Saturday, 3 September 2011

Reality hits

When I started to be more focus on my career early this year,I am not a frequent writer since then.Work has taken most of the time.Mum always reminds me "to set my Nawaitu before leaving the house so that everything will go well.Also,I keep on reminding myself,"this is what I want",regardless how tough I have to go through everyday.Running errands,dateline papers,review accounts,enhancement,meetings,analysing financials and all work related had made me fully occupied.

My life have became too routine.I learnt new things everyday in the office in fact I love my JOB so much although I don't get to grab the chance going back early.Time is running really fast.Exactly 1 year and 6 months I have served to the Bank.Hard work PAYS isn't it?I am truly happy with people around me especially the bosses,directors who never stop encouraging and motivating.I am growing up in the Bank like a baby fyi.Seriously,I don't get extra pay for telling all these:0

It's third quater of the year(normally by now we are worrying of last quater of the business) and I am 26 turning 27 next year.Age is catching up,reality hits me everytime friends/family talking about getting a life partner.Its strangled me.Life is beautiful as we never know what's coming up around the corner.I am scared of commitment to be honest despite myself being so picky after went through bad experience.Nevertheless,I'll leave it to Allah.He knows what is the best.InsyaAllah,planning to perform umrah and i shall du'a at Jabbal Rahmah.According to mum,the du'a is more afdal and insyAllah ,Allah will grant the du'a.

I am sure lovely things are on its way.It's the matter of time.Oh well,reality bites.I shall write more in future.I'm on leave next week for my CCP examination held at UM by IBBM.Wish me luck.Attempting for the 1st time and counting on it to get my reward.

For now,Happy Eid Mubarak everyone.My apology for being silly sometimes,annoying with my lousy writing.And also,I am truly sorry if I've hurt directly or indirectly to the readers.May this Eid brings us joy and one step closer to Allah SWT.