Sunday, 7 September 2014


As difficult as break-ups are, the same thing when you are leaving your job especially if you've been part of the team for four year. Its hard. I am incredibly grateful to work with each of everyone in the Bank. The experiences and the knowledge i gained was so valuable.Very valuable. I was so fortunate to be in the Corporate Banking division and got to expose to corporate world..Being in the second smallest local bank in Malaysia, I valued my treasure in the small bank and to be honest, Relationship Manager's  job is not easy.I have to struggle and juggle with two things in one time. I never felt demotivated and one thing I learned is , never give up and go get the things done.Those thing made who I am today.

But life has to move on. Quoted from my Executive Director Banking who replied my text telling him I am leaving, I believed the opportunity working with him and the rest of management level were the best thing throughout my 4 years of service. I remember when I first entered his room ( i was still a junior back then), the amount of fear was grrrr. I was so scared to see him discussing about my paper. And I still remember entering his room handing over my resignation letter. It was a shocked not just him but all my bosses and corporate clients. 4 years, I am honoured to be recognised.

 Basically, I am just moving to the new organisation which is still a bank and not too distance from the current Bank. I am going to miss everyone in the Bank from the lower level ( they have been supporting me since day 1) to the higher level. They inspired me.

To a new beginning, insyaAllah. I hope to gain more and more knowledge.

Few pictures from my farewell dinner.