Sunday, 31 May 2009


Happy Birthday again babe.
25 is only a numbers?happy growing older and May Allah always be with u:)

Love u millions.
P/S:ur birthday pressie soon after i get back fr london ok?

Tribute to Aishah:)

My dearest esah,

Thanks so much for being a good friend to me for the past 2 years.I will miss ur cooking,ur sacarstics words such as Bimbos,our sleepover,ur kindness,ur menyampah-ness,ur naggings,ur non stop advise and many more.Im bless to have u and the jervis girls as part of my life in Dublin.Kiter wajib webbie ok!No worries,u r in my list for the wedding(in 5 years time okaaay?)stick friends ok!(Marins,Bun,Els,U and Me).Without u in future will not be the same;(

Love u lots!

akma Bimbs.kasi chance la:p

Friday, 29 May 2009


"Poetry is the song of the heart, molded by the mind"

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Fill in the blanks..........

Blogging while eating maggie;p.Well,the past few days my guests finally arrived in Dublin from Malaysia for 3 days before starting euro trip.I was so excited to have them in Dublin(Zeileen,Sheera and Berg).I cant stop smiling and laughing.They have made my days.Brought them touring the town and catching up each other.Like wise gossips here and there.I am fully occupied.The sad-dest part was sending them back at the airport on tuesday.I managed not to cry because next week they booked my tic to London for shopping session:)Thanks u all!


Besides that,the 2 clanbee boys have gone back for good yesterday.Din and Iskandar decided to go back for good which make Dublin so empty because i wont having their sacarsm and gelak tawa.All lemau now.No more Iskandar as my adik to call luah perasaan and nangis2 from Cork plus Din my abang to marah2,jerit2,seeking the advise and best doa.Gonna miss the good old days with both of u.Arrrghh,i hate this.Hate the feelings of sending ppl at the aiport->*Akma pls wipe ur tears*May Allah always be with u and Good Luck in future!This sat, another friend will be saying sayonara to Dublin.whyyy nowwwwww?

I can feel the hole inside me and the emptiness.So i rang mama to tell her what's in my mind now and how do i counter all those "feelings".She came up with this and asked me to take a min to understand.

Many people will walk in
and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave
footprints in your heart

"so,adik kena la appreciate the friendship"

Thank u mama.Incase u come across this,I wanna tell u how grateful i am to have u as my best friend through ups and down,my teman bicara on the phone few hours like we r sisters,fabulous jiwang & books lover mummy and my "ustazah".I love u ma.sgt sgt,millions and millions.Thank u for telling me how to fill in the empty inside ur daughter's heart.But ma,to fall in love susahhhhhhhhhh.I wish u r here.Ma,another quotes captured me but there r so many but but in me.Pls doa'kan adik to decide whats best for me:)

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things

p/s:Mixed feelings.

Taa love!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Im about to sleep but..,

Its 3.58am.To be precised,i became amnesia.Couldnt sleep since arrived home after had dinner (Nasi Daging and Karipap) at Fairy's(had too much eating).I havent blog since i wrote about my unstable emotion.silly me!ok thats craps.I browsed Cath Kidston's page to get the mood and i dah ter fall in love with the design.*finger cross*.i sound like mak cik didnt i?cantik pls.the flowers pattern on homeware captured my heart.geramsss.
check this out,

Btw,Ill be having guests from Malaysia this Saturday.Cant wait to c them!


P/s:Wishing upon stars->Cath Kidston having sale for 90%.I'll turn mad.hahaha;p

Akma is sooo boring person kan?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Akma misses home and friends...
aarrghhhh.benci la.

Liyana,i miss u.Wonder how r u....??Tak nak visit i?

Mak cik aysha,talking to u few days back sgt la best.Pls la,come here.I need u:(

Zeileen and Berg will be in Dublin this saturday before starting their euro trip.Ok tak sbr la kan because they have planned this since last year..

Homesick.Missing everyone esp PapaMama.Ish.Sapa suruh konon strong tak nak balik.haaaa..

What to do suring summer besides trip,shopping and reading?Snoozing...zzzz.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Another post

hello again?

i had short conversation with him.a person i used to give all my heart to.allow me to say this because it was a shocking news for me.he wants to get married and still looking for the one?sudden news hit me today.wth?why should i feel resentment because of his future happiness?we both agreed to move on.5 years only remain as a number we shared our treasure.why must i feel sad?
aunt angah just rang me last thursday.she felt so terkilan because we didnt manage to reconcile and now he is telling me nak kawin?to u (u know who u are),i seriously want to get rid of u from my entire life to step hurts when u r telling me such thing.u r making me jealous and sooner or later u expect me to claw back to u.u tortured me and making myself awful because u know i can't fall in love with anyone easily.

full stop.


well okay.i cant stop thinking about the bags.the essential bags which every girls must have!the question is when?hahaha;p.if im about to to buy this sometimes this month,i swear i makan bag jer everyday.will c how it goes.birthday in 2 months time,mcm mana nak hint papa nie?*grins*.
Ok,someday.someday.....,Ill work towards it!


Happy Mother's Day Ma!Sorry for the late post.I was away last weekend but u know i always love u no matter what.May Allah always protect u and papa.Cant wait to c u in November:)Pls dont have too much fun without me in Sabah.

*Hint:can i get nice Tiffany pendant?*.Heh.Demanding la nie!

Before i forgot,Syikin's wedding was held at dewan sri endon last weekend.To be honest i cried when i looked at the pics.My parents were there too.The bride and groom sgt lawa pls.Pelamin was beautifully touched by Nas and the dress by Man Kajang.My bestie,Kins cantik sgt:)
So jealous seeing those people (referring to ex-schoolmate) attending the wedding.sweet reunion though!more pics Facebook plus my roadtrip yg bising.kayyypoh!

More friends are settling down this year and next year.Oh 2009 and 2010 will be the phase friends getting married.ish.i hate this feelings and the tease"u bile lagi?".Thats not cool..Hoping to get through all this and attend more weddings(i dun want to miss it again again)..
Weekend is so dork.Can somebody pls rescue me from hiding under the duvet??

till then love,

Friday, 8 May 2009


Here i am....,

blogging.after weeks of being procrastinator.weeks of stressful.alhamdulillah.finally,the exam is over.yet im freakingggggggggg out for the result.hoping the outcome worth.Amin.

well,where shall i start.enough of xm,panic,moody,eye bag,caffeinated and acne all over the hair sgt lah gerbang and messy.haha;p.i swear if u c me,u'll be like hell-o is that u Akma?I have gone through ups down during the preparation n exam.Nangis2 call mama before entering hall,plok org before masok,ring friends to talk to.Haish.worst than before i nie!

This is it.Exam has over!I cried after last paper because i didnt perform well.Im hoping for the best luck.Had drinks wit few classmates.taking pictures and heading to Grafton Hall for lepak-ing,melalak-ing and solat-ing berjemaah.

Well thats about it.Yea,im not going back this summer.I'll be spending my summer in Dublin.Paris in July.Madrid this month insyaAllah.Budapest in June.Aug tah mana2 lagi.Haaaaa.Still in planning stage!anyhow,tonite im off to Limerick to visit Uncle Salim n family.Papa pesan retainer i and some food.Then roadtrip Limerick,Galway and Sekutu-nya.Heh.

Yabedabedoooooooooo.Exam is over.Tapi nak nangis la kan.result in a month.Ill be all out reading my books,jalan sana sini,shop(ops tak) and mingling around.haha.yeay!bole menggatal!hish.

*Grins*after 3 weeks,br dpt communicate.slmt berfly-ing.

Till then lovies!

akmabusuktakmandi pls;p