Monday, 14 July 2008

Millions thanks, Papa Mama

I have been abandon my blog did i?millions of sorry.prior to my 1st week doing intern,i was so bz juggling up with audit.i even went for my statutory audit outside the firm on the 2nd day.was a gud experience though!3rd day became more hectic until i decided to escape on friday.*grin*weekends became more tiring too as i accompanied papa went back to his hometown kutip durians early in the that evening hilman's friends and i made a surprised birthday party for him at ktv,ampang.will upload the LAME video of him.too bad he was heartless.those r random pics for Dublin ppl who wonder what im doing now...Do i miss Dublin?yes,a lil bit but im loving each of everyday in Msia with my loved onessss<3333

escaped on Friday to watch Sepi with Aysha.should do it more often dear!

Happy 23rd Birthday my dearest Lala & Umi!
and guess what i got for today,

the p80 that ive been talking about as an advance birthday present from papa and mama:)))

p/s:birthday in 2 days.haish.i realised that the fact im getting older isnt?


The Juicy Bunny said...

Hey hey your birthday is tomorrow!!!
Happy birthday darling!!!!!

mynn said...

nice camera babe! ;D

oh btw - happy birthday~ better late than nvr rite? ;p

L a L a said...

sayang u!!