Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sharing Stories : 6 months to go.

So much of the attention cast on wedding preparations, I have lost an aunt whom I never-missed to hop and did sleep over whenever I am back at my kampung (Melaka hood) when I was little..  My Mak Lang Ros passed away around 3pm yesterday after battled with 4th stage of cancer. Sad. Life is too short.This Mak Lang of mine is my dad's closes cousin sister whom he grew up with and he never missed to pay her a visit everytime we are back in hometown. A person with a big heart.. Your kindness will always be remembered. Al- Fatihah to dearest Mak Lang Rosnah. I always wish you're papa's real sister. May Allah reward you Jannah..

Getting married - I don't know much about wedding dresses.  The dress should be one of the concern at the moment right. Hmmm 6 months to go before the wedding, I am still enjoying my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper without worrying my weight which obviously I am overweight right now ;(. 

Sadly, my futsal activities didn't help me much to loose any of my fats.My imaginations  left soaring as my dream of the weddings to go with these picture-perfect gowns( definitely I must think of how to cover my aurat ).  Aside, I finally booked preetypekture for the wedding reception and still finalising the solemnisation videographer. Besides, i am done with the pre-wed courses (Kursus Kahwin). Phewww. A lot more to go and seriously all you need is more $$$$ moolahhhhh.

Hoping that I can get it sorted after Ramadhan which coming so soon... Honestly I can't wait for the Ramadhan to come.