Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Supplementary or Complimentary

To be loved as a supplementary or complimentary?

What does it takes to be loved?

Most people spend whole life time to find out what is the meaning of LOVE and understand how powerful LOVE is...A supplementary to live everyday of your life or to compliment each other?My own definition of love is two perfect love fit in together and the journey starts when both starting to realize that they complete each other in anyway.

Fundamentally,a relationship is a journey to treasure,to cherish every moment as a supplementary of happiness.True love does exist but nothing in this world is meant to be perfect.Some may experienced smooth relationship and end with marriage and some may not.I was never believed true love exist but things happened without realization.

Looking back at my past and old entries,I personally think that it was just a love movie which end in a really tragic way.There are times I wish I can reverse the time and tune back to a proper and smooth sailing cum happy ending.All characters in the movie were only additional actresses.The years of together compliment to the episodes of relationship we hang on.So in the end,we both decided to split and walk separately after juggling with obstacles in the movie.Ironic?It is indeed.It is part and parcel in life.

If you ask me,what is my future plan will be.Will I commit to a relationship?I'll leave it to Allah.In my recent entry,I wrote "let the happiness seek you"..So I let the happiness seek me along the way.I have moved on to realize,there are so many amazing things out there to experience hoping I won't involve myself to any relationship episodes.

Whoever my future is,growing old with you is what I am expecting from you.To build a house full with love is what I desire most and having you as my best friend to color everyday everysecond of my life completes me.Let's cherish the love !