movie,i awake from my past.yes,life must go on.past will always be THE PAST.chewah;p
fyi,i cried when she still assumed yg the husband is there but overall i enjoyed this i watched it with fairy n nana.bun,esah and adik supposed to tag in but due to tix habis,they went to watch st trinian..i loved this movie so muchos eventhough not exactly like the book.u never know that one day u will lost sumone u love for long time.
however there is one thing i disagree ok.fairy knew it.i hate the fact she have sex wit the irish guy after few months her husband died.mana bole??if u deeply in LOVE with sum1 and u cant forget it,u shouldnt have sex wit another person.haish..that's wat mat salleh do kan?so excuse it if we r muslim.tapiii..ok,i sgt lah NARROW MINDED.
watever it is,i dah fall in LOVE.make me love ireland more n more coz its such a beautiful place to stay although i found it very me,i dah fall in love.its only the place not the person.nahhh..not relationship im talking about.too many things to pk at the mo.
mama called me just now.complaining yg her sms tak smp to me yday nite.she wonder why la celcom not good in msging.sbr la mommy.adik misses u so much,dgr suara pun jadilah.papa in his class mengaji.cant wait to webcammie soon with them psl this movie and wat i exactly have plan after i watched the movie.i still cant forget mase i watched movie CINTA with mama at sunway coz we have nothing to do at the end,mama n i menangis coz sgt lah touching tak terkata.
ok ppl,im writing too much.all i can say,i had splendid weekend wit the girls.minum at starbukcs and movie-ing eventhough im not into MOVIEing except wit mama n papa...saya dah miss family sungguh.
till then:)

Saturday, 12 January 2008

att to klang,selangor

i wonder who viewed me from KLANG?wondering and wondering.i refer to a silience reader as in strangers or someone who related staying in KLANG,SELANGOR?perhaps u should reveal ur self rather..its fine to read my blog but u seemed sumone i know fr my past who eager to know abt my present.....hurm?


im such a bad bad blogger.the last updates was monday n now its saturday!hello sat:))*ssigh*.i had fever since monday.the whether is very cold n windy plak i sakit lah lagiiii..just bought blower coz heather coz me the bomb i guess.sungguh kasihan kan?

nothing new about me except these few days im down bcoz i pissed of when some1 had broken my ok!~.well lets cut it.i had awful fever n flu smp kan my roomie n nana had taken care of me giler2.they forced me to take panadol,vitamins and drink hot water.oh,arent they sweet?i know:).thanks nana n elina for taking care of me while im fevered.jasamu dikenang.

i browsed kema's page.she went shopping at spore ok.jelesssssssssssssssssssss!!aysha u make sure save cuti tok i so we can go shop in spore toooo.i'll drag kema ,lala and umi.oh dear.mcm dublin tak der mall kan?hahahhaha.tapi saya still nak g spore jugak!mauuuuu.look at kema n liyana's pic.sgt la hotness!

p/s:i didnt watch ps i love u mvie lagiiiiiii....but haf read the book.sgt sweettt:))
till then.

Monday, 7 January 2008


i feel like going home now
i want to place my heart where i belong to
i need mama by myside
i need my friends to comfort me
i wish i can turn back time

im burdening my parents
im such a loser
i hate to use their money
i hate the fact im 23 and still need their help
i hate that they pay for my car
i hate that im not independent

i am baby
i am sister
but at the end i became 4 years old kid

i shouldnt choose this place
i choosed the wrong path
i blamed myself for the things i so-called- wanted before
i cried for a stupid reason
coz im not a good decision maker

at times i dun exist
at times i exist in another part of world
at times i loosing my soul
at times i wish i can turn back time

p/s:i have mixed feelings at the mo.

dun be silence reader.cum on;(

Friday, 4 January 2008

snowy blowwy!

u ols,
dublin snowwwyyy ok but tak-jadi snow pun.more into air la kan!,okay,im not going out for shop lagi commencing fr today.these few days habiskan duit tok bershop.u know la kan when it comes to good bargain i became INSANE.imagine la when u c the baju ol 1 euro-20 euro.hellllll cheap!but again,im broke..
my FA assignment must be ready by 10jan.50% more to go and im,costing and law coming up after dat.hahaha;p.letih okay.
my dearest akma and asma's birthday is coming up this month.sorry dear cannot be there fr u girls to suprise and hug u r getting older.blueek;p.well dear,nnt we make belated birthday for everybody and celebrate like we always do!miss u cik nurul akmar.(sometimes awesome sgt when ur bestie pun had the same name as urs ok!) and asma's sisters too.omg.missing this 2 january babies alot.akmaaaaa & asmaaaaaaaaa!

Thursday, 3 January 2008


HELLO 2008!