Thursday, 30 August 2007

rules of feminisme

have u ever heard dat?i do.i watched mean girls and i cant understand why they have feminisme rules in girl's world.i confused either..

happy independence day peeps! btw.i went for midnite sale at ou.bought few tops and quiltcover
+lingerie(farizah sukaa!!) proud to b msian abruptly after the clock turned 12..dah la black out.wonderfulnyerrr ddk msia kan?well,im gonna miss the fireworks but one thing i always stuck up is msian's driver SELFISH!piiirah.;p

tmrw i'll be helping out ma+pa at home..spend more quality time together,borak2 and for sure doing house chores.i have to wake up early next morn to avoid naggings...i almost done wit lugage.rsnyer akan overweight.huhuhu.

till then.taaa

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

pee dee.

went to pd last weekend. i was informed its a team building tp end up its like a fun trip ever.organized by zeileen and 1st i refused to go tp i pk why dun i spend the weekend at the beach before tak jumpa beach nnt..huhu.the room very comfy.friends were nice etho i just get to know them...i wish i can go beach more often wit the girls..lala,kema,aysha,fiza,nor n ol lah.sure super duper fun.tpppppppppp...biler??insyaallah i balik for hols kite wajib pg!we played numbers of game.the most funnest game was chong tai ti.well,fyi i have no idea wat it was n slalu kalah when i main wit nuha n the boys kat shah i jadi queen plak.awie n salihin pun kalahhhhhh.ha.ha.but i still kena chong gak at times.huhuhu.thanks to kin,zeileen,rini,rehan n the rest.u ols baik n sweeettt layan i.
ok,next chap would b my sayangs,qilah n touched darling when u jot the worries,u guys still my sweetheart and most important thing do keep in touch.pffftttt;p
lala has found her pencurik hati.a ZILLIONS happy for u darllll...after all,u met ur soulmate.sgt sweeeet.yg penting u ols kena kwen in june coz i cuti summer!
oh lugage daah peno.i need to take out sum of my things!!!uwaaa.a.smua tak bole bwkkk.nak nangis pls!
im moving my ass to the curve japs.kena bli quilt cover.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

multiple choice.

hey blog!
as in hello to own bz at the wit dates and shopping n windows for sure.last tue,i went out wit aunt angah temaning her to tom abg saufi's and nazleeen nor's boutique.we end up went to klcc to have her last shopping trip*bukan i yg shopping*.it wasnt end till there,she surprised me wit lovely gold n white goldearings fr tomei.its lovely i swear.etho i seldom wear gold earings,im in love wit it...tq auntie.

and today i had farewell lunch wit the very sygs gf(asma',shyma,shee and ijan) at mcd ampang jaya.gosh.i mmmmg la suka suki the mcd.i had very bliss day ok!shee hand me pink slips on fr women secret and asma' konon bake the tastylicious cake which written"akma n shee gud luck".....its niceeeeee!sgt terharu ok.thanks everyone.ill miss to eat bihun kung fu wit asma' and syima.ijan dgn muka shop hop till drop partner sheerin nisa who is leaving to london as well........sedih nyerrrr!

well,speaking abt hse to rent in fairy tolong cr kan hse.sgt sweeet kan?eleena and i will renting an apartment wit sum msian there.i still never had chance to c eleena but insyaallah i want to c her b4 we going to naik the same stuff ader yg unpack lagi.this sat im off to pd attending kms team building..i still havent prepare anything for my flight.skit2 jer:(
insyaallah,ill pack and tak buka2 lagi.

akmaaaaaaaa blogging out kekenyagan!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

great week!

liyana made surprised belated birthdays at tgi,subang last tuesday.well,belated birthday cum farewell...mcm nak nangis ok.then i had bliss chilis wit my gud ol days bestie,izyan who recently came back fr japan for hols lama ok tak jmp like 4years!did my shopping since brokeeeee!
friday,had my lunch at san francisco steak hse wit aunt angah and her new staff who apparently a germanian.comellsss.his name is vincent=TALL,CUTE,HUNKS AND VERY POLITE!sama age plakkkk tue:))ok,then we were talking abt my studies,wat shld i bring along and siap nak exchange email incase i nak travel to german.kiki.cooool kan?*blink*
then had my dinner wit aunt again n also hilman at dome.i think im putting extra weight here.smua nyerrr mkn,mkn,mkn.duth!
did my shopping few hrs ago wit feeeeeeling not well tonite.i have no idea y but i guess im gonna miss mama so much.i'll miss my shopping partner for sure:(


Monday, 13 August 2007

questions to myself??

do i ready for all the new asking myself again n again.i never been alone at one place for such a long time without my loved worried and sad.there goes my can i survive without mama's hugs n kisses,papa's stupid jokes n oldies story,annoying cousins,gossips aunties and for sure my cheeky girlfriends?they r my pride n joy:)

eventhough its my dream to experience the wonderful world created by ALLAH,i always afraid dat i cant cope,adapt n reform me."im a survivor for the next few weeks".without mama n papa by myside evday,without my dolls,bantal busok and the things i love so much at home:(im going to miss it.I SHOULD GO FOR MY OWN SAKE.!!

i believe dat evthing happened has its own reason.the more u taste it,the wiser u become.i hope that my treasure will not stop n keep on moving forward..past will left as a memory lane,but the future is the track u have to walk regardless how bitter it is...

Saturday, 11 August 2007

counting 1.2.3

the past few weeks,my schedule is quite pack n hectic.rush here n activities is a must.spotted the new place whr u can get CK,DKNY,GUESS,NAF NAF wit the cheapest pricy!not the jln hang tuah,but queenspark.i dunno the spot at the 1st place,but my sheerin nisa yg recommend n excited abt i made my move to the shops yg some sort like bandung.we tried here n thereand blalala.byk nyer.i only end up buying myself few shirts.hishh.,.tak puas hati!next week akan ader lgi the activity!
ok,my tic is ready to pick next wednesday.i didnt do any preparation at the mo.cuma bli baju skit n rsult is cming out on 20.sgt takooots pls!
did i mention my friendster ditangisi dgn those "u r leaving....."well,bukan i dun want to tell evbody dat im leaving sumwier but its just this decisions i have made baru 2 weeks after think abt is wisely..alhamdulillah,its my dream actually to pursue my studies abroad...insyaallah,im leaving on 10/9.sum of my close friends pun actually have no idea of im going to dublin so soon.smp kena marah coz i didnt tell them earlier...sorry love!
im on my way to prepare evthing by the end of the mth.a bit excited and sedih of course to leave mama n papa,friends and smua -lah.hope evthing is going smoothly:)

blogging out=)