Saturday, 29 August 2015

Today is a gift

Sometimes we find ourselves on the same road we've been traveling down, yet we find ourselves yearning to take a turn down a different street. The wonderful thing is that we have a choice. Unfortunately, the hardest thing is also the fact that we have a choice. As any adult knows, life is filled with choices. . Throughout our lives we often find ourselves standing at the end of a road, wondering whether or not we should turn left or right.. " Ah, is this good for me or not. Right or left?"

As I weigh the pros and cons of keeping things the same or making a change, I found myself struggling to look for the positive, to realize that whatever situation I choose will be the right situation for me. Getting caught up in the future of potential change or weighed down by the reminders of changes in the past, I found myself unable to stay in the present. My mind is racing with "What ifs..." and "Remember whens...

Over the past few years I've been in a battle with myself, contemplating the pros and cons of my situation and weighing out all of the options. I just turned 30 a little over a month ago and I remember carrying around far too much heavy negative emotional baggage for the past few years until eventually, finally, thankfully,  Alhamdulillah, I became more happier each and everyday of my life. I arrived at a conclusion to live happily.. And, through it all, I kept mind open and my thoughts positive although along the way, I met the wrong person and break my heart again and again. While this definitely does not mean I stopped holding people accountable, I found that no problems were solved by my feeling this way. I was only hurting myself. Basically, over the past few years, I have learned to choose my battles and its okay to make a mistake in taking which route. 

Anyway, pictures to share for the week with the team and my short get away to Malacca over the weekend.

Have an amazing long weekend and Happy Independence Day Malaysia. I am bit sad to cancel my short trip to Bangkok this week. Sobs. Some other time perhaps :(